Friday, 8 May 2009

Arrest, Arrest & More Arrest

7th May 2009, the Malaysian Police must have contacted the Guiness Book of Records, to try achieve a new record of highest number of arrest. And you know Malaysia, we just love to have the highest, tallest, stupidest etc etc. 

As I mention in my Blog yesterday, the Police will arrest anything which breaths, and today at Ipoh they arrested people who were eating, walking or even just standing nearby the State Assembly. At KL, Penang & Kuching, Police continue to arrest people for mysterious reasons.

I just came back from the Brickfields Police Station. I was there yesterday too, to help get Teo Nie Ching and others out. 

Today another 15 were arrested when they had a candle vigil for Wong Chin Huat. 5 lawyers, all from the Legal Aid Centre were arrested as they arrive at the Station to offer aid to the 15 detained.

Well Malaysia; if you are reading this, welcome to the real 1Malaysia. 

A Malaysia of renewed tyranny, renewed vigor to suppress the people, to use the might and force of the police to oppress the people.

Our Prime Minister has no intention to take care of the rakyat, as UMNO tries to rule the country by using force. Instead of promoting transparency and intellectualism, this Government continue to show the younger Malaysians that the way to govern is to suppress, oppress and depress the people. 

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