Sunday, 28 December 2008

Change the Top!

It is odd that Malaysians can give UMNO led BN/Parti Perikatan 51 years of power and particularly continue to vote them in the last 20 years despite the emergence of corruption and abuse of power by the Government. Yet some of my friends and acquaintances 'complaint' about the Pakatan State Governments that they are not doing enough, and that after that Alliance took over some States 9 months ago. 

Let's look at some undeniable facts:-

1. The powers of the State Government have long been stripped by the Federal Government, particularly during Mahathir's regime.

2. The State's main revenue is some land tax and other minor taxes here and there, but the Federal Government has control over all Minerals (including Oil) and collects all major Tax (like our Income Tax).

3. The Civil Servant in the State Office have been working under below average governments all this years. The same Civil Servants are still there.

4. Many of the nonsensical decisions (like approving school lands for commercial project at Bandar Utama) was done by the former Government.

These are facts of what is happening. I have spoken to many State Assembly Representative and Member of Parliaments from Pakatan, and they have quietly disclosed that money is short and the Federal Government has cut off fundings.

I write this as I feel it is just unfair to attack the Pakatan-led State Goverment after only 9 months. To attack them that all they do is complaint about the former State Government is also unfair, because of the sheer magnitude of Shit that was left behind by the former regime, forcing the current Governments trying their best to make do with a Shit system they inherited. 

I speak with this firm view, as my work forces me to deal with the system all the time, and I can only say this - the system generally, sucks. I can however feel that since Pakatan took over at Selangor, Land Matters are better dealt or at least improving. It will take some time for them to impose change, as I feel in order to effect real change, 90% of the Civil Servant may have to be sacked. 

The trick is now, not to complaint about the current State Goverment, but to focus on change at the Federal level. I feel MCA and Gerakan should leave BN and join force with Pakatan. I know many leaders in MCA, and Gerakan, and some of them (like Dato Liow from MCA) have massive potential to lead well. 

MIC must also leave BN. UMNO is too strong and the Indian Community will continue to be sidelined. 

Eventually, I hope we can do away with this Race and Religion base politic and start to politic base on Issues and Matters. To me, the consumer which the Government must take care of is the People. The Government is here to serve us, and not the other way round. UMNO cant seem to see that. UMNO leaders have this misconception that they are gods and have all the right to do whatever they want in this country.  

I must however comment that the Pakatan government should be more prudent and make decisions which bring them closer to the People. 2 examples come to my mind :-

1. Lee Chong Wei should not have been awarded Datukship by the Penang Government. I wrote about this before in this Blog and feel the better way to immortalize Lee Chong Wei was perhaps to name a Badminton Hall in Penang after him. I feel we have cheapen the Datukship, and the DAP led government took that path merely to be one up on the gamesmanship that was going on with UMNO during the Permatang Pauh election.

2. Perak government in deciding to buy Camrys. I support the move to get rid of the Perdanas. That car is infamous for its gearbox problems, but perhaps Perak should have taken the lead by buying Wajas or even Perodua Nautica. Even Nissan's Grand Livina would be great.

That would put the former UMNO-led government to shame, and the humility of the State Excos to drive a more people-car, would have been good PR exercise. I recall a few years ago I met a Deputy Minister in Singapore and guess what car was he driving? A Nissan Cefiro, which was already a few years old. He had no driver and did not demand any special attention. He drove the car to the place of event, and just walked in as if he was one of the participant. What a show of humilty. (remember, Nissan Cefiro in Singapore is far cheaper, dollar to dollar; than Malaysian cars) 

I also wished Anwar would form a shadow Cabinet, something he has failed to do till now.

Other than that, I feel we should give Pakatan a chance, and like I said, focus on changes at Federal level and not attack the States. 


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Another away Win

Unbelievable!! Everton won again away. We beat Boro last night 1-0 and now went up to 6th. We are a little bit away from the top 4, but I suppose better to be in 6th then bottom 6. 7th away 

But our Home form is woeful. 1 win all season so far at Goodison Park. I can only suspect that teams come to Goodison and pack their midfield. Even when we lost to Portsmouth 3-0, we actually dominated much of the game, but for some reason whenever Portsmouth attacked, they scored. Also, we have to acknowledge that Everton was sometimes very poor at Home, like the game against Blackburn and Newcastle. Even our win against Fulham was fortunate. 

