Sunday, 31 May 2009

The fastest goal ever

When Saha struck that goal in the FA Cup, Evertonians at the Chang Beer viewing party was optimistic we can finally win a Cup.

But alas the 25 second goal was insufficient to beat Chelsea. Already handicapped without Arteta, Jagielka and Yakubu, Everton tried in vain to match Chelsea but they had better players, and the players played better than Everton that day.

I feel sad. Who wouldn't. After such a fantastic start, it was the best opportunity to win. 

Must stay optimistic. The future, is however, bright for Everton. I seriously believe we are 1-2 signing away from turning into a top class team. Finishing 5th 2 seasons in a row. 6th 3 seasons ago. 4th 5 seasons ago. We are up there, but not the highest yet.

Now, who will Everton buy this summer? 

Thursday, 28 May 2009

David v Goliath

North v South, Rich v Poor, Old-fashion sleeping giants v new kids on the block. David v Goliath.  Blue v Blue. Everton v Chelsea.


Some Everton fans would say its good v evil; but I would say that is taking too things a little too far, and anyway Everton is always the good one anyway (haha).


But the coming FA Cup final on 30th May 2009, is a clash of 2 teams in Blue, and who would end in blues at the end of match?


The contrast in the 2 teams cannot be more profound. Chelsea in London, South of England; and Everton at Merseyside, North of London.


There is little doubt who the ‘rich’ one when we compare the 2 teams. Whilst Everton had to ‘borrow’ Jo from Man City to deal with their striker crises, Chelsea just went out to buy Anelka form more than £11 million in January 2008 when Chelsea was short of strikers.


But Everton is backed by tradition dating more than 125 years. Winning more Top League title than Chelsea, Everton was known as the Big 5 in the 1980s (together with Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, & Spurs). Chelsea struggled for many decades, and at one time, the Stamford Bridge stadium in the 1980s did not even had the usual 4 Stand that most English clubs have.


All that was changed when the Russian you know who bought over Chelsea. The millions of Pounds poured into the club see Chelsea now, a true powerhouse in (not only) English football but European football too, the new kids on the block.


So it will be David v Goliath this Sunday, with Chelsea clearly the favourite to win. Everything points to the Blue London Club to win. They have the players, the pedigree & the coach.


But Everton in 2008/09 is not a team which any club can walk over. Everton had to beat Liverpool, Aston Villa, Boro & in the FA Cup semifinals, Man United, just to get to the final. That is no easy task.


People have been saying that Everton was lucky to beat Man U in that semifinals, seeing how Man U fielded a so-called 2nd team, but the same people probably forgot that Spurs could not beat that ‘2nd team’ in the Carling Cup & that the Man U FA Cup Semifinals team had Van De Sar, Rio, Vidic, Anderson & Tevez; and all these players are top class first 11 players of Man U. At the end of the day, a win is still a win. Of course it would be better to beat Man U 4-0 with them playing Rooney and Ronaldo together with the earlier names mentioned, but hey; if Man U chose that team and lose; too bad, I suppose.


Back to this classic clash; the game will be a massive contrast. Chelsea will be playing an industrious power attack with Lampard and Drogba leading the way. Everton will be the dogged unwavering opposition.


Everton, without the 3 injured stars of Yakubu, Arteta & Jagielka; will rely on sheer determination, great team spirit and super work ethics. The spark of brilliance will likely come from Pienaar; but Everton still have Cahill who can ghost into a penalty box to score. Also Saha would likely be Everton joker in the pack. He would probably want to prove that he can still win trophies even after leaving Man U, and I hope he will.


So, there you have it. 2 teams, 2 hopes, 1 destiny. My hope, my prayers & my desire is to see the Blue of Mersey bring back a trophy last won in 1995. To the Everton boys, I would say:-

 “Take the step towards immortality!”



Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Chang, The Cock & The Bull

"Chang" is Elephant in Thai language. The Cock is the chicken lah, and I think we can all agree what a Bull is. 

