Monday, 4 May 2009

Spirit of Sports

Sportsmanship spirit is important in sports. One can be out played, out foxed, or sometimes out muscled, but one should not forget the spirit of sports. Fairplay and Sports Ethics should always prevail. 

So over the weekend I was at Singapore for the annual Malaysia v Singapore Bench/Bar Games. It was odd that Ladies and Premier Soccer was played on artificial grass, but the Hockey match, a sport which is played on Astroturf in virtually every tournament, was played on grass in Singapore.

The Cross Country was suppose to be 3.2 KM, but at the end of the race, our runners were informed that it was actually 4.8KM. Having said that, the Singaporean runners were very good, and so to be honest, Malaysia would not have won even if the race was on the shorter route.

Anyway, all that aside, I still see the camaraderie in most if not all sport events. Players from both side clearly enjoyed each other's company.

In the end, Malaysia won. Despite the final tally of 7 points each, Malaysian Bar took the trophy back since they were the Defending Champion.


Competitive Sports:-
Netball - Malaysia
Badminton - Malaysia
Tennis - Malaysia
Bowling - Malaysia
Cricket - Malaysia
Golf - Malaysia

Hockey - Singapore
Squash - Singapore
Table Tennis - Singapore
Volleyball - Singapore
Cross Country - Singapore
Ladies Soccer - Singapore

Veteran Soccer - Malaysia/Singapore (share points)
Premier Soccer - Malaysia/Singapore (share points)

Non-Competitive Sports:-
Dart - Singapore
Pool - Singapore
Chess - Singapore

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leesh said...

To be fair to the Singapore runners, they themselves were informed that it was 3.2km and they were wondering how come the route took too long. More a reflection of bad organisation I think.