I hope we can get our 2nd win against the resurgent Sunderland this Sunday.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Paddling with our Heart

The Government announced they wish to sell IJN to Sime Darby. Immediately Najib, after moving to the Finance Ministry makes a baffling decision. How else can you explain why the Government want to sell IJN to a private Company. IJN helps saves lives, including our Mahathir. It is affordable and has world class equipment. For all the money our government spend (sending a man to the Space, building Monuments after Monuments all over the Country etc etc) the least it could do is give the Rakyat what we deserve, a proper medical care. But that is our Government-lah. They continue to make baffling decisions, which looks like it only cares about them. 

Jerit continue to cycle around Malaysia. On Monday, a few of us were at Rawang Police Station till 5am to help the arrested cyclists be released. They were eventually released after much negotiations. 

Now we cant even cycle in Malaysia. The Federal Constitution is clear - we have a right to assemble. The 'subordinate' Act of Parliament - the Police Act is the Act which states that a permit is required in order to have an Assembly. How can a subordinate Act prevail over the Federal Constitution. If the Principle Law guarantees our right to assemble, that right cannot be fettered by a normal Act of Parliament. If the Federal Constitution states that we can assemble, how can the Police Act be used to say that the right to assemble is 'subject' to a permit?

Anyway, if one read the memorandum that Jerit is handing over the Government, it asks for better medical facilities, better education etc etc. What is wrong with that request?

And if BN feels that this request must be done by a 'proper channel'; my question is, wasn't these requests done thru UMNO, MCA, MIC etc etc all these years, and has our medical facilities improved? Has our Schools got better?

Instead, we now have our BN government hawking IJN to Sime Darby.  

Sunday, 14 December 2008


The year is coming to an end. What a year for me. On a personal note, I was a little sad when I had to leave my former firm YH Teh & Quek. That firm was cosy and warm, but unfortunately I could not gel in with the firm, and decided to leave and set up my own firm. My close buddy, Edward Saw is still there. He had joined that firm, partly cause I was there. So when I had to leave, I knew I had let him down. It will take a while for me to make up to him, though knowing how nice a person Edward is, he wont be too pissed off with me.

But my time at YH Teh & Quek woke me up. Yoke Hooi and the other main partners had opened my eyes to my deficiencies and pushed me to improve. I will remember her advise.

My new firm, Messrs Richard Wee went through a slump the last few months. Partly due to my massive involvement with the Bar activities, but largely due to me trying to find a footing on my own again. I will never blame the Bar activities for the problems at my firm, as the former is a self-inflict voluntary activity. I enjoy helping out the Bar, but my focus will always be to my firm first.

In January 2009, my firm will merge with Messrs Sunil Lopez, a close friend of mine. We will be known as Messrs Richard Wee Lopez by then. Watch our for our new website at That website is still under construction. I hope next year, despite the expected slowdown in economy, Sunil and I will create a presence in the legal services market. We are confident that our resilience, endeavor & effort will pay off.

A cousin of mine, Wee Thian Aun passed away yesterday. I admit I was not close to him, but he had a wonderful life of love and attention, though he suffered from an ailment which left him bed ridden since he was an infant. He was 27 when he passed away yesterday. This departure, comes almost a month after my grandfather left us too. It is a time of grief in the Wee family, but we will all stay strong. The memory of the departed, will be celebrated and cherished by us all.

My close friends like Chow Hoong and gang remained intact. We have known each other for almost 20 years. And some of them know each other for 25 years. That is a mighty long time. They have been very good friends and I cherish friends who have been honest, loyal and supportive to each other. No stabbing in the back. No betrayal etc etc. I hope that gang will remain intact for many years to come.

I am also very blessed to know many many people, some of whom become close friends. This year alone, I made so many new friends. My friends in the Bar is diversified. I hope to not let these friends down, though there were times a selected few have deeply let me down.

Everton continue to be steady. No more final day relegation battle for now, but football is such; anything can happen. A few bad games, and down you go. Under David Moyes, Everton has shown resilience and focus; though we are just unable to break into that top 4 yet. Lets hope Everton wins a Cup next year.

Back to the Bar, the KL Bar elections last February 2008 showed me that members will vote on popularity. I finished 4th out of 12 in 2007, but in 2008, i barely made in by finishing 9th out of 14-15 candidates (top 10 make it in). Also, I have to concede, in our push for reforms and change from 2006 till this year, I had stepped on many tails and pissed off some lawyers. That is the price I had to pay for demanding and pushing for change and improvements. I foresee this coming elections in 2009, I will not do well again. I just hope members will vote on based on the work I have done, and not merely on my character. However, in our journey of self improvement, I have made it a point to change my way of work and be less aggressive and more people-friendly. I realize that being aggressive all the time, whilst making sure the work is done, is unhealthy in retaining friends.

