Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lying, Losing, Leading

Been reading (what else can you do at an airport, alone) about Sports, and I missed a point that I wanted to Blog about. Lewis Hamilton lying to the Race Stewards in Australia. 

He has conveniently blamed the Manager of Mc Laren, Dave Ryan. Come on Lewis!! No matter what instruction Ryan may have given you, you dont knowingly and openly lie to the very people investigating your race. There are cheaters in sports. Drug users, Christiano Ronaldo's divings etc, but one dont go around lying about a race, and then blame squarely that 'I was told to lie'. What kind of conduct is this? I am not at all suggesting that a person who finished last in F1 can lie, but the onus is a little more heavy on Lewis (since he is after all the defending champion for F1), to lead by example and show the youth that we can still win (or lose) fair & square. 

He is already a talented driver and probably will win a lot more race, but this conduct is just unbecoming.

In the interim, (I know this next point has absolutely nothing to do with F1) but I sure hope Everton picks up at least a point tonite, though I am hoping we can steal all 3, against Villa. 

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