Sunday, 19 April 2009

Addition to the Firm

1st April 2009, our firm welcomed Karen Chin as partner.

She is an old friend of mine and she specializes in Property Law and Contracts. With her in the firm, we have become more balanced. Sunil and I are providing Litigation Services and she now provide our clients with Conveyancing and Contract-drafting services. 

Personally, I wish we can expand to add at least 2 more partners and also possibly have 2-4 Legal Assistants. We would like to give the other firm a run for the money for Civil Litigation matters. And we also hope to expand our Corporate services. 

Whilst this may seem a little boisterous, but I am certain that we can take on the more establish firms and experience Barristers. We just need to place our firm in a position where clients would engage us.

Hopefully in a few years time, we would be in that position. 

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