Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shinjuku Incident

Just came home from the cineplex. Watched Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident. A movie about chinese migrants in Japan in the 90s. The movie is fairly realistic and we had a glimpse of the Yakuza lifestyle. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend the movie. 

The story starts with a group of chinese migrants reaching Japanese shores. Jackie Chan stars as one of the chinese migrant. His name in that movie is 'Steelhead'. What a name!!??

The movie had good pace and it tries to tell a story that crime does not pay. 

Anyway, I think its best you watch it. I will spoil the surprise is I go on with the story. There is however a loose end at the end of the movie, which we were not sure about. You watch it and maybe you can share with me here. 

And as usual, in almost all Jackie's movie, he used the Mitubishi again. He was driving the latest Lancer in the show and there were a few times we can see Mitsubishis here and there.

Thanks to Seira who organised the gathering, particularly to celebrate Janet's birthday (Happy birthday JCPY) on 10/4/09. Yanti and Dipen were also at the movie. All in all - good show!

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