Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Ship Sails

The ship sails,
It has sailed for over 3 decades,
Almost 4 in fact.

The ship is old, been broken before,
Not as strong as it use to be,
But it continues to sail.

It looks for a port to dock,
A port to call Home,
To Park itself, hopefully for life.

The captain will see the port,
Ensure that the ship should anchor there,
Absolutely sure, before it docks.

But the ship has stopped at ports,
which wont receive the ship,
Wont let it dock.

The ship once saw this port,
Perfect place to land,
And the captain was 100% sure it is the place to land.

But the port refuse the ship,
And turn it away,
And with a broken mass, the ship sailed again.

This ship wont just dock,
Until it is absolutely sure,
That the port is the right one.

Now, the ship has found another new port,
Another perfect port,
A port, to call Home.

But it does not look like its gonna happen,
This new port will not accept this ship,
This new port will shoo the ship away.

With sadness,
With disappointment,
The ship sails, again..

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mind Your Language

Welcome to the new MIND YOUR LANGUAGE CLASS. Today's lesson is translation from the make-you-feel-weird English to the Malay Language.
(please read story at the link)

To avoid feeling weird in office & to avoid polluting our culture (by using English), we should use the Malay Language

Translation :-
Untuk mengelakkan perasaan pelik di pejabat dan untuk mengelakkan pencemaran tradisi kami (dengan penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris), kita patut menggunakan Bahasa Melayu.

The Language which makes you feel weird:-
"The hardware and software support for facebook and twitter must be made simpler to the point we can plug and play immediately"

Translation to the Malay Language:-
"Barang Keras dan Barang Lembut yang menyokong BukuMuka dan Kecipan-Burung mesti disenangkan sehingga sampai titik kita boleh terus cucuk dan main."

Thank you for attending the first class. More will come.

Mr Brown
aka Encik Cokolat

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Our Children. Our Hope. Our Future.

a project by the Human Rights Committee of Bar Council

It’s that time of the year again when the Bar Council, Malaysia puts together an annual event to commemorate International Human Rights Day.

This year’s theme is “Our Children. Our Hope. Our Future”, in recognition of our role not merely as custodians of society but also as those who shape its values. We believe that every child has economic, social and cultural rights, related to the conditions necessary to meet his or her basic human needs such as food, shelter, education and healthcare.

Therefore, we are holding a Children’s Homes Fundraising Dinner this year, whereby proceeds will go to seven children’s homes - Desa Amal Jireh, The Pure Life Society, Gurpuri Foundation, Rumah Solehah, An-Najjah, All Ethnic Group Refugee Children Education Centre and Rumah Sayangan.

Donations received will help to maintain and improve the conditions of the homes and create a better environment for the children, some of whom are orphans or living with HIV/AIDS and other forms of terminal disease and disability.

Please come and support this important and meaningful event because it is up to all of us to make it right for our children.

“Our Children. Our Hope. Our Future” Children’s Homes Fundraising Dinner

Grand Ballroom, Sunway Hotel, Resort and Spa

10 December 2009, 6:30pm

Dinner ticket @ RM200 per ticket/ RM2, 000 per table

Dress code: Formal

We welcome individual donations, in cash or in kind, and corporate sponsorship.

For tickets and further information, please contact Lim Ka Ea at 03-2031 3003, ext. 127, email:, or Siti Kasim at 012-223 3371, email:

Love your Police more

We should love our Police more, than maybe, just maybe, your life would be safer.

I read with disbelief the content and the message of the statement by Home Minister Hishamuddin. Is it me, or in recent times, any person who take this Ministry becomes Obtuse or a little Daft? Wasn't it this Ministry which was helmed by a person claiming that some individuals were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA), for their own safety?

Now of course we see this news where Hishammuddin suggests that the primary reason we are all feeling unsafe in this country is because we have demonize the Police Force. How can that be logical? Even if it is accurate, are we saying that despite being paid from our Tax money; the Police chose not to solve crimes, because the people around them, dont like them?

Perhaps Hishamuddin needs the Special Branch of the Police to be on his side? Perhaps he wants to curry favours from the Inspector General of Police? We will never know, but whatever his reason for saying what he just said a few days ago, only makes him look more obtuse than ever.

The main problem, Mr Minister, is that the Police is corrupt. The corruption has blinded their conscience and that has led to the breakdown of security services in Malaysia. How many times have we heard of close friends informing us of their 'horror' stories with the Police. How many times have we read about corruption in the force. This issue has been ventilated so much, but very little is done to arrest the big boys in PDRM. Whenever there is an arrest by MACC of the police, it is always some small sergeant or corporal. Even when they DID arrest some big boy in PDRM, that chap gets off at trial due to poor investigation by MACC or poor prosecution.

