Friday, 27 February 2009

The Thugs of UMNO Youth

The insidious attack of Karpal Singh at Parliament House yesterday by UMNO Youth members is deplorable and definitely unacceptable.

UMNO can criticize people for doing peaceful demonstration,  but just look at how they vent their anger and frustration. They are akin to small kids who just lost their lollipop. Reacting like spoilt brats. Their action yesterday vindicates what many of us feel about UMNO and UMNO Youth, that THAT party is nothing more than a party of thugs. 

If UMNO youth can act like that., can you imagine how these guys will be when they reach the level to lead this Country. 

It has been my view for a long time now, and I will repeat it here, that UMNO must be defeated. They are the epitome of all things wrong and all things bad in Malaysia. Their members are corrupt. Hishamuddin in an interview justify the money politics in UMNO as OK, since it is done in US too. He still dont see anything wrong in kissing a keris in a multi racial country. 

Their members are racists. Penang UMNO still feel that Ahmad Ismail calling all Chinese pendatang is OK, because he was merely venting his frustration. Funny, when HINDRAF complains of their frustration, they are sent in for ISA. But when Ahmad complains of Chinese as Pendatang, the reporter who reported the statement is arrested for ISA.

Their leaders are immoral. Najib declared 2 years ago that Malaysia is not secular and we are Islamic, but at the KT election assured the Chinese there that Malaysia is not an Islamic State. A man who's name is involved a murder and once said in an UMNO General Assembly that he has no qualms seeing a blood bath of the Chinese in Malaysia, is going to be a PM. He is apparently the best candidate UMNO can offer this Country. 

Surely Malaysia deserve a better leader. 

And yesterday, the Police was is the uniform Arm of UMNO again showed how un-neutral they are as when Karpal in a wheel chair was attacked, they said they only 'jaga dalam Parliamen' and not anything which happens outside. So we have a man on wheelchair attacked, our Police allows their paymaster the UMNO boys to attack Karpal. Real Champion Police we have. 

If Karpal was too much for calling UMNO Youth celaka for sending him a bullet, then deal with it in a proper and correct manner. Not attacking the man, especially since he is in a wheelchair. 

Come on UMNO Youth, be a man.. and if you cant understand English, let me say in a language which you may perhaps understand better (maybe the only language UMNO can understand);


Monday, 23 February 2009


The KL Bar AGM will be held on the 26th February 2009. This time it will be at Legends Hotel. Starting from 2pm onwards. 

I have offered myself as a candidate for the Committee. There are 3 elections which will be held:-
1. Chairperson of KL Bar
2. Committee Member (10 positions)
3. State Bar Representative to Bar Council

Some candidates have put up their names for hustings on KL Bar Blog. Please see link :-

Hope i garner enough votes to get in again.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Desperate to have power

Elizabeth Wong's unfortunate incident merely indicates how desperate some people want to be in power. I dare bet my last dollar that the revelation is directly or indirectly caused by the people from BN. When one deal with them as frequently as some of us do, we can smell a rat when we are near one.

My support goes to Elizabeth. 

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Everton FC

Over the last few days, I met some friends who asked me THAt question again - Why do you support Everton?

To be honest, I have no bloody idea. Back in 1985, I was only 12 then, we could only catch EPL, known as Division One English League then; on Sunday TV in a programme called "Big League Soccer". I recall then I was just beginning to understand football, though I play football all the time at school. I began to understand offside, fouls tactics etc etc. It is without doubt a great game. 

In 1985, Everton had a superb team. Andy Gray in front with Grame Sharpe. Peter Reid and Kevin Sheedy in midfield and Kevin Ratcliffe and Gary Steven in defence. And the best of them all, Neville Southall in goal. Everton won the Div One title, lost in FA Cup final to MU and beat Rapid Vienna in the final to win the defunct Cup Winners Cup. I immediately started to follow them. 

In 1986, came the player whom I followed till he retired - Gary Lineker. He was superb. He could not stop scoring goals, but unfortunately Everton finished runners-up in the League and the FA Cup, both to (of all teams), Liverpool FC. We could not play in the European Champions Cup (now known as Champions League) due to the Ban on English clubs in European football; after Liverpool fans attacked, causing the death of almost 40 Juventus fans in the 1985 Champions Cup final at Heysel. Too bad! Everton would have done well in the Champions Cup then. 

We won again in 1987, the Division One and another FA Cup in 1995. Since then, Everton went through a slump and nearly got relegated in 1997.

However, under David Moyes, Everton has done fairly well with the tight budget we got. Hopefully we will win some Cups soon, and qualify to Champions League more often.

But why I support them? I suppose it's a mix of blind loyalty since 1985, the fact they have been a fairly good team before and also the rich history the club has. 

But football, like love; sometimes makes no sense. We would support a club even logic will dictate that you should stop, especially when they are doing badly. But football fans the world over are loyal lots. We will stick to our team through thick or thin. I am one of them. 

Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 


Friday, 13 February 2009


“We don’t believe it is an act of revolt because we unanimously represent the people and respect the decision of the  president. We were elected as the people’s representatives because we were appointed and given the mandate by the president,”

"Kita berasa malu kerana negeri lain yang jadi pembangkang sudah ada Menteri Besar sedangkan Terengganu yang menang dua pertiga majoriti sehingga sekarang belum melantik Menteri Besar"

"Rosol had warned Ahmad that should he accept the Mentri Besar’s post, he would not only face the possibility of disciplinary action by Umno but risk a vote of no-confidence in the legislative assembly. He also warned that several assemblymen will resign their state seats to protest Ahmad’s appointment to force by-elections."

"...state Umno liaison secretary Datuk Rosol Wahid turned up at the palace to hand over to a palace official a letter signed by 22 Umno assemblymen protesting Ahmad’s appointment. The letter also insisted that Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh should be sworn in as the rightful Mentri Besar."

These are some quotes I got from news, back in March 2008 about Terengganu, when the Sultan then refused to appoint Jusoh as MB. In fact there were images of UMNO Assemblymen demanding to meet the Sultan to protest. 

What has UMNO done recently?? Demanding Karpal and gang to apologise and dont 'question' Sultan Azlan. 

What is happening in Perak, is where a Government fairly chosen by the people toppled by another party who benefitted when 3 members of the Governing Party switched allegiance. The toppled Government is unhappy over the Sultan's decision in allowing the formation of a Government which does not command the majority vote of the people of that State. 

It may not justify the protest and demonstration of the people against Sutan Azlan, but I am not here to justify that act, but to illustrate the hypocrisy that breeds in UMNO. Where it fits them they will use it to their advantage. Just 11 months ago UMNO was furious when Jusoh was not appointed by Sultan Terengganu. Yet thay can now say, 'respect the king' when they themselves showed no restraint when attacking the Sultan then.

If ever we wish to show our kids on how NOT to act, on what hypocrisy is.. show them UMNO.. they will understand. 

By the way, who's running the country while we go through this mumbo-jumbo in Perak?


Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Silver Lining, Part 2

This is a follow up to my earlier posting on my beloved Home State of Perak. Thanks

Sultan Azlan's decision to allow Barisan Nasional (BN) to form a new Government in Perak has upset many people. But one must understand that, legally, the Sultan of Perak can accept the “new” Government once it is confirmed that a certain group of people have the majority in the State Assembly. The Sultan has that discretion.

In Perak, BN has gone to Sultan Azlan with numbers indicating that they have that majority needed. Once one party or group can show that to any State Ruler, that group will likely get the nod to form the next Government.

His Highness had 2 options:

1. Dissolve the State Assembly since the State Assembly is a Hung Assembly, with Pakatan Rakyat having 28 seats, equal to BN;

2. Allow BN to form a State Government because the three new Independent State Assemblyman/woman has pledged alliance to BN, giving BN the edge here.

His Highness chose Option 2.

I will respect that decision, but I will not agree with it. In my view, the State Ruler has to call for election in these circumstances, as the State Assembly is clearly an Assembly in deadlock. Both parties having 28 seats, and the three so-called Independent Seat can easily re-switch allegiance back to Pakatan. (When the PR State Government was formed last year after the 8 March tsunami, the PR candidates were requested by the Sultan to provide personal written undertakings of allegiance to PR before the Sultan was satisfied that PR commanded the majority of the Assembly. But this time around, no similar request for written undertakings was made.)

What then, if that happens?

This is a precarious situation to leave the State in, and as such, a new election should be called.

I will concede that there is every chance that after a new election, the State Assembly may still remain be in a deadlock.

But that would be the will of the people, and that is the will which we must respect. For we have declared ourselves in 1963 as a Malaysia which practices democracy, and with democracy, comes the duty to accept the will of the people.

In fact looking back at the March 2008 elections, statistics will show that over 50 per cent of the voters in Perak voted for the Pakatan alliance. That itself should have been taken into account by the Sultan.

I will not recognise this “new” Perak Government for it was not formed at the front corridors of the State Assembly Hall, but in the dark alleys of Politics.

However, Pakatan supporters must look at themselves and remember that Anwar Ibrahim, de-facto leader of Pakatan has long championed the right to hop parties. He was supposed to form a new Government using the very method that BN has used in Perak. I was not in support of that move then, and I remain opposing a government formed this way.

I must, nonetheless defend Anwar Ibrahim on one point; that he had made mention many times that IF he can form a new Government (and it was by way of motion of no confidence in Parliament) by inviting people from other parties to join Pakatan; he had intended to call for a snap election as soon as he can. That would suggest that he is still sincere in trying to form a morally elected Government.

Nonetheless, that still does not change my personal view that this switch of allegiance, by a representative voted in by the people as a member of a particular party, to another party, is incorrect and immoral.

Is anti-party-hopping laws the way forward? I would say this – That the integrity, honesty & sincerity expected of an elected assemblyperson or MP cannot be adjudicated by law, but by the inner morality of that person.