Well, the FA Cup final is on the 30th May 2009. Everton will be in our blue strip against the super-rich Chelsea who will be playing in their 3rd jersey of bright yellow.

The Everton Supporters Club of Malaysia (ESCM) will host a viewing party together with Chang Beer Malaysia. The party info:-
Location : Cock & Bull Pub & restaurant, Merchant Square PJ.
Time : party starts from 8pm onwards.

Some free gifts will be given away that nite, with quiz and lucky draws. Chang Beer will also be sold at a special price of RM35 per bucket of 4 bottles. All are invited to attend, though I hope more Everton supporters will be there. 

It was very nice of Chang Beer Malaysia to jointly organise the party with ESCM. They are trying to penetrate the Malaysian Beer market, and even though I dont drink alcohol, I think Chang definitely has the potential to go far. At my office, we stack up Chang Beer in our fridge for our clients and friends who sometimes visit our office. So far, no adverse comments about Chang. And the best thing is, it's very affordable. At a shop at Section 17, PJ, you can buy a carton of Chang for around RM80. 

Back to the FA Cup final, I am cautiously optimistic that Everton will win the Cup. Chelsea is very strong; but so is Everton. If we get our tactics right, we may just win it.

Till then, I hope you would all consider joining me at that funny odd name Pub, Cock & Bull at Merchant Square this Saturday. Merchant Square is just beside the Damansara NKVE Toll, and KEADILAN's headquarters is also on the same row. 

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Transformer, Revenge of the Fallen

Looking forward to this movie. Here is a Trailer :-

Tangkap dulu, settle kemudian

After all that hu-ha, Police chose not to charge the 5 lawyers. All were released without condition. WTF??

So we had the IGP slamming the lawyers for being involved in an illegal assembly. Our Keris-kissing Home Minister slammed the lawyers for thinking they were above the law. The clearly-blur-and-ignorant Deputy Prime Minister who slammed that Bar Council cannot demand Suhakam to investigate (when Suhakam has the power to investigate any complaint sent to them.)

After all that nasty comments against the Bar, which included the usual UMNO's demands to Bar Council to be a Political party; the Police now feel the lawyers did no wrong?

The Police is out of order and definitely conducted themselves, unbecoming of an Institution which is supposed to fair & just. And they now surely hope the matter will sweep itself under that already heavily filled carpet. From the Kugan's death to now the arrest of 5 lawyers doing their jobs; the Police is just pathetic. The trust in the Force is waning and I would dare say, almost non-existent among some Malaysians. 

The Main-stream media is equally pathetic. The Kugan's death is now hardly discussed, and the stories about the 5 lawyers' arrest was not only inaccurate; but in fact in some reports; were down right wrong. 

Never mind. When is the next General Election, again??

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuan, You Nak Lilin kah?

Another sweep by our new BAL department of our PDRM. What is BAL you may ask? Why, dont you know? PDRM formed the new Bahagian Anti-Lilin (BAL) dept.

On 19th May 2009, around 11 people including MP Teo Nie Ching and ADUN Jenice were arrested in front of Teresa Kok's office at Seputeh for holding a Vigil. The Vigil was a sign of peaceful message to the people that Democracy in Perak is dead. 

Whether the vigil is useful or otherwise? Whether the vigil serves its purpose or not, that is all secondary issues; for what the hell is wrong of having a peaceful protest by the People. These are fellow countryman/woman; fellow Malaysians. Why cant our own people send a message to the Government of how they feel. All usual attempts to talk to the government etc etc of how the people clearly has failed. Malaysia's governmental delivery is filled with corrupt practise and power abuse. 

So there I was at the Brickfields police station around 1130pm to try see Nie Ching. As usual, just like last week, the Police wont let us in. Teresa Kok informed me that a DAP lawyer was inside but the Police were going to detain the 11 people including Nie Ching, for one nite. So in Malaysia, we burn a candle, in you go.