The country has seen some change and I hope change for the better, will continue to prevail. With Obama elected as President, the world will be invigorated by that, and I hope that spirit will stream towards Malaysia too. I am unhappy that UMNO-led BN continue to misrepresent the Malaysians. The lack of courage to tackle corruption has seen corruption now part of our work culture. I wish to know how the UMNO leaders tell their children that they are corrupt and it is ok to be corrupt. I will not want to be in their shoes.

My desire to travel saw me visiting Bangkok and Beijing for the first time this year. Both trips were brilliant and I look forward to visiting the 2 places again.

I will continue to reflect this last 2 weeks of 2008, and I am very happy that my family is generally well. My parents are healthy and very supportive of their kids. My sister and I love them very much and hope we will continue to make them proud. My sister continues to do well. She is a brilliant girl, brilliant since she was young. I am sure, she will surge up the corporate ladder.

Will 2009 be better?

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Another group of people lost their lives at Bukit Antarabangsa. There is just so much development at that Hill. Despite the tragedy of the Highland Towers around 15 years ago, our Local Government continue to approve projects around the Hill.

Accountability of the Local Authority? That will not happen now, after the Federal Court in the Highland Tower case, affirmed that the Local Authority is immune from negligence suits. Basically in short, if the Local Authority is negligent in matters related to housing etc (and I am being general here); they cant be sued. 

Already the Local Authorities is tainted with suspicion of corruption. Mysterious projects are approved, and I sometime hear horror stories from friends about how they have to bribe the officers at relevant Local Authorities in order to get their projects approve. And when the project is approved, and something goes wrong, these corrupt Local Authorities is off scott free. Really, Malaysia Boleh! 

Now at Bukit Antaranbangsa we read of people losing their lives. And the Government's re-actions ?? :-
1. Ban Hill developments (hmmm.. heard of that before)

2. Send the whole cabinet to go visit the Site (when what we need is less people visiting the Site as the police and all needs to dig in to find the missing people)

3. Continuing from No 2 above; make sure ALL local TV zoom into their Ministers when these Ministers go visit the place.

(post script)
4. Blame Pakatan State Goverment of Selangor, even though all the projects at that place were approved by UMNO led via Khir Toyo's former Selangor Government. The Pakatan Government already banned all the Hill Development several months ago. Get your facts right-lah UMNO. How to support BN when it is led by power grabbing, 'me, myself & I' party, called UMNO. Get rid of UMNO, and maybe BN will be better.  

So, there we go again, more people died; and there have been numerous reports of landslides in that area (there was a report in the NST around Nov 14 or 16 about this too) and I can bet you; after this Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy is over, a few years down the road, we will see another condo/housing project on that Hill.  

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Roger Tan retires as Malaysian Bar Website's Webmaster

There were times that I would visit Roger Tan at his office at Johor Bahru. When he is in KL, we would sometimes meet up for dinner. But everytime I meet him, his mind is not far away from this Website.

He would constantly check his PC or laptops at office and also his Blackberry when outside. He would receive e-mails, Forum postings and Comments from us, the Bar. 

I can see him pondering to either approve the Forum posting/comments or otherwise. Many a times I noted he takes a liberal approach to the approval of the Comments/Postings. He would encourage free speech but he also demands our members to be responsible when exercising this right of free speech.

His son told me before that he sees his father waking up as early as 5am to update the website. There was also once I know he was on a family holiday, but we all continue to enjoy reading this website, as Roger would run over to a nearby Internet Cafe and update this website.

I found this out, when I 'bump' into him online and ask him:-

'Roger, what you doing online? Aren't you on holiday?' . 

His reply (with his typical trademark 'aiyahs'):-

"Aiyah, I have to update the website lah"

So, Roger; thank you. Thank you for making this a superb website that it is. Thank you for making this website the top website for all things news amongst many lawyers. Thank you for your time, effort and energy. 

We should have a dinner to thank you for the 4 years of Webmaster-ing that you have given to the Bar.

richard wee

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Fight, Fight, Fight

The Mumbai terror attack caused the death of over 22 innocent foreigners and scores of local Indians. 

In Thailand, Airports are closed and Parliament is stopped in Session.

US today have the Black Friday where major discounts are offered all over. But every year someone is killed during the shopping. Yes -  killed during shopping. Already news is out that a worker at Walmart in New York was killed by stampede. 

