Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sack Em All

The Bar is demanding Hishamuddin the Home Minister; IGP Musa and OCPD Brickfields be sacked or resign.


The Bar will demand the Prime Minister to sack these 3 chaps.


The 5 lawyers were merely outside the Police Station to meet their client. Yet the Police arrested them. Please see video :-

You will see from the video, how docile and calm the lawyers were; all were there to give legal advise to client; to protect the clients. Yet they were arrested.


Why Home Minister? Cos he is in charge of the Police. And before investigating what happened that nite of 7th May, our Home Minister on the 8th May 2009, declared that the lawyers were acting beyond the law. He said something about 'lawyers think they are above the law'. He should check his facts before he open his mouth. A Minister normally does that.


Why IGP & OCPD? The Police at Brickfields constantly told us 'Kita buat kerana arahan atas'. When asked who? They said "Orang atas".


So there are only 2 "orang atasan" here - IGP or OCPD. If IGP or OCPD can actually give instructions to the Police to arrest lawyers who were merely doing their job, then what kind of IGP/OCPD is this? I tell you what type of IGP/OCPD they are - Uniformed Mafia.


Mr Home Minister - it is the Police who think they are above the law, not lawyers. For it was the IGP/OCPD who 'bagi arahan' to the Police to arrest 5 young lawyers from the Legal Aid Centre, there to see their clients.


And - if the PM does not sack these guys, then  you know his rhetoric about being the 'people's PM' & the 1Malaysia concept is all bull shit.


If PM does not do something about this; then the people must harp this point to remind him that he serve us as the People and not the other way round. That if PM does not hammer into the thick skull of the Police that the Police is to protect the people; not to simply arrest lawyers doing their jobs; then this PM too would have to eventually go.


So PM -  Please sack the Home Minister, the IGP and the OCPD Brickfield, for if you dont; you may be the next one we ask to resign!

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