I can tell you what the problem is, Mr Minister - and that is having people like you in our government, people who allow the perpetuation of corruption in our system. Take people like you out of the system, perhaps 50% of the problem will go away. Once we rid this country of people like you, then the system should next purge all those corrupt people in the Civil Service.

Till then, as a law abiding citizen and a tax-payer, I would try my very best, to learn to love the Police, again.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My People First, Performance for My People now!

A few days after Capitol Hill celebrated the historic Health Care in USA, we hear some shocking and illogical statements in our Capital Hill, the Parliament. The American representatives have been working hard to work out a deal for the American people, but in Malaysian Parliament today (9/11/09), it seems our Government is working hard to work out a deal for a selected few in Malaysia.

I quote this statement:-

This is quote from Malaysian Insider. In essence the Minister, Dato Nazri state in Parliament; that it is all right for anyone to fix appointments of Judges.

To say this is a shocking statement, is an understatement.

Under an administration which seems to have an affixation with slogans and numbers (particular the No "1"), this Government must have no clue what the slogans they use as a battle cry, actually means.

Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib created this 'People First, Performance now' slogan, but we can now see that it actually means, 'My People First, Performance for my people now'.

As a normal citizen, paying my tax, this "looks and sounds" like a cover up. It looks like a crime, it sounds like a crime, but Nazri has confirmed that it is not a crime. If this is not a cover up, I dont know what else is this.

We as Malaysians can now proudly informed all our friends all over the world; that in our Country, we also can (other than having a corrupted Member of State Assembly) fix Judges appointment. And to prove how strong this is, we only need to look at the Hansard of Parliament's sitting of 9th November 2009, to see that a Minister 'confirmed' in the Highest House of the People, the Dewan Rakyat; that in Malaysia we can do that.

There is no people first, there is no performance now but 1 thing is for sure, we can now fix Judges appointment. Perhaps I should start 1 website called ''. Maybe I should initiate 1 facebook page inviting candidates to be Judges and then broker their names with our Prime Minister and Chief Justice. Or I can do 1 blog ala-malaysia-today style and try to strike deals on this. And the best thing is, this kind of activity is now endorsed by our Ministers in Parliament.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


Gosh, how time flew by. I felt I just blogged about my last birthday, yesterday; but it has been 365 days since I last wrote on this. I can still remember meeting friends at De Canters last year. It is already one year.

Thanks to all my friends who send me wishes on FB, twitter and e-mails. Thanks for the calls, the texts. And thanks for meeting up last nite, those who made it. I know I will be meeting a few more groups of friends this coming week.

Unfortunately, when I read my blog post of last year, I noted that my wish no. 2 and 3 has not come through.. sigh. But I am glad for the last year, my parents are well and fine. And my sisters career is going steady at Singapore despite the initial uncertainty about the economy there.

This time around, I wish to blog about my family for a change. This blog has been about me me and me, and for a while now, I really wanted to write about my WEE family too.

My dad - a retired police officer. He is one principled chap. Strict disciplinarian when he was younger but much mellowed down now. He is very much misunderstood, but I know he always have good intentions. We have our differences and till now, I feel he could do better than what he is doing now. But we must accept our parents the way they are, in the same way they accept us as their kids. He is a good man and more importantly, he is a good father, a father who sacrificed his entire adult life for my sister and I. I will always do what I can to ensure his sacrifices has not been in vain, and to a large extent, I do what I can to make him feel proud.

My mum - a super-duper person. It is amazing what she can do sometimes, and many times, I look to her for strength and direction. I think my sister looks to her for that too. Mum has been the balance in the family for a while, but she too had a ferocious temper when she was younger. She is much calmer now. I suppose age do that to people. My mum remains my idol whom I deeply respect.

Unfortunately for me, I inherited both my parents temper, whilst my sister has remain a calm and cool person.

My sister - I think my sister does not realise how important she is to me (until she read this posting, I suppose). She has remained calm (as mentioned above) in many occasions, and as I was (& still am) finding my way around things, she has been the one person I look to for approval and acceptance. Despite being younger, she is far wiser than her age. She is intelligent and a very pretty girl.

Without the family I wont be where I am. I have lived another year and survived; and I am glad that they are around when I am celebrating this auspicious day. My sister text me yesterday wishing me birthday and telling me she loves me. And my parents bought this corny (but cute) card, the one which will play that 'happy birthday' tune when you open the card (yes, that card). I smiled when I walked into my room late at night on 5th November 2009, and saw that my visiting parents have left that card in my room.

The last few months, have been challenging to say the least. Coming home from work at 12 midnite is now the norm and not the exception. In our chase for financial security, and my desire to do what I can to make this country a better place (in my own small way), we sometimes forget about our family. We must always try to put family ahead of everything else, and unfortunately I have failed on that account on more than a few occasions. So for the next year, my wish is to spend more quality time with the family. Hopefully when I look back at this posting 365 days from now, I hope I can say, I have achieved this.