Of course in Malaysia we have our own interesting news - No Yoga chanting allowed. But it is a Muslim order, so I am not gonna be bothered about it. 

Last week Razak Baginda was released, and the first thing he did, he announced that Najib has never met Altantuya. I wonder how Razak know that? For someone to say one never met the other, the one who said it, but always be with that person all the time. Was Razak hanging around Najib all the time? And his life was in such a mess and he could have been found guilty, but the 1st thing he did, after acquittal was to hold a press conference to 'clear' Najib's name.  

I am however sad about the deaths of the people in Mumbai. I am aware people die everyday all over the world, but to have one's life taken away by this evil terror, is just unfair and unjust. My prayers go to all the deceased.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Departure

Born in China on 12th February 1916, he made a decision to come to Malaya back in 1930s. When asked, he informed me that he think he landed in Tumpat, Kelantan around 1937. "Can't remember", he said in Hokkien, "But I think 1937-lah".

During the Japanese Occupation, he was among the many Chinese detained in Tumpat, a story he told many.

He was married, and had 7 kids (5 boys, 2 girls). He made sure his family had a shelter, a house which some may say, a riverview home; since it faced a small river. He worked at a nearby dock for many years of his life, and helped his wife selling 'kuih' in Tumpat, and they both later had additional helpers when all the kids got older.

He always advised his kids to study hard and he was a proud father, though he hardly shows it, let alone say it. As things turn out, all his kids went on to hold decent paying jobs. His family grew bigger when his children went on to produce 14 grandchildren and from this 3rd generation, came the 4th generation of 5 great-grandchildren.

He went on to live till 16th November 2008, when he was 92.

He is my grandfather, Wee Peng Seang. 

My grandfather was a man whom all the grandkids and great-grandkids just loved. He hardly troubled anyone and even after our grandma passed away 9 years ago, he went on to live a quiet and independent life. He was a strong chap too. Only equipped with a bicycle half as old as him, you can almost certainly catch a glimpse of him cycling around the Tumpat village and beyond, even when he was in his eighties. I will always have fond memories of him with his famous hand gesture (almost like a lady-like hitler salute) as he cycle away to run his 'errands'. When we went back to Tumpat to visit him and grandma (when she was till around) he would whisk me away onto the back of his bicycle (of course when I was very much smaller & less fat) and take me along to run his 'errands', only to find out later that it mainly involves having a cuppa tea in his favourite neighbourhood coffeeshop. He would proudly tell his friends, "this is my grandson. He is Ah Hian's boy", referring to my dad, Wee Beng Hian.

And as I grew older, I begun to take note of his subtle but prominent assistance around the house. He would zoom off in his trusted bicycle the moment he hears grandma laments the lack of certain food to cook or the lack of stuff around the house. We will then see him return home not only with the items grandma wanted but with a few more things, like ice creams for the grandchildren. Later, he will quietly sits at a corner watching the TV, without disturbing or imposing on anyone to entertain him but yet, always smiling and entertaining any grandchild who went up to him. I remember him as the man who gets things done without much fuss and fanfare.

As he aged, particularly in the last few years, he still lived an independent lifestyle except of course he can't cycle out to buy his food, and instead our two aunties who lived with him, cooked for him. My dad and uncles would return to Tumpat every now and then to spend some quality time with him. As the wonderful grandfather he lived to be, he never once demanded money from any working grandchildren, instead, whenever we give him ang pows during CNY, he would either refuse or reluctantly take them and always making the comment, "You need the money more than me". Eventually some of my cousins buy him shirts and pants instead, particularly his his trademark wear ie, Short Sleeve Shirt and Knee Length Khaki Shorts.

One of my fondest memories with my grandfather was during the days when I was much younger; when he would share his tea by pouring his tea into the saucer while he drinks from the cup. I would slurp away the nice tea while I hear him talk proudly of my dad and my uncles.

On Sunday 16th November, I flew back to Tumpat in the early hours of the morning (at least it is for me as I am not a morning person), when I heard from my mom that my grandfather was very frail and not eating well. I knew I had to go back to see him. Even though it was only a day trip back, I will never forget that trip as upon returning to Subang airport, I got a call that my beloved grandfather has left us.

When I was still at his bedside that day, he could not talk and was struggling to breath but he knew... he knew I was next to him. It was really sad and overwhelming to see a man who is so strong, so independent and so brave yesterday, to be so weak and in so much pain today. Emotions got the better of me and I was in tears when I bid my farewell, knowing that it is probably my final wave to him.

