Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuan, You Nak Lilin kah?

Another sweep by our new BAL department of our PDRM. What is BAL you may ask? Why, dont you know? PDRM formed the new Bahagian Anti-Lilin (BAL) dept.

On 19th May 2009, around 11 people including MP Teo Nie Ching and ADUN Jenice were arrested in front of Teresa Kok's office at Seputeh for holding a Vigil. The Vigil was a sign of peaceful message to the people that Democracy in Perak is dead. 

Whether the vigil is useful or otherwise? Whether the vigil serves its purpose or not, that is all secondary issues; for what the hell is wrong of having a peaceful protest by the People. These are fellow countryman/woman; fellow Malaysians. Why cant our own people send a message to the Government of how they feel. All usual attempts to talk to the government etc etc of how the people clearly has failed. Malaysia's governmental delivery is filled with corrupt practise and power abuse. 

So there I was at the Brickfields police station around 1130pm to try see Nie Ching. As usual, just like last week, the Police wont let us in. Teresa Kok informed me that a DAP lawyer was inside but the Police were going to detain the 11 people including Nie Ching, for one nite. So in Malaysia, we burn a candle, in you go.

But the irony of the situation happened around 1210am (20th May 2009), when suddenly there was a power failure at the Brickfields Balai and the street lamps outside were also off. The whole balai was in total darkness except for lights from some Police Cars.

I could not resist it. I knew had to say it, and so I walked to a Policeman manning the Gate & I said it "Tuan, you nak lilin kah? Kita ada banyak ni..."

Needless to say, he was not amused.


Anonymous said...

but seriously can't understand why the need to burn the lilin to keep vigil? I mean they have seen the police put Tony P into the lokap for lighting the lilin, it's probably irrelevant this time to argue whether it was for a good cause or not, but the fact was that there was a precedent, surely some would agree that it was probably uncalled for?

ada banyak kerja lagi MP sama ADUN boleh buat woi...

Richard Wee said...

Dear Anoymous,

Thanks for leaving a note in this Blog.

I would also wish to say, in response to your comments; that unlike the MP and ADUN, it is the police who has the job of catching the thieves, the rapists, the rempits etc etc.

But you must understand, in Malaysia, burning a candle is a far larger crime than; for example; the unsolved murders of many many Malaysians who were killed while jogging, strolling along the street or even after having sex in the victim's own Condo.

We see how it goes lah..

Thanks again,

The Independent Spirit

Anonymous said...

You are so right, no sooner had you posted your comment, my aunt's house got robbed, tied up and all and lost cash and valuables. Police needs to wake up!!!! Tax payers money going to the drains.

Don't just see how it goes lah... We need people like you to kick ass.

Comment 1 (20 May 20:57) Anonymous