Thursday, 7 May 2009

Once you go Black, you wont go Back

May 7 is fixed for the seating of Perak State Assembly. It is ironic, just a few months ago, the UMNO led BN got a court order to stop Pakatan from proceeding with the State Assembly. On May 7, BN wants to proceed with the State Assembly, and Pakatan wants to stop it.

In the meantime, Police are arresting anyone who breaths. They arrested political scientist, Politicians, people having candle light vigil etc etc. And sometimes, we dont even know why they were arrested. But most of the time, it is to stop the Pakatan side from having an assembly of people, protesting against the take over by BN.

As far as I am concern, this BN government is illegitimate. A lawyer recently wrote in the New Straits Times that the Pakatan Government should not complain since Anwar first started the party hopping issue. But I will say this to that lawyer, that 2 wrongs wont make this right. Whatever BN want to say, the FACT is clear, this government is immoral; not in the court of law, but in the heart of the people. 

BN with UMNO or MCA can say what they want to continue attacking Pakatan at Perak, but the takeover there is immoral, incorrect and definitely not acceptable. At the end of the day, Anwar may have wanted to ask for a vote of no confidence in Parliament then in September 2008, (and eventually remove Pak Lah), BUT it was not Pakatan who carried out and embraced the party hopping exercise. It was BN who did it, particularly UMNO who did it.

Put aside all these legal arguments, the people have spoken and reacted. Perak-ian dont want BN. 

I have said before, that I would not recognise a government which was formed in the dark alleys of politics, and till now I take a position that the BN led Perak government remains in that dark alley. They will stay there long until such time a fresh election is formed to elect a new government. If BN wins the new election, I will recognise it, legally and morally. Till then, well, you know my stand-lah!

Now there is a campaign to wear black on May 7. I am sympathetic to the Pakatan cause, and will probably wear black on May 7, in support. But this symbolic gesture is insufficient. More must be done. The people of Perak must speak up and speak out. Demand for re-election. Do petition. Have a protest by stopping buying any product produced by Companies owned by the Perak State Government etc etc. Do more than just wear black. 

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Hisham said...

You are right Ric...i'm wearing black today....Pakatan Rakyat need to work harder for next election....must make sure BN are buried for good in Perak....