My message to all political parties, choose your candidate well! 

Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Silver Lining

Will there be a silver lining in Perak?

One must understand that legally the Sultan of Perak can accept the 'new' Government once it is confirmed that a certain group of people have the majority in the State Assembly. The King has that discretion. Here, BN has gone to Sultan Azlan with numbers indicating that they have that majority needed. So it makes sense to allow BN to form a new Government.

But I will never recognise this Government as it is not an elected one. It was not formed at the front corridors of the State Assembly Hall, but at the dark alleys of Politics. 

Notwithstanding what I said about the Sultan's powers, I am of the view that the King can call for an election when there is a hang Government. And that is what we have in Perak, a Government, hung by the very people we voted in.

That 2 Pakatan chaps, that UMNO-turn-PKR-turn-UMNO-again chap; and that lady from DAP must be remembered as betrayers of the people's trust. They have failed to do what we want them to do, which is to administer the State well.

Instead we have the 'I-never-met-Saiful-but-oh-I-may-have-met-him-privately', Mongolian loving Najib leading a coup in Perak. 

How long more can we go on with a bunch of self absorbing, self centred people who are thinking only about their pockets, to lead this Country. I just hope more right thinking people, with the appropriate moral background will rise to take the lead in this Country. Why we Malaysians love to shy away from taking care of our Country, beats me. We grew up here, We live here, We sometimes fall in love here, We cry when our Badminton team wins Thomas Cups etc etc, but we just wont take that extra step to administer our very own Independent State, our own Country. 

We must ensure that if BN takes over Perak, that they WILL fall at the next election, and they will fall legally, morally and appropriately.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

As more and more of my friends return to work; the excitement of CNY is beginning to subside. It is always good to catch up over CNY. Meeting family members, friends etc etc. Great holiday!

A usual ritual during CNY is the respect of superstitions and offering of prayers. Cant sweep floor; Cant wear black etc etc. One I enjoy is the time set to re-open your business. My ever loving mother would be my 'feng shiu' advisor, informing me what time to open, what day to open etc. She normally gets her advise from other 'feng shui' experts too. (Thanks mum) 

This year, we were advised to open office on the 3rd day on CNY between 7am to 9am. As I was still in Ipoh, poor Sunil had to wake up early that day and do the honours of opening the Office on the 28th January 2009. I on the hand, woke up early at Ipoh and offered some prayers at the exact same time. Pretty fun! 

I enjoy practising some of  these Chinese traditions. Some of which have been practised for hundreds of years, and it would be a shame if this generation fail to carry on what our ancient fore fathers have initiated and carried out. Some practise smacks against logic, but many have good valued reasons to carry out. 

On the night of the 8th day, as a Hokkien speaking Chinese, I had to offer prayers. For Hokkiens, the 9th day of CNY is considered our New Year. Legends have it that the Hokkiens were forced to hide in Sugar Cane Plantations for 8 days of CNY before emerging on the 9th day; to escape the attacks of enemies from North China. You may sometimes see some Chinese Homes having Sugar Canes tied to the front door. That home is probably a Hokkien Home.   

We are Malaysians, but should not forget our roots, for our past defines our present. 

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Another Passport Change?

I read this article, (see link above) and was amazed that we are going to spend more money to upgrade our passport. I can only imagine that someone somewhere is gonna make money out of this deal. 

The excuse - Too many people forging our passport to come into our Country. 

I dont have statistics on who are the usual suspects forging our passport, nor do I know exactly who uses the forged passport to enter our Country, but what I can say is this:-

1. Malaysia is a honey pot for millions of other South East Asian (SEA) residents, particularly from Indonesia and Philippines wanting to come here to work. Why? These SEA residents come to take up the work which we Malaysians dont want to do, for example, Cleaners, Helpers, Maid etc etc. A friend of mine like to say that 'Malaysian only want to be boss', and that statement rightly explain this situation. 

So, when less Malaysian want to do that kind of work, we have foreigners coming here to take up the job. Hence the craving for our passports. 

2. That a section of our Immigration Dept can be bought off, makes it easier to enter out country. The forged-passport holders would have the guts to come into our Country when we have a poor administration who are also corrupt. 

The Government must look at ways to solve this, not to issue a new passport. As usual, when they dont have the courage to solve a problem they move the goal post, and in this case; change the passport again. I would have to spend money again to get a new passport, and our Income Tax  will be going to some Government connected company who will likely buy this passport from another Country before selling it to our Government at a hugely increased price.

As always, I hope I will be proven wrong, and that my suspicion above will remain a suspicion. But knowing our Government... we'll see how-lah!

But on the point of cheap foreign workers coming to Malaysia to work, it denies the genuine Malaysians who wish to work as a Maid etc etc to get that job, for that Malaysian would now be deemed to be too expensive to hire. 

Let's hope we have a Government with the courage to solve this kind of things instead of sending people to Space.