Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thank You Perak!

On March 9th 2008, a day after the General Election, Perakians woke up to a new State Government. The general re-action in the country was shock to many and a pleasant surprise to some. Many Malaysians were upset with BN, particularly UMNO. People wanted to vote against BN (not necessarily for Pakatan). I still re-call just before that election, many still felt that BN could not be defeated; after all BN controlled the Media; the system etc etc. How to beat a giant?

And even after 5 States fell to Pakatan, people still felt that they made a mistake. "What have we done?" some said. I recall murmurs of "We did not plan an opposition state, we were just upset with BN". "How-lah? My business is going to be affected? If BN is out, how is the country going to run?"

That were some reactions I recall hearing and listening when meeting my friends; not just in Perak but also the one living in KL and PJ. 

Why did we think like that? It is called conditioning. Malaysians were conditioned for years, particularly during Mahathir's regime that Malaysia cannot survive without BN. I concede, that I too had some time in my youth; subscribed to that view, but no more now.

But how things have changed. And we must thank the Perak Incident for opening our eyes. 

The many Malaysians who were not necessarily a supporter of Pakatan; but were in the 'middle' so per say; are now determined to not only vote against BN, but start supporting Pakatan instead. Many Malaysians who threw in protest votes in 2008, were actually just fed-up and wanted to wake up BN; thinking that all BN (especially UMNO) needs was a wake up call; but they now are not just fed up, but determined.

But the Perak incident has changed that. It has given the people resolution, proposition & direction.


For Perak has shown the true colours of BN. The true problem in this Country. Problems which have been swept under the carpet for so long has pop up. The many people who felt 'it's ok lah, at least BN can run the country' is now beginning to think; why not, why dont we just change the Government? After all Perak did fine for 11 months. Selangor is going strong. Penang is stable. Kedah is working hard. Kelantan, well Kelantan has always been special anyway. 

People now see how Sivakumar was dragged out. How BN can manipulate the Court system and have a Stay 24 hours after the correct MB was re-instated. I have said; despite the Stay, it DOES NOT MEAN that Zambry is MB. The High Court is super clear - Nizar IS Perak MB; so if there is a stay, it does not mean Zambry is MB, it only means Nizar cant take office. What the Court of Appeal should have done is appoint an interim government, an interim MB. The Court can do that.

But Perak has shown a lot more things. It shows a Malay leader from an extremist party like PAS can work with another hardcore party like DAP. We see DAP leaders actually reading and understanding the Quran. We see Pakatan leaders dealing with issues, not race. We see 3 different parties which BN has always claimed cant work together, actually work together.

So the Perak incident, has shown us the way; to go where no man has gone (sorry have to quote Star Trek); to show us Malaysians that there is actually a better alternative, that is Pakatan. 

Thank you Perak!

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