Sunday, 17 May 2009

The flu is here

In the midst of all the politicking in our Country, and Everton taking 5th place for this week (though they have a tough game at Fulham next week), the dangerous H1N1 flu arrived in Malaysia. 

As of 930pm on Saturday 16th May 2009, Malaysia has 2 patients suffering from this H1N1 flu.

What is this H1N1 flu? I give you a link to the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC):-

CDC is part of the US' Department of Health & Human Services.

Basically the flu is a kind of virus which is looks like swine flu, but seems to be a new gene all together. Eating Pork will not give you the flu (phew.. I am so glad about that); but H1N1 flu is airborne (which is a major worry here). 

I hope Dato Liow the Health Minister will do what he can to contain this flu. People's life is at stake. But he is fairly responsible chap. No one is perfect, but I personally find Dato Liow a person who does want to get the job done. Let's help him on the job to stop H1N1 flu.

Symptoms (quoting from CDC website) :- 
Fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. In addition, a significant number of people also have reported nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

A check with the WHO website confirms that (as at 2nd May 2009) WHO has NOT found a vaccine which can cure this H1N1 flu (that is also a big worry). See link :-

Also WHO gives a general outline on how the disease can be transmitted. 

WHO's website also give a general outline on what you can do to minimise/avoid contracting H1N1 flu. Please read this link:-

I hope this flu will go away. But we must be vigilant. The people must also be responsible. If you have any symptoms as mentioned above; please go see a Dr quickly.

Take care!

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ampangdude said...

I am glad that the flu is here. I’ve been waiting for it to get here since the first time I heard about it. I think diseases and infections are a good thing. It helps keep the human population in check, it helps remove unwanted vessels of redundant flesh from this planet thereby giving the rest of us sufficient resources to live with and incidentally also causing a reduction of pollution that we humans are fond of.

Most people seem to think viruses, bacteria and microbes are a bad thing. Not true. All are but manifestations of Nature. Nothing that Nature does is wrong or even right. It just is. Akin to an earthquake or a tidal wave that results in the loss of thousands of lives, this is just another way Nature deals with us. Furthermore, who are we to eradicate or suppress Nature? Nature gave birth to us and it has the ability to remove us anytime it wants to. It is arrogant for us to even assume that we can control Nature.

Looking at humans objectively, we are rather similar to viruses as well. We gather up on a spot on the Earth, completely rape, pillage and plunder the place before exhausting it to pulp and then we move on raising more hell and spewing more filth. Sounds a lot like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. I guess AIDS would be tantamount to Kuala Lumpur; a bustling sprawling city filled with gunk, scum and dirt.

Let’s consider the practical aspect of this virus. Now that it’s here, it’s only a matter of time before it starts mutating, infecting a couple of hundred people and hopefully killing a lot more. Wouldn’t that solve most of our political crisis? Perak would probably be up and running soon with a couple of dead mofos.

I don’t know about you Richie boy, but if you ask me, I think Nature knows best!