My grandfather, The Man who decided to move from China, took a risk by moving to Malaya and end up leaving a dynasty of 3 Generations. I will do my best not to let his legacy down. I will miss him.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Identity Theft in Cyber Space

Another Forum organised by the Information Technology Law Committee of KL Bar. I hope you will all attend. Identity Theft is cyber space is a serious problem.


richard wee


Identity Theft in the cyber world – Are you really who you are in the internet? 

The KL Bar Information Technology Committee 
presents a Forum on Identity Theft 

Date: 20.11.2008 
Time: 3.00pm 
Venue: Bar Council Auditorium
1st Floor, No 13 - 17, Leboh Pasar Besar, Kuala Lumpur. 

1. Deepak Pillai - Advocate & Solcitor 
2. Prof. Abu Bakar Munir – Professor in Law from University of Malaya 
3. Shamsul Jafni Salleh - former Director of Security, Trust and Governance Department of Malaysian Communication And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) 

Admission: FREE 

For registration information, please contact Masni at the KL Bar Secretariat at 
03- 26933585 or

I hope you will attend.

Identity Theft in cyber space - a very serious problem
In April 2008, the New Straits Times focus on this issue of Identity Theft in Cyber Space.

IN UK, there is even a dedicated website for this

IN US there are laws specifically dealing with this.

A case on point is the case of Edward Anderton an American Ivy League graduate who was sentenced to a 4 year jail term for stealing identities and living a lavish live at other people's expense, of course. See link:-,2933,451944,00.html

The Information Technology Law Committee of KL Bar views this problem to be a serious one. The upcoming Forum this Thursday is a platform to discuss this issue. The Forum will host 3 great speakers, and we hope as many people as possible will attend. Entrance is Free.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Race will only matter if you make it matter

This was my reply to the report in The Star, picked up by the Malaysian Bar Website. Please see this link:-

Dr Chua,

This issue of race will only matter if you make it matter. The UMNO agenda of separating the malays from the rest of the country and then continuing to implant the thoughts of supremacy and protectionism will hurt this country. I speak for myself, though I am conscious of the fact that I am not alone, that many non-malays in Malaysia accepts the special position of the Malay people in our country. That is in the Constitution.

However that special position in the Constitution does not equate to supremacy nor does it give validation to UMNO's constant bullying of the non-malays.  

I wish to remind the people who waves the card of history on us, and claim privilege and protection from that so-called historical fact as if it is inscribe in stone, to get your history right. I wish to also remind those who talks about the Social Contract that was supposedly agreed to in 1957, that this so-called contract was a re-action of the Malayan Union, which proposed an equal Malaya back in 1946.

The Constitution was designed to protect the Sultanate in Malaya, the Malay Language, and Islam in Malaya. It was NEVER a ticket to bully and belittle non-malays. It was NEVER a creation of Supremacy of a race.

Dr Chua - you are now the Deputy President of MCA. Please remind your fellow members of Barisan Nasional, especially those from UMNO that Malaysia abhorred Apartheid in South Africa, and condemned Lee Kuan Yew when he suggested that the non-malays in Malaysia were not given a fair deal in this country; to not subscribe and prescribe this insidious concept of malay supremacy.  

And if UMNO refers to the NEP, please remind them that NEP was designed to help the poor and deserving citizens of Malaysia and not just the malays.

So, back to your point here, you have the power and authority to effect change and educate the Malaysian to see beyond the colour of our skin. If you do not take up this responsibility, then I will say, that you and your colleagues who asked us to vote you either in the General Election or at your internal MCA elections; have failed.  

Thank you.  

richard wee

Friday, 7 November 2008

Putik Lada: In a Catch 22 bind

Contributed by Richard Wee Thiam Seng   
Friday, 07 November 2008 07:54am

Richard WeePutik Lada©The Star (Used by permission)
by Richard Wee

To avoid repetition of postings, kindly visit my legal firm's official Blog. Thanks. Link below:-

Thanks to all

Another Birthday, and it only means I am one year older. I am bloody 35 years old now. 

I honestly thought that by 35, I would be a little wealthier, and probably married. I know many of my friends dread that 'M' word, and I too am not that comfortable to settle down. The amount of divorce cases I have seen have put me off of marriage. But as age catches up, and as I feel a little more calm with live, settling down is a natural progression. Since being 'appointed' (actually it was self appointment as I asked the baby's father to let me be the godfather - haha!), as the godfather to Helena Teh, daughter to my close buddies Seng Leong, and Yee Suan; I felt the warmth of parenthood and feel it is something I can do. I suppose changing the diapers and waking up at 3am to feed the baby will be a difficult new chapter, but then again we face something new almost on a daily basis anyway.  

