Saturday, 5 June 2010

How the f**k does he know it is safe in PJ?

In Malaysia, the politicians just seem to politicise everything. Someone wins a gold medal, they rush to give awards. Someone arrested in Vietnam for drugs, some youth wing will rush to 'save' the accused.

It is just sickening. Instead of focussing on administering the country, these politicians take the easy way out by just making sure they are seen to do things, things which really, dont necessarily improve the country.

Take Najib's visit to SS2 PJ on Wednesday. Our PM so confidently declare that people of SS2 feels safer. Is he talking cock, or is he just a plain idiot?

SS2 and for that matter, the entire PJ and Klang Valley is like the wild wild west of US. The robbers/thieves/rapists etc are roaming around so freely. People write on blogs, tweets etc on how they were robbed/mugged etc. Houses broken in broad day light. Cars stolen every day. Motorbikes stolen everyday.

And yet this PM 'declares' that the people in PJ feels safer. You can see this news in the Sun.

Why dont he let his daughter walk around SS2 without the hordes of police escort. Why dont he come stay at one of the houses in PJ and see how many locks we put on our grill door. Why dont he ask his wife to walk along the street in SS2 with her hand bag around her elbow, lets see how long before a snatch thief comes along.

And I read about lesser police reports made in PJ, as a statistic to support lesser crime.

Again, is our PM an idiot? People in PJ dont want to report to the police cause these police idiots dont do anything. We will always get the usual answers from the idiots at the police station:-
1. "Oh, ini kes sivil"
2. "Alamak, in salah balai lah"
3. "Sabar, kami tak cukup orang"
4. "Kami susah, sebab kamu rakyat tak nak tolong kami bagi informasi" (even though it is the police's job to gather intelligence, or else why the f**k we have a Special Branch for?)

So, please, please dont politicise the issue of security. We who live in PJ dont get to enjoy our life. We live with concerns. Concerns that tomorrow, one of our loved ones may be the next one hit by a criminal. Our life is like a russian roulette. You never know, we may be the next to get hit by the bullet (oh.. that bullet thing has a deja vu feel).

Really, I really cant wait to vote Najib and his entire Government out.


Anonymous said...

so many big shots visiting the place, no wonder these robbers went on leave, for a day.

KianTeck said...

Very well written.

I share the same thoughts with you and am sure the rest of the folks in Klang Valley do to.

Anonymous said...

He is becoming more and more stupid ... "makin lama makin bodoh" ... very low IQ ... retarded brain ... and making people more angry with his HP6 comments all the time ... I think the spirit of Altantuya is haunting him and the fat-ugly-lady.
Well, if things were to go on like this, he may end up camping in Tg Rambutan.

Richard Loh said...

Most people can see through what he is trying to do to win the people's heart and mind but doing it wrongly. What I see is that his advisers/apco are providing him false infos and the wrong strategy.

Can I have your permission to reproduce your writting on my blog, with a link back to this blog?


airwalk said...

safe?? my place in taman desa every few week..kena masuk rumah during the days...memang sekrg rasa takut nak keluar rumah..takut rumah kita jadi next sasaran..of course u can said is safe cause u alway go out with body guard..kita orang awam yang jadi mangsa sementara kamu di atas semua tinggal di rumah yg penuh dengan guards..

airwalk said...

safe?? my place in taman desa every few week..kena masuk rumah during the days...memang sekrg rasa takut nak keluar rumah..takut rumah kita jadi next sasaran..of course u can said is safe cause u alway go out with body guard..kita orang awam yang jadi mangsa sementara kamu di atas semua tinggal di rumah yg penuh dengan guards..

Anonymous said...

My office got robbed one weekend last month,all the computers and monitors gone. What the police said as soon as they came in was it was a professional job. In other words the cops can't find them...because they are professionals...then aren't the cops professionals too. Well so far nothing came out of the investigation..even with a video camera clearly recording my entrance by my neighbor's shop was not investigated.Safe! my foot!

Anonymous said...

To add on the excuses you'll get from the police.
- Lu tunggu la. You ingat lu satu
kes saja ka kita mau siasat?
- Ini hari saya off/Saya busy. Apa
apa saya call la nanti. (You
won't get his/her call anyway)
- Ahhh...ini Brickfield /
Setapak/Cheras punya kes...
- Ring!Ring! Knock!Knock!......(No
response at all)

You wait for the IO for hundreds of hours outside his room under the hot sun to record your statement.

If you are lucky, you gets to explain your complaint for 2 hours, another officer came in and you explain again from A-Z, again another one came in, and another, and another...."Tadi lu cakap sampai mana? Cuba ulang"

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

Is it safe when:

Some shops are doing business with metal grille locked at all time for safety reason

Offices have to lock door during business hour

Petrol station have to lock the convenient stores from midnight to morning

When the people dare not wear gold necklaces when going out

Mushrooming of gated and guarded community

More than 90% of Malaysians voted in a poll said that Malaysia was not safe

SS2 Girl said...

I agree 100% My house has been broken into TWICE, thank God no one was hurt in both incidents. My neighbourhood is like a dog pound now - every house has a guard dog because we feel it necessary to have a deterrent (besides the multiple locks, alarm system and grills).

Feel safer in SS2? Yes, just like how I feel corruption has lessened in Malaysia. Just like how I feel the government is more efficient. Just like how I feel my tax money is being used for good.

Syeah right.

Note: Out of respect for your blog, I have refrained from cursing at the ruling government and their screw ups.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bro..Well said!

Richard Wee said...

Hey Richard Loh.. no problem. Go ahead. Thank you to all of you for your supportive words. I just hope PJ (& for that matter, Malaysia) can really be a safer place

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the foreign workers, first! Especially the indonesians!

Richard Wee said...

with respect, 'Anonymous', the issue of foreign workers is an imprecise focus. Yes, there have been incidents of crimes committed by non-Malaysians, but by far this is not the primary cause of crime.

The primary cause is still the entire poor administration of the government, the very government which allowed the entry of the foreign workers. It is a domino effect. Poor government administration would mean poor policing, which eventually lead to anarchy, something we seems headed to.

Anonymous said...

The gist of it is that the PM is both an idiot and an ignorant fool!


Anonymous said...

I am sick of these bunch of idiots speak from the arse hole.

lan said...

najib's new defination of safety!

Anonymous said...

At least Najib visited SS2.

As a voter, I have yet to see the faces of the three DAP musketeers in PJ, let alone SS2!

Anonymous said...

I seconded that. Every night when we about to hit the sack, i will make sure all the door are securely boled abd locked with IMPORTED lock. I stayed in Sea Park.

And our PM walked with several bodyguards, sure Nobody can get near to Bodyguards are carrying Magnum....