But the irony of the situation happened around 1210am (20th May 2009), when suddenly there was a power failure at the Brickfields Balai and the street lamps outside were also off. The whole balai was in total darkness except for lights from some Police Cars.

I could not resist it. I knew had to say it, and so I walked to a Policeman manning the Gate & I said it "Tuan, you nak lilin kah? Kita ada banyak ni..."

Needless to say, he was not amused.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The flu is here

In the midst of all the politicking in our Country, and Everton taking 5th place for this week (though they have a tough game at Fulham next week), the dangerous H1N1 flu arrived in Malaysia. 

As of 930pm on Saturday 16th May 2009, Malaysia has 2 patients suffering from this H1N1 flu.

What is this H1N1 flu? I give you a link to the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):-

CDC is part of the US' Department of Health & Human Services.

Basically the flu is a kind of virus which is looks like swine flu, but seems to be a new gene all together. Eating Pork will not give you the flu (phew.. I am so glad about that); but H1N1 flu is airborne (which is a major worry here). 

I hope Dato Liow the Health Minister will do what he can to contain this flu. People's life is at stake. But he is fairly responsible chap. No one is perfect, but I personally find Dato Liow a person who does want to get the job done. Let's help him on the job to stop H1N1 flu.

Symptoms (quoting from CDC website) :- 
Fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. In addition, a significant number of people also have reported nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

A check with the WHO website confirms that (as at 2nd May 2009) WHO has NOT found a vaccine which can cure this H1N1 flu (that is also a big worry). See link :-

Also WHO gives a general outline on how the disease can be transmitted. 

WHO's website also give a general outline on what you can do to minimise/avoid contracting H1N1 flu. Please read this link:-

I hope this flu will go away. But we must be vigilant. The people must also be responsible. If you have any symptoms as mentioned above; please go see a Dr quickly.

Take care!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sack Em All

The Bar is demanding Hishamuddin the Home Minister; IGP Musa and OCPD Brickfields be sacked or resign.


The Bar will demand the Prime Minister to sack these 3 chaps.


The 5 lawyers were merely outside the Police Station to meet their client. Yet the Police arrested them. Please see video :-

You will see from the video, how docile and calm the lawyers were; all were there to give legal advise to client; to protect the clients. Yet they were arrested.


Why Home Minister? Cos he is in charge of the Police. And before investigating what happened that nite of 7th May, our Home Minister on the 8th May 2009, declared that the lawyers were acting beyond the law. He said something about 'lawyers think they are above the law'. He should check his facts before he open his mouth. A Minister normally does that.


Why IGP & OCPD? The Police at Brickfields constantly told us 'Kita buat kerana arahan atas'. When asked who? They said "Orang atas".


So there are only 2 "orang atasan" here - IGP or OCPD. If IGP or OCPD can actually give instructions to the Police to arrest lawyers who were merely doing their job, then what kind of IGP/OCPD is this? I tell you what type of IGP/OCPD they are - Uniformed Mafia.


Mr Home Minister - it is the Police who think they are above the law, not lawyers. For it was the IGP/OCPD who 'bagi arahan' to the Police to arrest 5 young lawyers from the Legal Aid Centre, there to see their clients.


And - if the PM does not sack these guys, then  you know his rhetoric about being the 'people's PM' & the 1Malaysia concept is all bull shit.


If PM does not do something about this; then the people must harp this point to remind him that he serve us as the People and not the other way round. That if PM does not hammer into the thick skull of the Police that the Police is to protect the people; not to simply arrest lawyers doing their jobs; then this PM too would have to eventually go.


So PM -  Please sack the Home Minister, the IGP and the OCPD Brickfield, for if you dont; you may be the next one we ask to resign!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thank You Perak!

