Sunday, 31 May 2009

The fastest goal ever

When Saha struck that goal in the FA Cup, Evertonians at the Chang Beer viewing party was optimistic we can finally win a Cup.

But alas the 25 second goal was insufficient to beat Chelsea. Already handicapped without Arteta, Jagielka and Yakubu, Everton tried in vain to match Chelsea but they had better players, and the players played better than Everton that day.

I feel sad. Who wouldn't. After such a fantastic start, it was the best opportunity to win. 

Must stay optimistic. The future, is however, bright for Everton. I seriously believe we are 1-2 signing away from turning into a top class team. Finishing 5th 2 seasons in a row. 6th 3 seasons ago. 4th 5 seasons ago. We are up there, but not the highest yet.

Now, who will Everton buy this summer? 

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