Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Dato Seri Najib,

Congratulations on your appointment as our 6th Prime Minister. 

What a master stroke at your end. Within 24 hours of your appointment as PM, you release 13 ISA detainees and re-instate Harakah and Suara Keadilan's licence. 

But I must comment this, Mr Prime Minister. The Harakah and Suara Keadilan move is clearly a con job. Cancel the permit 2 weeks before you are appointed and then conveniently re-instating their licence on the day of your appointment is a little too convenient.

The ISA release? That one, to me, Mr Prime Minister, is definitely a political ploy. I still recall that people like Albar and you yourself, tried to convince Malaysians that Malaysia need ISA. And within 24 hours, 13 person is suddenly not a threat to National Security anymore? And why release only 2 hindraf boys, Mr Prime Minister? Mano, for example is an elected MP. He is still in Kamunting, despite the people voted for him. Uthaya is still in there. Why? Just because he still want to fight for the rights of the Indian Community? 

I have said before, and I will say this to you Mr Prime Minister; I dont really agree with Uthaya's style, but i totally understand his passion and feeling of being bullied. What has he done? For having a public demonstration, he is in ISA? What about the public demonstration by UMNO at Penang? If you are gonna release one, then release all. 

If you are sincere in abolishing ISA, very simple, pass a Bill asap. Just call it 'Abolishment of Internal Security Act 1960 Bill.' The Opposition will support that Bill. That BN can count on. 

Dont use the people in Kamunting as a political ploy, Mr Prime Minister. As a Government, you are suppose to govern the Country, within Laws and Rules. Khir Toyo and VK Lingam are still free. For starters, you should instruct the AG to charge them for Corruption. 

What about the corrupted police? Due the obvious corruption in PDRM, the criminals are having a field day in KL. In the last 3 months, I personally saw 2 snatch thefts, and have heard of stories from my mum, aunty, neighbors and some friends of snatch theft victims amongst them. Whilst the slow economy may be blamed for this, but KL is akin to a Cheese Town, without any Cat Guard, giving the Rats a free reign to prowl the city to steal the cheese. Why, you may ask Mr Prime Minister? My answer, Mr Prime Minister, is that the police are either busy making money from karaoke centres, simply arresting people and then demanding money from these people's family or just plain lazy to do what the tax payers pay them to do. 

So Mr Prime Minister, if you want to win our hearts, there is one very simple thing to do, work! Do what you are suppose to do, work as a Prime Minister. Instead of trying to force Southern Bank to be sold to your brother; instead of forcing the merger of the 3 Plantations and placed them under your cronies at Sime Darby; do work instead. 

Learn from Obama. Learn how he do all that he can for the people. Whilst Singapore may not have the best freedom of speech records, but learn how they manage their country. 

I wish you all the best. 

Thank you.

Richard Wee Thiam Seng

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