On March 9th 2008, a day after the General Election, Perakians woke up to a new State Government. The general re-action in the country was shock to many and a pleasant surprise to some. Many Malaysians were upset with BN, particularly UMNO. People wanted to vote against BN (not necessarily for Pakatan). I still re-call just before that election, many still felt that BN could not be defeated; after all BN controlled the Media; the system etc etc. How to beat a giant?

And even after 5 States fell to Pakatan, people still felt that they made a mistake. "What have we done?" some said. I recall murmurs of "We did not plan an opposition state, we were just upset with BN". "How-lah? My business is going to be affected? If BN is out, how is the country going to run?"

That were some reactions I recall hearing and listening when meeting my friends; not just in Perak but also the one living in KL and PJ. 

Why did we think like that? It is called conditioning. Malaysians were conditioned for years, particularly during Mahathir's regime that Malaysia cannot survive without BN. I concede, that I too had some time in my youth; subscribed to that view, but no more now.

But how things have changed. And we must thank the Perak Incident for opening our eyes. 

The many Malaysians who were not necessarily a supporter of Pakatan; but were in the 'middle' so per say; are now determined to not only vote against BN, but start supporting Pakatan instead. Many Malaysians who threw in protest votes in 2008, were actually just fed-up and wanted to wake up BN; thinking that all BN (especially UMNO) needs was a wake up call; but they now are not just fed up, but determined.

But the Perak incident has changed that. It has given the people resolution, proposition & direction.


For Perak has shown the true colours of BN. The true problem in this Country. Problems which have been swept under the carpet for so long has pop up. The many people who felt 'it's ok lah, at least BN can run the country' is now beginning to think; why not, why dont we just change the Government? After all Perak did fine for 11 months. Selangor is going strong. Penang is stable. Kedah is working hard. Kelantan, well Kelantan has always been special anyway. 

People now see how Sivakumar was dragged out. How BN can manipulate the Court system and have a Stay 24 hours after the correct MB was re-instated. I have said; despite the Stay, it DOES NOT MEAN that Zambry is MB. The High Court is super clear - Nizar IS Perak MB; so if there is a stay, it does not mean Zambry is MB, it only means Nizar cant take office. What the Court of Appeal should have done is appoint an interim government, an interim MB. The Court can do that.

But Perak has shown a lot more things. It shows a Malay leader from an extremist party like PAS can work with another hardcore party like DAP. We see DAP leaders actually reading and understanding the Quran. We see Pakatan leaders dealing with issues, not race. We see 3 different parties which BN has always claimed cant work together, actually work together.

So the Perak incident, has shown us the way; to go where no man has gone (sorry have to quote Star Trek); to show us Malaysians that there is actually a better alternative, that is Pakatan. 

Thank you Perak!

Malaysian Bar EGM

Date:15 May 2009

Dewan Sivik
Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya
Jalan Yong Shook Lin
46675 Petaling Jaya


Further to the Agenda dated 8 May 2009, the Bar Council has, on 8 May 2009 received the following motion submitted for discussion under the heading “Motions”:-



Motion dated 8 May 2009 proposed by Ragunath Kesavan in respect of the arrest and detention of five (5) lawyers on 7 May 2009.

[Appendix A



In accordance with Section 65(4A) of the LPA 1976, the quorum shall be 500 members of the Malaysian Bar. We look forward to your presence at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Thank you.

George Varughese
Malaysian Bar

[Appendix A]


Whereas on the night of 7 May 2009, five members of the Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre, Fadiah Nadwa binti Fikri (Secretary), Murnie Hidayah binti Anuar, Puspawati binti Rosman, Ravinder Singh Dhalliwal (Chairperson) and Syuhaini binti Safwan (collectively known as the “LAC Lawyers”), in their capacity as Advocates & Solicitors, had requested the police at the Brickfields Police Station for access to the detained persons who were arrested that same night whilst holding a candlelight vigil at the same Police Station over the recent arrest of political scientist Wong Chin Huat.

