Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Clutches of the Dark Force

Political scientist Wong Chin Huat was arrested for sedition yesterday at 430pm. What section, we dont know? What statement is seditious, we dont know?

But he did in this morning in a press conference, launch, 1BLACK MALAYSIA He is also a spokesman for BERSIH, the coalition of NGOs demanding for a revamp of elections, to a better, transparent one. 

1BLACK MALAYSIA is part of the BERSIH project demanding for an election in Perak, and the project urges Malaysians to wear BLACK on THURSDAY, 7th MAY 2009. It is suppose to be a symbolic protest against the take over of BN at Perak in February. 

We now see the beginning of the crackdown. When a few of us went to the aid of Wong at the Police Station at Jalan Dato Onn just now, the Police refuse to let the lawyers in when it is abundantly clear in Section 28A of the CPC, that the accused person has a right to see his/her lawyer. In this case, Wong has requested to see Edmund Bon (his lawyer) but Bon was denied entry to go see him. 

Blatant disrespect of the Law by the very people who is suppose to uphold the Law. How are we to trust the Police? How are we suppose to place our safety issues in the hand of the very people who cant even respect the basic rights to see an Accused person.

Why cant we meet our client? It is fear, I tell you, the police's fear of the lawyer, fear that we will catch them doing something wrong. And the problem is, more than half the time, the police DO does something wrong. If they learn to comply with rules, they should not fear us lawyers. 

As of 1205 am, 6th May 2009, the lawyers were still denied entry to see Wong. 

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