Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Our Country

Our Country continue to fall deeper into an abyss of Immorality &; Impropriety, when we have High Court decisions allowing usage of a DNA which was improperly obtained but deem appropriate merely because the arrest of the person is lawful.

Our Country continue to see the corruption of the mind and soul of young Malaysians with sex scandals merely to get rid of 1 man. Where the laws are clear that to produce or to show pornographic material is illegal; Instead the producer or person showing the video is protected; and the actors in the video is imputed.

Our Country continue to be plundered by people who deem power & money to be the ultimate end product of governance; when in fact a government is to inspire & lead the people to a better country. 

Our Country continue to be seduced by those in power with promised money from overseas, projects, & developments. The infrastructure &; economy of a country is the primary objective of a modern Country; but no amount of money can cure the destruction of morality &; integrity amongst the people. 

Dear friends, we MUST take Our Country back from the immorals &; the corrupters.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

BC : Fund raising for Japanese Tsunami victims?

Dear readers,

Will have the letters "BC" on title of postings which relates to the Bar Council from now onwards.

As BC continue to sort out the KPI Resolution and also the fiasco of e-filing at Courts, a proposal to set up a fund-raising campaign for the victims of the Japanese tsunami, was put forward to BC. BC will meet this Tuesday at 3pm. This issue may be discussed at that emergency meeting.

The emergency meeting is called as BC try to finalise the push to dismantle some aspects of the KPI system at Courts. There have been some positive breakthrough with the CJ & gang. By Monday (21/3/2011) BC may issue a press release on this. 

The e-filing issue is also being sorted out. Unfortunately many BC members dont have sufficient information about the e-filing to propose changes or amendments. However a common theme amongst the BC members is to propose a temporary halt of the e-filing system until such time the Courts get their house in order for that.



Wednesday, 16 March 2011

To Protect & To Defend

Took Office at Bar Council on Saturday. It was a new experience. After 6 years at KL Bar, the 1st meeting at Bar Council was a little different. 

We wont know which Committee we will lead, though I have indicated that I am keen to help out the National Young Lawyers Committee. 

It is my hope to deal with the Policy issues troubling the Bar; and help to defend & protect the Bar. Some issues which need addressing now, is the KPI at Courts and now the nonsensical e-filing, also at Courts. At the BC, I hope to instigate change in the mindset of the BC members; particularly the Office Bearers to focus more of the needs of the members.

However, the interest of the people must also continue. I am not at all suggesting to stop concentrating on important public related Committees like Legal Aid, MyConsti & Human Rights. But the BC, particularly must look inwards to the Bar before dealing with public issues. The perception (rightly or wrongly) of the members is that BC is weak (particularly in KPI issues). 

Of course BC have carried out many successful projects like the Yayasan for Legal Aid, the MyConsti campaign etc. But we can do more especially to protect the profession.

Anyway, no use writing and talking of this stuff if one cant do the work. I hope to carry out whatever work I can instead of just talking & promising. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Regulate Will Writing Enterprise in Malaysia

This is a proposed motion to be tabled at the 65th Malaysian Bar AGM on 12th March 2011.

roposed Motion calling upon the Government of Malaysia to regulate the Will Writing Enterprises in Malaysia.  

Recognising the fact that writing a Will is a crucial and significant, financial and personal decision that someone may make;

Recognising the need to protect consumers keen in engaging Will Writers in Malaysia;

Recognising the current practise where Will Writers may not be necessarily legally trained.

The Motion:-
The Malaysian Bar calls upon the Government of Malaysia to effectively regulate the Will Writing Industry in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Bar calls upon the Government of Malaysia to impose a rule that a Will Writer ought to have Legal Qualification, as a minimal standard;

Alternatively the Malaysian Bar suggests that the Government of Malaysia conduct Trainings and Courses leading to a Diploma or Certificate in Will Writing, which may be held at our Institutions of Higher Learning; to train the current and future Will Writers.

                 Dated : 3rd March 2011