Whereas Article 5(3) of the Federal Constitution entrenches the fundamental right of a person to consult and be defended by the legal practitioner of his/her choice. Further, sub-sections 28A(2) to (7) of the Criminal Procedure Code (“CPC”) set out in detail the rights of arrested persons including their right to communicate and consult with a legal practitioner of their choice.

Whereas the Police denied the LAC Lawyers access to the detained persons, the Police, without any reasonable grounds, proceeded to arrest the LAC Lawyers and only released them on police bail the following day at around 3 p.m., notwithstanding the repeated requests by other lawyers for their immediate release.


1. Strongly condemns and denounces the wrongful arrest, detention and interrogation of the LAC Lawyers.

2. Strongly condemns and denounces the blatant transgression of the rule of law and the constitutional right of every person to counsel and access to justice.

3. Strongly condemns the unnecessary arrest and detention of those exercising their constitutional right to assemble peaceably.

4. Strongly condemns the arbitrary, improper and frequent resort by the police to section 28A(8) of the Criminal Procedure Code, thus denying an arrested person access to counsel and making the right provided under section 28A(3) meaningless.

5. Strongly condemns and denounces the appalling treatment of the LAC lawyers and all those held in custody, including compelling them to wear lock up uniforms and unnecessarily handcuffing them.

6. Strongly condemns and denounces the Police for deliberately refusing to disclose to their family or their lawyers any information in relation to the LAC lawyers after their arrest, including their location and their next course of action.

7. Calls upon the Inspector-General of Police to take immediate disciplinary action against the police officers responsible for the unlawful arrest of the LAC Lawyers and in particular, the OCPD of the Brickfields police station for this shameful incident.

8. Calls upon the Inspector-General of Police to take full responsibility for, and to explain, this gross abuse of police power.

9. Calls upon the Government to be committed to and to uphold the Rule of Law as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

10. Reiterates its previous calls on the Government to establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) in its original form to serve as an independent external oversight mechanism.

11. Calls on the Government of Malaysia to uphold and defend the fundamental rights of advocates and solicitors to discharge their responsibilities to their clients in an environment free from threats and intimidation and unhindered by law enforcement agencies.

Proposed by: Ragunath Kesavan
Dated: 8 May 2009

Monday, 11 May 2009

Did Nizar Really win?

Did Nizar really win?

I now see why BN was so gung-ho to have a new Speaker elected. The speaker will now call for an Emergency Session at the State Assembly. Zambry will then present a Motion of Vote of No Confidence against Nizar. Then Nizar will be out (again).

I hope there is a way to stop this possible action by BN. After seeing what they did on Thursday, they are capable of doing anything. 

But for the moment, this Court's decision is a great decision. Are we seeing the return the Independent Judiciary of pre-1988? Last year RPK was released by the High Court at Shah Alam, and now this decision. 

The Silver State loses its shine

Monday, 11 May 2009 07:10pm
Perak is a vibrant state. The towns in that state have unique characters, unique features and sometimes, unique names. The unique lime stone hills; The unique and rustic Keelie’s Castle & the unique name “Taiping” based on a Chinese name which basically means peaceful town.  

But last Thursday on 7th May 2009, Perak was anything but peaceful. Many followed the updates via Malaysia Kini, the Malaysian Insider and also twitters from people around the Perak State Assembly that day. News flash – Speaker asks suspended State Assemblymen (ADUN) to leave, both parties exchanging words, and worst of all, the State Speaker physically removed from his chair. Major drama!!  
That Thursday saw the culmination of tension between Barisan Nasional and the Pakatan Rakyat front. Both sides have been exchanging barb comments since the hostile takeover by BN in February, of the Perak State Government, when 3 Pakatan ADUNs resigned and decided to stay Independent, but pledged their support for BN.  

I felt extremely sad when the State Assembly Hall turned into a circus. Both sides trying to out-talk, out-do and in some instances out-intimidate each other.  

