Friday, 30 May 2008

Correct! Correct! Correct!

Now that the "Correct! Correct! Correct!" Royal Commission has released it's finding, I see that the Government's reaction to take any action is (at best) snail pace.

Please lah. Take action against those who clearly has breached the Law. We need to move faster. Maybe we should appoint Zaid Ibrahim as AG?

Almost 100 days

It's been almost 100 days since March 8th's General Election.

I see that the State run by the Pakatan Rakyat Parties are doing fine and in fact are unearthing the fantastic cover jobs of the former administrators.

Penang's State Government has disclosed the many suspicious projects. Hopefully they will be reviewed.

Perak State Government has already started issuing Land Titles for houses that were waiting for the same, for more than 30 years.

Selangor State Government is slowly but definately taking on one issue at a time and thus far, they look good!

Kedah and Kelantan is peaceful and all seems fine there.

So the myth that only BN can run the States is nothing more than that - a myth.

I just hope Pakatan Rakyat wont let the people down and start getting seduced by the power that they have.

In the meantime, what has the BN states done? What has the Federal BN government done? Other than bickering, and having investigations on snoop squads, what have they done for the Rakyat?

Petrol price is going up. Why only look at subsidy? Look for alternatives. For example - for vehicles, look at importing hybrid cars at lower taxes. Encourage people to buy these cars.

Industries using fuel? The Government can try to assist these Industries by encouraging a alternative powers like electricity or even nuclear.

Lets hope the 100 days will go on for another 1000 days for Pakatan Rakyat States. I am hoping they can spur accountability and transparency in governance.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Everton in Europe again

Finally the season is over. I am just glad that Everton manage to qualify to Europe again. Since supporting them in 1985, the last few seasons have been a comfort to follow their progress.

Go Everton!


UMNO is hypocrite

UMNO is making so much noise about Karpal Singh's legal opinion on the sacking of the Islamic DG in Perak. Perhaps Karpal should have been a tad more restrained in the way he said what he said, but in my view there is absolutely nothing seditious about what he said.

All he tried to do was to explain the position of the law in that matter. What is wrong with that? Of course, as I mentioned earlier, perhaps the way he said it could have been a tad more diplomatic, but one is not charged for sedition just because one is not diplomatic.

But UMNO is a major major hypocrite. Just a few months ago UMNO 'threaten' to boycott royalties in Perlis and Terengganu. At Terengganu there was even a show of protest when the Sultan made his Highness' choice of Menteri Besar, the very power to chose, which UMNO suddenly tries to complain against Karpal.

This is what happen when a political party have been running on racial issues, without intellect and logic. They suddenly cant re-model itself to think, and to argue with some level of common sense.

I just hope they can improve themselves. The only way I see them improving is sacking 90% of their top people.

see link:-

Friday, 9 May 2008

Another death at the National Service

The Government might as well re-named the "National Service" to "Death Service".

How many more deaths at the NS must our government take action.

If we want to do this NS project, do it properly. The current half-bake NS centers sometimes resembles a Detention Center. The Young Malaysians who have passed away at this NS is a major loss to our country. If the NS did not exist, these Malaysians may still be around.

The NS was nothing more than our government knee jerk re-action to some youth problems a few years ago. Typical of this UMNO-led government, the style and exterior outlook is more important than contents and substance. It looks so obvious from where I am sitting that all the Government wanted to do was to have this NS, without any proper study and poor poor implementation. The feeling I get is that this Government dont care for the people. The countless loss of live has not sufficiently daunt upon these people in Putra Jaya. Maybe, only if someone they are related to dies, would these chaps do something.

Whilst the concept of NS is noble, but if this Government still take a lackadaisical attitude to the NS, I am certain more unfortunate incidents will continue to happen. More lives may be lost.

The approach now is:-
1. look at the standard of living at these Centers, and improve it;
2. review the quality of the trainers and the contents of the training;
3. take the whole exercise more seriously.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Knee Jerk by Rais Yatim

I was reading this comments by Marina Mahathir. I dont agree with all her commentaries, but I am in agreement with this particular write up of hers:-

Rais Yatim's proposal (and now amended proposal to ladies below 21 years) is poor in judgment and even if the Minister had genuinely thought out this plan, shows the lack of quality in logic and decision making.

How Rais Yatim can even propose this kind of proposal beats me. A Minister is one person who should smarter than most of us, or at least know how to manage the Country than most of us. His proposal that ladies below 21 years in age carry same kind of consent letter from their parents and/or employers indicates a lack of respect for the maturity of our ladies.

If Rais is so concern over the arrests of our Malaysian ladies all over the world for being the Bag Carrier of drugs, the one good way is to educate the people, to expose the people to the issue at hand, and start a campaign to create awareness on this issue. Maybe he wants to avoid this course of action, as my proposals here would mean he has to actually work, something some Ministers may not be used to.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Raja Petra's arrest not appropriate

I personally feel the recent arrest of Raja Petra is not appropriate. Again the Sedition Act is used to try censure free speech. I've read that article "Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell" and I disagree that there is any seditious remark there.

Ironically Raja Petra is charged in KL Court, on the very day the KL Bar Blog is officially launched. That is a Blog where a Committee I lead, the Information Technology Committee of KL Bar, helped to set up and launch on 6th May 2008. There we have the KL Bar Blog, celebrating the dawn of new age technology, embracing this wonderful tool of communication and the freedom it endows its contributors. But instead we see attempts to shut down this right to free speech by the power at large.

In history, the 'Sedition Act' is primarily used to put down plots against the Government. In the USA, the "
Sedition Act of 1798, gave federal authorities the right to prosecute any individual suspected of plotting against the federal government. This Act also allowed a provision that made it a criminal act to speak or write maliciously of the president or of Congress, which was defined as “with the intent to defame” or to bring either “into contempt or disrepute.” "(excerpt taken from

Which part of Raja Petra's comments is a danger to the government?

I truly condemn this act by the Government. I deem it to be an act of a tyrant, bullying its subjects.