Wednesday, 6 May 2009

One day Remand

Latest (as at 2pm 6th May 2009) : Wong Chin Huat will be detained for remand for One day, for today only. He will be released at 6pm today, though the legal team feel that the Police will seek an extension. 

The Legal Team led by Amer Hamzah, submitted for almost an hour for Wong. We contended that the Police dont need to remand him if they wish to investigate. He is not a flight-risk and he has a day job at a University. The longer he stays in remand, the more classes he will miss.

The Police sought a 4 day remand. 

It was odd that their basis of their application was because they could not interview Wong, who insisted he has his lawyer around, but last night it was the Police who denied the lawyers from seeing Wong. Superb logic, isn't it?

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