But I will say this, and I say this as a person who has lived in Perak for the first 17 years of my life and still consider Perak my home state; that the manner of BN’s takeover and the actions of the supposed-to-be neutral police force on May 7th has left me very sad for my beloved home state.  

BN has long been poking fun at Anwar Ibrahim who wanted to form a Federal State Government by inviting Members of Parliament from BN to join Pakatan, in short -  to party hop. BN has used that to justify their action in BN. ‘Since you started this (party hop), I will also do it too’; seems to be BN’s battle cry.  

But I recall, Anwar had called for a special session at Parliament for a Vote of No-confidence against our former Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi. Clearly, if the vote of no confidence succeeds, it would mean MPs from BN were in support of Pakatan’s motion to remove Pak Lah. Logic will then dictate; that should the motion succeeded then; a fresh election would have to be called; and I suppose at that time; we would see some BN MP’s crossing over to Pakatan at the fresh election. 

In the end, on Thursday, May 7th 2009; all hell broke loose. Perak State Assembly was chaotic, people were arrested here and there & 5 lawyers were also arrested when they wanted to see their clients etc. 

Now, I am not a Pakatan member, and so I am not a mouthpiece for Pakatan. My views are formed after reading the newspapers, blogs and also talking to MPs from both side of the fence. So, as a Rakyat, a Voter, and an Anak Malaysia; this is my personal opinion:-

   1. Karpal Singh was surrounded by UMNO Youth members in Parliament a few months ago. These UMNO youth chaps acted aggressively and threateningly. Yet when this issue was raised in Parliament, the Speaker had concluded that Parliament was quasi-autonomous and therefore Police could not get involved in UMNO Youth’s siege of Karpal in Parliament House.


      But on Thursday, 7th May 2009, the Police had stormed into Perak State Assembly to remove Speaker Sivakumar out of the Hall. Police actually pulled and dragged Sivakumar out of his seat. No autonomy at Perak State Assembly, I guess.


   2. BN mocks Anwar about Party Hopping to justify what it did in Perak, but yet Pakatan did not carry out the party-hop plan, and instead BN not only planned (and carried out) the party hop but also used brute force tactics to take over the Assembly Hall on the 7th May.


      BN has shown Malaysia that it seems capable of doing anything, including using force to seize power. That message is clear to all Malaysians, particularly those who have seen the videos of Sivakumar’s eviction from his seat. It will remain etched in the minds of the people. 

   3. The Police Force has lost its aura of independence a long of time ago. People now mock the police for its corrupt practice and unfair treatment of people, and what happened on Thursday night at Brickfields Police Station with the arrest of 5 lawyers from the Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre (who merely wanted to see 14 people arrested for a candle vigil) illustrates that.


      When Police arrests lawyers during the performance of their duties, you know something is not right. The right of an arrested person to see their lawyer is fundamental in a civilised society and could it be that last Thursday’s incidents is an indication that our country has become a jungle where the rule of law doesn’t apply. I hope not. 

My conclusion -  BN clearly had taken over Perak. BN won. But will they win in the next election? They would have to go a long way to win the hearts of many Perakians, like me, who are upset and unhappy.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The 2nd Sunday of May

The second Sunday of May, every year. What day is that? It's Mother's Day. Another highly commercialised day. I am sure you would have heard friends saying one dont need Mother's day to show your mum you love her. You should love here everyday.

My mum? She is a superwoman. The Pillar of strength. Together with my disciplinarian dad, they make a very good pair. For all the Batman & Robins, the Ying & Yang, I have my mum and my dad. 

Mum, if I have not said this to you enough, allow me to say it here, sister and I love you with our heart. Happy Mother's day!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Arrest, Arrest & More Arrest

7th May 2009, the Malaysian Police must have contacted the Guiness Book of Records, to try achieve a new record of highest number of arrest. And you know Malaysia, we just love to have the highest, tallest, stupidest etc etc. 