Thanks to my family. I love you all.

(below is a self made private video, dedicated to my family. My first one, so not so good lah)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

A view from our Parliament

The hypocrisy of our Malaysian local papers continue to be amplified by the failure to mark out this incident in Parliament. While our local papers and in fact some internet news portal too; continue to harp on differences of Pakatan Rakyat, I dont see a single major report on the incident, recorded in this video below.

This MP in this video, not only demands Ong Tee Keat and Koh Tsu Khoon to resign, but ridicule and humiliated them in the highest possible forum in this Country, the Parliament.

If this is not a massive conflict in BN, then I dont know what this is.

The irony is this - If a PAS member even places a spoon on the wrong side of his table, he is deem in conflict with Pakatan. If a DAP even sneezes in front of a Keadilan member, the papers and news portal will report that the DAP chap is allergic to the Keadilan member.

The failure to report this news and highlight that BN too has conflicts; is a fallacy and misrepresentative.

I must say that our young Malaysians may get the incorrect perception when seeing this kind of incident. The message to our young Malaysians, when seeing this, - is that being unfair and to misrepresent - is OK in Malaysia.

Enjoy this video.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pusing-pusing MCA

After all that, MCA is now back to square one.

We had the President sacking the Deputy. We then had the Deputy retaliating and demanding for an EGM. The President’s men also put in a few motions. And then MCA Central Committee (CC) narrowed it down to 3 motions. They then fought it out on 10th October 2009. The President declared that he will resign if the lose the motion of no confidence (VNC). The Deputy asked to be re-instated as a member and also as Deputy.

The big day came. All the fight, the brave words and the show of might took place. In the end the President lost the VNC; the Deputy got back in as a member but not re-instated as a Deputy.

We then hear about this mysterious 3rd force. The President’s men then came out full force on the internet, in essence and summary, suggesting that the vote was sabotaged by the 3rd force. A Vice President who was asked by the President to get ready and take over, suddenly became a scapegoat, and accused of power hungry. Funny, the President who was voted out, and the Deputy who was not re-instated; AND wish to remain in their position (because apparently they still have work to be done) are both NOT power hungry.

The President then declared he wont resign despite losing the vote of no-confidence. Suddenly the President used this rule of 2/3 vote against him, before he can out voted. How silly, why wasn’t this built into the Motion of Vote of No-confidence in the first place, since he say so. All the CC got to do was to say ‘For the motion of VNC, must have 2/3’. So easy, yet not done. Since it was not done, then no choice, the normal rule of majority applies.

President then declared he wanted to have an EGM to decide if he should go.

In the meantime, the Deputy asked the Registrar of Society to declare him as still the Deputy.

The CC voted in Dato Liow as new Deputy. So, 1 MCA, but 2 Deputy.

Suddenly out of the blue, Najib made President and Deputy make peace, and they are now friends. President went on to sack a few more people in the CC. He then appointed inter alia Deputy’s son into CC, and at the same time demoted Dato Liow back to Vice President, and guess what – the very man he wanted to sack, is, on 3rd November 2009, back as Deputy of MCA.

What a pusing-pusing MCA.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

3 Dead Girls in 1 Malaysia

What is this 1 Malaysia camp at Kuala Dipang in Perak? If not for that unfortunate death of the 3 girls, many of us wont know of this camp. How can the Government even consider sending kids as young as that age to camps, to teach about this concept called 1 Malaysia, which until now has not been explained to the people. All I see with this so-called unity concept, is expensive bill boards all over Kuala Lumpur put up Government owned companies calling us to embrace this concept.

While a probe team was formed by the Education Ministry to investigate the broken bridge, but so far I dont see any explanation by the Government of what this camp is about and how can political agendas are taught in our schools?

What is taught in these camps? Why are you teaching kids as young as 11 and 12, concepts which are not even explained to the parents? Please tell us what is 1 Malaysia, when we still have racial and religious discrimination in Malaysia perpetrated by the very Government calling for us to be 1?

If this government insist on having these kind of camps, then the Barisan government has no moral right to demand parents who carry along their kids to peaceful demonstrations, like the recent one against ISA. It is all right to try brain wash young Malaysians with unproven and unexplained concept like 1 Malaysia, but not all right for parents to bring along their kids for peaceful protest?

It is of course always better to place the kids safety first, and people may question the wisdom of bringing kids to a demonstration knowing full well that the water-cannon-happy PDRM will not hesitate to shoot the water cannon at you.

On that logic, if taking kids along demos is not right, then how can taking kids to some boot-camp be right?

This incident at Kuala Dipang, has deepen the suspicion of Malaysians over the quality of Malaysia's education system. Schools are suppose to teach kids of values and principles, not political agendas and unexplained concept with some digit 1 on it.

So many questions, but no 1 clear answer.