Wealth? Well, since I discovered my strong desire to fight the fight, champion the cause of justice and giving a hand to those who needs a hand, I ended up getting involved in the Bar. Needless to say, that involvement deprived me opportunities to make money. The time involved in doing Legal Aid matters, helping out projects in the Bar and really trying to effect change in the Country, Society and the Bar; means that is time taken away to complete a Contract, draft an Affidavit etc etc.. which only means, less income. 

But I feel satisfied when I see the look of the legal aid client when we give them a hand and expect nothing from them, the eyes of the child when we go hand over gifts and money to the Orphanage Homes, the smile of the kids as we teach them simple arithmetic etc etc; that is priceless. 

The organising and coordinating of the Bar projects and activities takes up so much time, but it is worth the while if it brings benefit to the Bar. For some reason, I just love to organise stuff. Seeing the project grow before my eyes, give the satisfaction which is hard to describe, except to say it feels good. It would have been better if I can make some money out of this (haha); but I suppose we cant get the best of all things.

Anyway, it was a good quiet birthday in the Day but the gathering I just had at night with the mostly-lawyers crowd is nice. It feels good to be around friends you enjoy company with and feel comfortable with.

My sister will be back from Singapore tomorrow. I miss her. Hope to spend some time with her over the weekend. On Saturday, will host another birthday bash with my best buddy, Chow Hoong (his birthday was on the 2nd Nov); with our old school mates... these are people I know almost 18 years already.. bloody long time. Looking forward seeing them.

I was asked what my birthday wish is, and as I put my hand over my heart I do sincerely wish:-
1. The best of health and happiness for my parents and sister;
2. A truly better Country to live in;
3. Maybe, just maybe, earn a million bucks by the end of next year (haha).

Thanks to all my friends who send me birthday wishes via texts, e-mails, phone calls, facebook messages etc etc. You all, take care!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Bully

"If you say that the concept of Malay supremacy has failed, then Zaid will not be what he is today. He is fortunate he was born a Malay," he said after launching a forensic level security control system, NexCode, here yesterday.

The above is a quote from Syed Hamid Albar. This fellow is a racist to the core and a bully. The concept of 'Malay Supremacy' is wrong and absolute deviation from the Constitution. The Malay people have been given special position in the Constitution with regards to education and religion. After the NEP, the policy there was meant to help poor people, and since the malays were generally poorer back in 1970, the NEP leaned towards the malays.

The whole concept then was to help and assist people particularly the malays. the Constitution was also drafted to appease  the malays in 1957 after the British wanted to create equal rights to all Malayans via the Malayan Union in 1946. 

No where in these concepts include Bullying and belittling. What Syed Hamid Albar is saying here is basically this:-
1. You are lucky if you born a Malay in Malaysia
2. If you are not malay, too bad - you are just plain 2nd class, an unlucky bunch.

The UMNO agenda of continuing to separate the malays from everyone else is to ensure this sselected few like Syed Hamid Albar stays in power, for them to continue buying their new cars, go holidays with our tax money etc etc. I've said before in my blog, that the gut feeling I get, is that some of these UMNO leaders only care about the next contract they get or the next car they can buy, not about the welfare of the country or the people.

We have insufficient hospitals, insufficient schools, poorly rated Universities etc etc. Improve on that lah. 

We should look at the possibility of suing Syed Hamid Albar for this insensitive and arrogant statement. We must look at ways to bring the UMNO hypocracy out to the International Arena, to expose their anti-apartheid stand and their so-called cheers for Obama as an International Fraud!

I quote below the exact words of the New Economic Policy from 1970, which I got off the Malaysian Prime Minister's Website. See Link:-


        Dilihat  dari  perspektif  sejarah Malaysia, penjajah
      British  menggalakkan  perkembangan  masyarakat  secara
      'plural'  melalui  amalan  'pecah'  dan perintah. Pihak
      British telah menggalakkan kedatangan tenaga buruh dari
      negara  China  dan  India  untuk  kepentingan   ekonomi
      penjajah   dalam   sektor   perlombongan  bijih  timah,
      perdagangan dan perladangan.