As I mention in my Blog yesterday, the Police will arrest anything which breaths, and today at Ipoh they arrested people who were eating, walking or even just standing nearby the State Assembly. At KL, Penang & Kuching, Police continue to arrest people for mysterious reasons.

I just came back from the Brickfields Police Station. I was there yesterday too, to help get Teo Nie Ching and others out. 

Today another 15 were arrested when they had a candle vigil for Wong Chin Huat. 5 lawyers, all from the Legal Aid Centre were arrested as they arrive at the Station to offer aid to the 15 detained.

Well Malaysia; if you are reading this, welcome to the real 1Malaysia. 

A Malaysia of renewed tyranny, renewed vigor to suppress the people, to use the might and force of the police to oppress the people.

Our Prime Minister has no intention to take care of the rakyat, as UMNO tries to rule the country by using force. Instead of promoting transparency and intellectualism, this Government continue to show the younger Malaysians that the way to govern is to suppress, oppress and depress the people. 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Once you go Black, you wont go Back

May 7 is fixed for the seating of Perak State Assembly. It is ironic, just a few months ago, the UMNO led BN got a court order to stop Pakatan from proceeding with the State Assembly. On May 7, BN wants to proceed with the State Assembly, and Pakatan wants to stop it.

In the meantime, Police are arresting anyone who breaths. They arrested political scientist, Politicians, people having candle light vigil etc etc. And sometimes, we dont even know why they were arrested. But most of the time, it is to stop the Pakatan side from having an assembly of people, protesting against the take over by BN.

As far as I am concern, this BN government is illegitimate. A lawyer recently wrote in the New Straits Times that the Pakatan Government should not complain since Anwar first started the party hopping issue. But I will say this to that lawyer, that 2 wrongs wont make this right. Whatever BN want to say, the FACT is clear, this government is immoral; not in the court of law, but in the heart of the people. 

BN with UMNO or MCA can say what they want to continue attacking Pakatan at Perak, but the takeover there is immoral, incorrect and definitely not acceptable. At the end of the day, Anwar may have wanted to ask for a vote of no confidence in Parliament then in September 2008, (and eventually remove Pak Lah), BUT it was not Pakatan who carried out and embraced the party hopping exercise. It was BN who did it, particularly UMNO who did it.

Put aside all these legal arguments, the people have spoken and reacted. Perak-ian dont want BN. 

I have said before, that I would not recognise a government which was formed in the dark alleys of politics, and till now I take a position that the BN led Perak government remains in that dark alley. They will stay there long until such time a fresh election is formed to elect a new government. If BN wins the new election, I will recognise it, legally and morally. Till then, well, you know my stand-lah!

Now there is a campaign to wear black on May 7. I am sympathetic to the Pakatan cause, and will probably wear black on May 7, in support. But this symbolic gesture is insufficient. More must be done. The people of Perak must speak up and speak out. Demand for re-election. Do petition. Have a protest by stopping buying any product produced by Companies owned by the Perak State Government etc etc. Do more than just wear black. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Remand till 8th May 2009

Latest News (as at 630pm 6th May 2009) - Wong Chin Huat's remand was extended to 8th May 2009.

It is clear and obvious, that UMNO does not want him and the others who were arrested today, at Ipoh on the 7th May 2009.

And Najib talks about the Government being fair and just. He is involved in a murder. His Government is corrupt and now he wants to suppress the people. 

One day Remand

Latest (as at 2pm 6th May 2009) : Wong Chin Huat will be detained for remand for One day, for today only. He will be released at 6pm today, though the legal team feel that the Police will seek an extension. 

The Legal Team led by Amer Hamzah, submitted for almost an hour for Wong. We contended that the Police dont need to remand him if they wish to investigate. He is not a flight-risk and he has a day job at a University. The longer he stays in remand, the more classes he will miss.

The Police sought a 4 day remand. 

It was odd that their basis of their application was because they could not interview Wong, who insisted he has his lawyer around, but last night it was the Police who denied the lawyers from seeing Wong. Superb logic, isn't it?

