Monday, 27 October 2008

The Event of the Year

The 21st Lawasia Conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur from the 29th October 2008 to 31st October 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The list of speakers attending the Conference is impressive to say the very least. We have speakers from Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Pakistan; amongst others. The delegates too are from all over the world, some as far as Spain but mostly from the Asia Pacific region. These speakers and delegates will not only add prestige to the Conference but also some glamour and style.

The glam factor is evident in the Social Events lined up for the Conference. At the Opening Ceremony, the Prime Minister will be ushered by the renowned drum performance of the Hands Percussion Team. They are expected to literally start the Conference with a Bang!

The delegates will then be bused to the serene and beautiful Carcosa Seri Negara. The Organiser have taken up the whole Seri Negara bungalow and based on the theme “Pasar Malam” have lined up a programme filled with culture and art. Booths where delegates will be shown the art of Batik-making, and wood crafting; will be at Seri Negara. You may want to get your hand painted Henna on that day and also have your future told by a Fortune Teller.

Malaysian Culture will be at the forefront that night, as the Organisers have engaged a troop to perform, amongst others Silat, Indian Contemporary Dance & Wayang Kulit. The highly talented Ida Mariana will also belt out some favourite jazz songs.

Then there is the Gala Dinner on Friday 31st October 2008 at KL Convention Centre. We have the Operafest opening the dinner and the singers there are top class. Supported by a String quartet, the dinner should be lively and upbeat. The top showcase is Ning Baizura. She will be backed by her Band, and with Ning, we can expect the best.

At the end of the Conference, we are hosting the AfterParty at the Apartment at KLCC. That party should be a slow and easy one. I expect we will all be too tired by then, and the free flow beer and soft drinks (with some food of course) would be a nice way to end the Conference.

So there you have it. Projects planned for months will take place this coming Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I hope all will go well.

The people involved in the projects are:-

Welcoming Reception:-

1.    Oommen Koshy

2.    Dipendra

3.    Janet Chai

4.    Lee Shih

5.    Yip Huen Weng

6.    Benjamin

7.    Seira Secha

Gala Dinner

1.    Colin Pereira

2.    Reggie Wong

3.    Azira

4.    Sanjeev Kumar

5.    Ooi Suan Kim

6.    Chandrika

The After Party

1.    Peter Douglas Ling

2.    Mark Le Brooy

Saturday, 25 October 2008

News about the Forum

Bloggers Reminded To Exercise Caution

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) -- Bloggers were today reminded to exercise caution when posting articles as cyberspace was not a licence to write as they wished.

Member of Parliament for Jelutong Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun, a blogger himself, said bloggers must respect the laws of the country so as not to get into trouble.

"New bloggers especially must take note and not get carried away as there is no "absolute freedom" in cyberspace," he told Bernama when met at a forum on blogging organised by the Bar Council here tonight.

"More so in a plural society like Malaysia, care must be taken not to offend the sensitivities of the people. In the borderless world of the Internet, mistakes can be costly," he said, adding that particular care neeeded to be given to sedition laws and those on defamation.


Above is a news about last Thursday's Forum. I thought the Forum went well, and though the crowd was just below 100 people, they were clearly interested in the issues raised. YB Jeff was very eloquent with his points and Nizam was thorough and informative during his speech. But Cheng Leong in his maiden foray as a Speaker in Forum-sphere was outstanding. It goes to show young lawyers (Cheng Leong is in practise since 2005) are capable of being speakers in these kind of Forum. 

Nizam came all the way from Melaka to give the speech, and already people are asking for his power point presentation, which I felt was pretty good.

For those who came to the Forum, thanks and I hoped it helped you all. The Information Technology Comm. will be organising another Talk next month, on Identity Theft in cyberspace.

Thanks to all who helped - Seira (who called Jeff Ooi as 'Jeff Leong') for being the MC and Mary/Melissa Dass from KLBC who worked out the logistics etc.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Lawasia Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2008

The 21st Lawasia Conference will be hosted by the Malaysian Bar. The Bar has placed me in charge of the Social events. Needless to say, the whole project has cause nothing but stress and headache. I had never anticipated the size of the task when appointed to do this. The Social Committee is tasked to organise, not one but 4 events:-

1. The Opening Ceremony on the 29th Oct 2008 at KL Convention Centre
2. The Welcoming Reception at Carcosa Seri Negara on the same day
3. The Gala Dinner on the 31st Oct 2008
4. The After Party on the 1st Nov 2008

Whilst I have always enjoyed helping out the Bar, and organising events which would benefit the members of the Bar, this current project, while still enjoyable has also been super frustrating. Many things out of our control need to be solved, and the Conference is only 2 weeks away. The Social Committee Members are also under pressure to deliver, since the Social events will be a major talk point in most Conferences. The Committee Members are however all abled and dedicated bunch of lawyers. People I enjoy working with.

I am however looking forward to the event at Carcosa. Ironically the Social Comm did propose that place as an alternative location for the Social event back in January when we were 1st appointed. It was shot down but the idea was then taken up again just 2 months ago.

It is hopes that the events will not be failure and instead be well received. I am crossing my finger.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Brace ourselves for the worst roller coaster ride since 1997

With the whole world's stock markets seemingly crashing down, our Malaysian leaders are still more interested on who is fighting for No. 2 or VP etc etc. Of course people will say that before we can arrest the economic downturn, the Country must go through its Party elections, which unfortunately is going through now.

But that aside, I do not see any plans from our new Finance Minister on what he intends to do. Malaysia is currently not a country greatly affected by sub-prime loans, but that does not mean we would not suffer from what is expected to be a terrible economic depression. I dont think Malaysians have comprehend the magnitude of the problems ahead of us.

For those who is not in the know of what a sub-prime loan; in summary - loans which Banks provide which are not the top range loans. The top prime loans are normally the loans given to Corporate giants which the Banks is very sure that the loan will be re-paid. Sub-prime loans are the ones with higher chance of default. Unfortunately these sub-prime loans in US seems to be defaulting all over that country and hence the domino effect from that to the whole economy.

Najib continues to assure us that we are financially stable. I hope he's right, and I want him to be right. Unfortunately Malaysia is very reliant on the US for investment. No matter how strong we are, when US' economy is out of sort, so will our economy.

The fact that US approved a US$ 700 Billion (not million but billion) to save the companies ailing due to the collapse of these sub-prime loans, speaks volume of what they are facing. That amount of money can rebuild a whole country. And US is using it to save a few major companies only. They are truly in deep s**t.

My proposal for the Government, is to decrease export tax to encourage people to export more and increase import tax on luxury items. We should also look at enhancing our internal economy, like Tourism, Culture etc etc.

As I read more about this economic problem we are facing, I hope to write a bit more about what we can do to brace ourselves for this great challenge ahead for our Country.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Forum on Blogging & Defamation Laws

The Information Technology Committee of KL Bar is organising a Forum. Below are the important info:-

Title : Forum on Blogging & Defamation Laws

Date : 23rd October 2008
Day : Thursday
Time : 6 pm to 8 pm (But may stretch to 830pm)
Location : Bar Council Auditorium.
Entrance : Free


1. Jeff Ooi (Member of Parliament and Blogger)
2. Foong Cheng Leong (Advocate & Solicitor and Blogger)
3. Nizam Bashir (Advocate & Solicitor and Blogger)

The Forum is open to the public. Feel free to attend. Should you have any enquiry, and wish to book a place to sit, please contact KLBC's Executive Officer, Ms Melissa at or at 603-2693 3585

I hope as many Bloggers as possible will attend this Educational Forum.