        Penambahan  penduduk    dan   peningkatan    kegiatan
      ekonomi    telah    menyebabkan   pertumbuhan   bandar,
      jalan-jalan, rel-rel keretapi dan pembahagian  kelompok
      kaum   mengikut   sektor  ekonomi.  Keadaan  ini  telah
      menyebabkan jurang perbezaan antara  kaum,  pembangunan
      bandar dan luar bandar bertambah besar.

        Selepas  mencapai  kemerdekaan,  Rancangan  Malaya  5
      tahun telah diperkenalkan.  Rancangan  Malaya  Pertama,
       kedua  dan  Rancangan  Malaysia Pertama dirancang untuk
      menitikberatkan kepada segi pertumbuhan dan pembaharuan
      ekonomi. Rancangan ini telah menunjukkan kelemahan dari
      segi  strategi  di mana  corak   atau   sistem   semasa
      penjajahan masih berterusan.


         Dari banci penduduk tahun 1970 didapati 49.3% dari semua
      keluarga  di Semenanjung  Malaysia   menerima   pendapatan
      di bawah garis miskin.Dari jumlah  semua  keluarga  miskin
      86% berada di kawasan  luar  bandar  dan  14%   di kawasan
      bandar.  Kadar  kemiskinan  mengikut   kaum   pula  adalah
      saperti berikut:

         kaum         kadar kemiskinan        pendapatan purata
                          (%)                keluarga sebulan (RM)
        Melayu            64.8                    172.00
        Cina              26.0                    394.00
        India             39.2                    304.00
        Lain-lain         44.8                    813.00

         Dari kajian Tahunan  Hakmilik  Syarikat-syarikat
      Berhad  yang  dijalankan  oleh  Jabatan  Perangkaan dan
      rekod dari Pendaftar Syarikat adalah didapati  hakmilik
      dan penguasaan sektor syarikat-syarikat pada tahun 1971
      adalah seperti berikut:

         Pemilikan                  Jumlah Pemilikan     %
                                      ( RM juta )
     1. Bumiputera perseorangan         279.6          4.3
        dan agensi amanah
        a) Bumiputera Perseorangan      168.7          2.6
        b) Agensi Amanah                110.9          1.7
     2. Bukan Bumiputera              2,233.2         34.0
        Warganegara asing             4,051.3         61.7
                                      ---------       -----
                           Jumlah     6,564.1        100.0
                                      ---------      -----

         Dilihat dari sudut pembahagian pekerjaan pada tahun
      1970 pecahan mengikut kaum adalah seperti berikut:

         Sektor                Melayu   Cina   India   Lain-lain
        1.Pertanian            67.6     19.9   11.5    1.0
        2.Perlombongan         32.1    58.7     8.5    0.7
        3.Perniagaan/          42.6    45.5    10.7    1.2
          Pentadbiran Awam,
          Pertahanan dan
          Kemudahan Awam.

         Kepincangan  di  atas  dipercayakan  telah  merupakan
      suatu  sebab  utama  berlakunya  peristiwa 13 mei 1969.
      Peristiwa ini merupakan satu perusuhan  perkauman  yang
      telah  memaksa  satu  dasar  yang bersepadu diwujudkan.
      Dasar yang dikenali  sebagai  Dasar  Ekonomi  Baru  ini
      adalah  satu dasar yang dilancarkan oleh kerajaan dalam
      tahun 1970 melalui Rancangan Malaysia Kedua (1971-1975)
      untuk membetulkan ketidakseimbangan sosial ekonomi yang
      wujud   di   Malaysia  di antara  kaum-kaum,  di antara
      wilayah-wilayah dan di antara kawasan di  wilayah  yang


         Menyedari  kedudukan ketidakseimbangan sosial ekonomi
      itu ,    kerajaan  telah   mengusahakan   supaya   satu
      pendekatan baru dalam rancangan pembangunan negara yang
      melibatkan program 20 tahun yang dikenali sebagai Dasar
      Ekonomi  Baru.  Matlamat  utama dasar ini diperkenalkan
      ialah   bagi   mewujudkan   perpaduan   negara   dengan
      mengurangkan  perbezaan  ekonomi,  sosial,  kebudayaan,
      penempatan dan sebagainya.


         Rancangan-rancangan  pembangunan di bawah Dasar Ekonomi
      Baru  adalah disusun  dan  dijalankan menerusi strategi
      serampang  dua  mata:

      i.  Mengurang dan seterusnya membasmi kemiskinan dengan
          memperbanyakkan peluang-peluang pekerjaan kepada  semua
          rakyat tanpa mengira kaum.
      ii. Penyusunan semula masyarakat untuk mengurangkan dan
          seterusnya menghapuskan    pengenalan   kaum   mengikut
          fungsi-fungsi ekonomi.