Zoom Zoom Zoom

LATEST as at 2am, 6th May 2009 : In full view of other people waiting outside the Station, the Police Zoomed off with Wong Chin Huat in a Police Car. 

And while this zoom zoom was going on, another Police officer was talking to the lawyers led by Ragunanth Kesavan, there to speak to Wong. Ragu, of course, is the President of the Malaysian Bar. 

What a Con!

The Police must be hanging out too much with the crooks, they now act like one. Talking to the President of the Bar on the pretext of 'informing' him of the status of Wong; whilst whisking Wong away; smack of absolute disrespect for decorum, and ethics. 

But then again, it is our Police, if they know decorum and ethics, our country's security wont be in such a mess. They have more than 15 police officers stopping us lawyers to see one man, whilst people are robbed, bags are snatched, children disappear. 

The Clutches of the Dark Force

Political scientist Wong Chin Huat was arrested for sedition yesterday at 430pm. What section, we dont know? What statement is seditious, we dont know?

But he did in this morning in a press conference, launch, 1BLACK MALAYSIA He is also a spokesman for BERSIH, the coalition of NGOs demanding for a revamp of elections, to a better, transparent one. 

1BLACK MALAYSIA is part of the BERSIH project demanding for an election in Perak, and the project urges Malaysians to wear BLACK on THURSDAY, 7th MAY 2009. It is suppose to be a symbolic protest against the take over of BN at Perak in February. 

We now see the beginning of the crackdown. When a few of us went to the aid of Wong at the Police Station at Jalan Dato Onn just now, the Police refuse to let the lawyers in when it is abundantly clear in Section 28A of the CPC, that the accused person has a right to see his/her lawyer. In this case, Wong has requested to see Edmund Bon (his lawyer) but Bon was denied entry to go see him. 

Blatant disrespect of the Law by the very people who is suppose to uphold the Law. How are we to trust the Police? How are we suppose to place our safety issues in the hand of the very people who cant even respect the basic rights to see an Accused person.

Why cant we meet our client? It is fear, I tell you, the police's fear of the lawyer, fear that we will catch them doing something wrong. And the problem is, more than half the time, the police DO does something wrong. If they learn to comply with rules, they should not fear us lawyers. 

As of 1205 am, 6th May 2009, the lawyers were still denied entry to see Wong. 

Monday, 4 May 2009

Spirit of Sports

Sportsmanship spirit is important in sports. One can be out played, out foxed, or sometimes out muscled, but one should not forget the spirit of sports. Fairplay and Sports Ethics should always prevail. 

So over the weekend I was at Singapore for the annual Malaysia v Singapore Bench/Bar Games. It was odd that Ladies and Premier Soccer was played on artificial grass, but the Hockey match, a sport which is played on Astroturf in virtually every tournament, was played on grass in Singapore.

The Cross Country was suppose to be 3.2 KM, but at the end of the race, our runners were informed that it was actually 4.8KM. Having said that, the Singaporean runners were very good, and so to be honest, Malaysia would not have won even if the race was on the shorter route.

Anyway, all that aside, I still see the camaraderie in most if not all sport events. Players from both side clearly enjoyed each other's company.

In the end, Malaysia won. Despite the final tally of 7 points each, Malaysian Bar took the trophy back since they were the Defending Champion.


Competitive Sports:-
Netball - Malaysia
Badminton - Malaysia
Tennis - Malaysia
Bowling - Malaysia
Cricket - Malaysia
Golf - Malaysia

Hockey - Singapore
Squash - Singapore
Table Tennis - Singapore
Volleyball - Singapore
Cross Country - Singapore
Ladies Soccer - Singapore

Veteran Soccer - Malaysia/Singapore (share points)
Premier Soccer - Malaysia/Singapore (share points)

Non-Competitive Sports:-
Dart - Singapore
Pool - Singapore
Chess - Singapore