Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We need "Polis yang Bergerak", Not "Balai Bergerak Polis"

There is a Balai Polis Bergerak at SS2 PJ, ever since Najib came to visit SS2 a few weeks ago. It is located right in front of Mac Donalds.

Now, this should be greeted with happiness that the Police (& the Government) may finally care for us a little more - That there is a Balai Polis Bergerak, located at this busy place, with more police officers sitting inside there.

But one hidden fact is that, less than 500 metres away from that Balai Polis Bergerak, is the large SS2 Police Station.

The point of this posting is, why the hell are we spending money to have a Balai Polis Bergerak so near to a large Police station?

Is not it better to have this Balai Bergerak somewhere which really need it?

Najib - the point is not whether we have the Balai Polis Bergerak or not, what we need is that the Polis to 'bergerak' and do their work.

Just a few days ago, a client called me and told me this - that he was asked by SSM (Company Commissioner of Malaysia) to lodge a police report of a fraudulent report. When he lodge the police report, the police tells the client that this is a SSM issue.

A few weeks ago, we had another client who complaint that her husband was hitting her, and the police informed her that it is a domestic issue.

My house was broken in a few months ago, and when asked, the police officer told my family that nothing can be done, and admitted that most house breaking case go unsolved. (And my dad being a former cop, himself could only shake his head in disbelief when hearing this).

I know 2 other lawyers whose Satria GTi got stolen. Mine was stolen in 2001. Another 3 lawyers' whose car was stolen outside the Duta Court Complex. Imagine - the centre of Justice in KL, and a mere hundred metre away from the gates of Duta Court, cars were stolen, and what more cars of the very people at Court trying to carry out their duties as lawyers.

Another 2 friends had their ncar stolen - one had his car stolen right outside his office at Damansara Heights. The other lost his car outside his former office at Seri Petaling.

A cousin of mine got his house broken in a few years ago, and did not realise his spare keys to his car was taken. A few nights later, he woke up to hear his car driven away, probably by the very same people who broke in his house earlier.

Another friend, while jogging at TTDI park, got his car broken in and the contents of his wallet stolen. And at TTDI, there is this large Police station, but obviously it did not deter the thief.

Countless lady friends who had their bags and chains snatched, molested in busses or taken advantage of.

A Judge in a tribunal informed me that his house was not only broken in and burgled, but the robbers woke him up only to hit his face and slash him (he had more than 10 stitches). Imagine attacked at your very bed and in the supposed sanctuary of your home.

All these stories above have one common theme - the crime remain unsolved. And these friends/relatives/acquaintance of mine above, have lodged police reports but to no avail.

Which means I have a 100% record of friends/relatives/acquaintance who were robbed/burgled/Snatched/molested but no justice came to help these people.

Why? Because we have a cock police force. A pathetic police force. A police force which is so corrupt that the only way to make them better, is to sack them all and start a new police force.


Anonymous said...

I do agree that a lot of them are corrupted basket cases, and deserved the boot, but I still believe minority are doing their best.

My latest encounter with the rotten ones are those who held a road block just less than 100 metres away from a traffic junction, causing jam.

I still cannot fathom why they have to set up road blocks so close to junctions. Really no brain.


Anonymous said...

i have been a malaysian for 30 years, the situation has only gotten progressively worse!

Anonymous said...

Sad but True, Haizzzzz

Anonymous said...

What are? A trouble maker??
You all get into trouble and expect the PRDM to quickly come??
If they do you still want help??

As if they don't have enough to do. I mean they have so many Tan Sris and Datuks to protect. I mean these people got money- I mean real money.

Besides you people get into silly problems and lose a little here and a little there and sometimes get slashed a bit. So go get your own neighbourhood security and stay at home, man and quit bothering the PDRM.

anakpinang said...

So true! I too have friends, housemates and family who have experienced robberies, muggings, car thefts and snatch thefts which will never be solved. When we lodge a police report, they always say that they can't do anything about the crime. As for my car, it was stolen on the main road in Taman Desa at around midnight. There were guards at the condo who saw it but the police told me to buy a new one because my car will never be recovered. So much for investigative skills-must be too much work and brain power.

Anonymous said...

Our police are busy at the road stopping the motorist that busy going to work, to collect "Cari makan" money. Where got time to catch robber!

The Subsidised Malaysian said...

Corruption works both ways la. They are givers and takers. So who are the worst lot? It's relative isn't it? Some of the police do all they can to help but sometimes, we are also unreasonable as well. We expect the world of the force but more often than not, we always harbor the idea of "getting away" with misdeameanors every chance we get. By the way, roadblocks are essentially what they are ... to block the roads. Yes, I agree it can be nuisance but it's strategic to held up where it is. Come on, guys, wake up. What you see in the movies and TVs are Hollywood yarn. Get onto the real world, police forces all over the world are the same!

T.I.S. said...

Dear "The Subsidised Malaysia",

What you highlight about the party giving the money is accurate. We need 2 to tango for corruption to happen. Unfortunately, I have witnesses on too many occassion where police asked for money and when money is turned down, many unfortunate things will then happen thereafter.

As for police being the same all over the world, this is an unfortunate presentation of an idea. The poor standard of the police all over the world does not and must never justify poor policing in Malaysia. Perhaps if you just cross the cause way and see how well the Police in Singapore runs things, we should all then aspire to be better, than trying to blend in with the rest of the world, and be poor.