       Membasmi kemiskinan    
               Kemiskinan adalah sebab  utama  yang   menimbulkan
          perasaan tidak puashati di kalangan rakyat. Ianya bukan
          sahaja terdapat di luar bandar  tetapi juga  di bandar.
          Keadaan ini boleh menggugat perpaduan   negara  kerana
          masalah  kemiskinan adalah mengikut   kaum dengan kadar
          kemiskinan paling tinggi di kalangan orang Melayu  yang
          tertumpu   kepada aktiviti pertanian tradisional. Usaha
          telah dijalankan  untuk menyelesaikan  masalah   sosial
          ekonomi  dan projek pembangunan telah dirangka  supaya:

           i.    Mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan untuk semua golongan
                rakyat yang menganggur.
          ii.   Menambah daya pengeluaran dan pendapatan.
          iii.  Memberi peluang perpindahan orang yang bekerja di
                sektor yang rendah daya pengeluarannya   kepada
                sektor yang lebih lumayan.
          iv.   Mengurangkan jurang perbezaan pendapatan  antara
                kaum antara kawasan bandar dan   luarbandar  dan
                antara wilayah.
          v.    Memodenkan kehidupan di luarbandar.
          vi.   Mewujudkan kumpulan perusahaan  dan  perdagangan
          vii.  Mengadakan suasana pekerjaan   yang  mencerminkan
                komposisi kaum di Malaysia.
          viii. Memperbaiki taraf dan   kualiti  hidup  rakyat
                melalui pelajaran, latihan, kesihatan, kemudahan
                kemudahan infra-struktur dan lain-lain.

           Penyusunan Semula Masyarakat
          Adalah  menjadi  hasrat  kerajaan  supaya     menjelang
          tahun  1990  pemilikan  saham / ekonomi  Malaysia  akan
          melambangkan  komposisi  kepentingan   kaum   di negara
          ini , di mana penyertaan  Bumiputera sebanyak 30% , 40%
          bukan Bumiputera  dan 30% terdiri dari  pelabur-pelabur
          luar negeri.
                    Dalam  mencapai  matlamat  penyusunan  semula
          Dasar  Ekonomi Baru, strategi berikut telah disusun :

           i.   Meninggikan daya pengeluaran dan  taraf  kehidupan
          golongan  miskin  melalui  proses  memodenkan   kawasan

           ii.  Mengurangkan keadaan yang tidak   seimbang  dalam
          struktur guna tenaga yang terdapat sekarang ini  dengan
          cara yang progresif dan menerusi   pertumbuhan  ekonomi
          seluruhnya supaya pada tahun  1990  kedudukan   tenaga
          buruh mencerminkan bilangan kaum.

           iii.Menambahkan dengan lebih cepat lagi bahagian rakyat
          Malaysia dalam pemilikan modal dalam stok syarikat  dan
          pertumbuhan  ekonomi.

           iv. Membentuk sebuah masyarakat perdagangan  dan   per-
          industrian di kalangan orang Melayu dan kaum Bumiputera
          supaya dapat membentuk dan memiliki 30% ekonomi  dalam
          tahun 1990 dan menubuhkan beberapa agensi saperti MARA,
          Bank Pembangunan,Bank Bumiputera,Amanah Saham Nasional.

           v.  Memajukan negeri dan kawasan yang dianggap  mundur
          melalui pembangunan wilayah baru seperti DARA,KESEDAR,
          KEJORA dan sebagainya.


           Dasar Ekonomi Baru yang bermatlamatkan perpaduan negara
          melalui prosespembasmian  kemiskinan   dan   penyusunan
          semula masyarakat didalam  konteks  keselamatan  negara
          yang kukuh. Segala program pembangunan negara dan Dasar
          kerajaan  semasa  yang  diperkenalkan  adalah dirancang
          dan dilaksanakan  untuk  mencapai tujuan-tujuan diatas.
          Usaha ini  memerlukan  bukan  sahaja usaha  yang  gigih
          dari kerajaan dan kakitangannya, malah ianya memerlukan
          perubahan  sikap,  tenaga  dan  pemikiran  rakyat  dari
          sektor swasta.

Where in that Policy do you see the clause that there exist this so-called "Ketuanan Melayu" And why would any country allow one race to be legally supreme to another and yet demand its people to be united and call ourselves Malaysians every 31st August or 15th September?