Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Marang Incident - Part Two

Almost 6 hours since I made Sultan Mahmud airport (that is the real name of KT airport) as my temporary home, I count the cost of the wait. 

2 Nasi Dagangs (yes I had more Nasi Dagangs), 4 kerepok lekor (if you are ever in Sultan Mahmud or KT airport, dont order the kerepok lekor, absolutely lousy), 1 Nestle Ice Cream, 2 Teh Tariks, and still counting. There is only ONE cafe in this airport. So this makcik here made easily RM20 bucks from me. And I am not even using her wifi, as I brought along my DIGI broadband. 

The Broadband is ok lah. Whenever people came in airport at 2pm and 4 pm just now, it was virtually impossible to surf. Also whenever the 2 planes landed and took off, signal just got cut off. Not sure if it is connected but that was what I went through just now. 

Without doubt, this is the loooooooogest wait for a plane ride for me. Thankfully the airport was recently re-built. So it is swanky and comfortable. I remember the old KT airport.. I would have probably pengsan-ed by now if it was still at that airport. 

But the time alone here gave me time to catch up on my CPC and DDA. Also been surfing news here and there. Funny, I just read Arizona University refuses to grant Obama a honorary degree after Obama gave an Opening Speech there. Apparently the reason for refusing was that Obama has not 'done the work'. Pretty mighty standard that Uni expect from a man who beat all odd to be the 1st Black president in US.

Talking about the Black thingy, I do sometimes wonder if US actually elected a Black president, or a President who is Black, but already assimilated to think and talk like a white? Obama is not the usual Black chap. But I suppose, the more important thing is that Americans have seen pass the colour of the person but (in the words of Martin Luther King) see the content of the person's character.

Back to this ordeal at the airport. What particularly pisses me off was that today's date was agreed by all parties. The last Hearing date happened to be just a few days before the KT by-election. So all flights were full and I was forced to take the 245pm special flight, created to cater for the influx of people flying into KT that time. 

I undertook to the Magistrate that at the next Hearing date (which is today), I will book the flight earlier and take the 9pm flight so that I can stay on till 4pm and finish the case today. 

The PO knew about this and agreed to the date. The Magistrate at that pass Hearing date, was so kind to stop the case at 1pm, so as to allow me to rush to airport for the 245pm flight.

So this time, I booked the 720am flight to KT and 9pm flight back to Subang.

Well, what to do? Just have to get on with it and stop whining. As Janice sometimes say, 'Such is Life'.

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