Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tangkap dulu, settle kemudian

After all that hu-ha, Police chose not to charge the 5 lawyers. All were released without condition. WTF??

So we had the IGP slamming the lawyers for being involved in an illegal assembly. Our Keris-kissing Home Minister slammed the lawyers for thinking they were above the law. The clearly-blur-and-ignorant Deputy Prime Minister who slammed that Bar Council cannot demand Suhakam to investigate (when Suhakam has the power to investigate any complaint sent to them.)

After all that nasty comments against the Bar, which included the usual UMNO's demands to Bar Council to be a Political party; the Police now feel the lawyers did no wrong?

The Police is out of order and definitely conducted themselves, unbecoming of an Institution which is supposed to fair & just. And they now surely hope the matter will sweep itself under that already heavily filled carpet. From the Kugan's death to now the arrest of 5 lawyers doing their jobs; the Police is just pathetic. The trust in the Force is waning and I would dare say, almost non-existent among some Malaysians. 

The Main-stream media is equally pathetic. The Kugan's death is now hardly discussed, and the stories about the 5 lawyers' arrest was not only inaccurate; but in fact in some reports; were down right wrong. 

Never mind. When is the next General Election, again??

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