Wednesday, 3 December 2014

BFM : Financial Fair Play at EPL

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Quoted from BFM

"Few sports have a larger following than football in Malaysia, of which the English Premier League is the most popular. This is the first year that clubs are being fined for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules meant to create a more level playing field. Here in the studio to explain how these rules have affected football clubs’ transfer dealings and their competitiveness is Chris Anderson, the Head of Legal Services at Everton Football Club, and lawyer Richard Wee."

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Monday, 12 May 2014

The Amazing Everton Experience's-crazy-24-hours#ooid=85ZWVnbTpffqT0Hk9nSHgPUak2CpH-j0

Remembering the wonderful Everton experience from that faithful night in February till the big match against Man City on 3/5/2014. Awesome!

(Interview by NSNO Everton Podcast - from 40th Minute onwards) 

Unbelievable! Meeting Martinez & Baines on 12/2/2014

Meeting Hero, Graeme Sharp on 13/2/2014

Just before the Everton v Man City Match

Monday, 24 December 2012

Forging ahead to a better year

Another Year has passed. It was another busy year. 

The Firm remains the focus. Much work to do to remain competitive and focussed on our work. Its easy to start a Firm, but its never easy to keep the Firm ahead.

This year, because of the continued increase of crime rates (despite whatever the Government may claim), Yip and I initiated a Community Project called SAFER MALAYSIA. A memorandum was drafted where we proposed solutions and offer help to the Government to work with the Govt to resolve crime rate. Copies of the Memorandum was send to the PM, Home Minister, IGP, AG and the Bar Council; amongst others. We even hosted a Candle light Vigil on 1.8.2012. It was an awesome event with thousand taking part via Virtual Vigil that night. 

No news and reply from any of them, except the Bar Council. Recently, on 8th December 2012, the Bar Council agreed to support and adopt Project SAFER MALAYSIA. With Bar Council's help, we can do more. 

Also got re-elected to Bar Council. Appreciate the support of the members of the Bar. Will do what I can for this next term. 

The family is fine. Wifey has been supportive as usual. Parents are OK. Mum is not well, but believe she will be better. Sister is seeing someone. Maybe she will get married, we will know soon. 

Anyway, lets get ready for the New Year. We forge ahead and always try to make things better.