Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Marang Incident - Part One

The day started early. After watching that good Movie last nite, was back at home at 1am getting ready for Sunday. But this Sunday was not the usual Sunday, for I have a Drug matter in Marang, Terengganu. 

By 530am I was up. Could not sleep last nite. Must be that Chinese Tea I had at Ah Tuan Ee, during dinner with Seira and Janet. Sigh, how can I be so careless, I cant sleep after having Chinese Tea!

By 630am I was at Airport. Ah.. so nice to have airport nearby home. Sorry-lah Air Asia. I like you guys, but Fireflyz fly off from Subang, just 10 minutes from Home. Parked my car at airport (hope it will still be there when I am back). 

Flight took off punctually at 720am. Flight attendant, Ms Christy is bloody sweet. Almost doll-like. Have to focus on case, stop looking at the girl.. I said stop... arghh.. failed miserably... she is too pretty to ignore. I asked for coffee instead of the juice. hmmm.. she's got nice voice. Pretty chick with nice voice. 

Anyway, love affair ended at 815 when plane landed at KT airport. Reality set in. Off to Marang to defend this client. Last year, the client was arrested for allegedly possessing drugs. Some loophole in Police case, and I honestly think, drug not client's. There is a 2nd OKT. Should we put the full blame on 2nd OKT? Plan B him and say he own the drugs. Nah... unethical. Let DPP prove the case, and if I can break chain of evidence today, we will win this case. At the last hearing, the raiding/arresting officer during Examination in Chief was extremely shaky. He cant remember this and that, and I have not even cross examined him yet. My gut feelings - this case ada chance menang!

With pretty Christy out of the way, can focus more now :)

Took a nap in taxi. Taxi driver an elderly chap. Pretty safe driver. Not keen to have small talk to him, so just nap.

905am. Finally at Marang Court. Walked into Court. It's a super old Court. Look like a back yard of a Kampung house. The Marang Magistrate look more like an accidental court. Everytime I come here I felt as if; 20-30 years ago, the JKR architect who was building the Marang District Office next door, was asked by the Chief Engineer, "Eh! Mahkamah kat mana?" The Architect probably (in paniky mode said) "Nih.. kat belakang ni.. I dah memang plan kat belakang ni!" Pop came the Court, one back yard shed behind the District Office. 

9.10am. I meet a new PO, Insp Mahathir (of all the names), and I was a little curious. Where is the usual PO, C/Insp Rosnah.. Dont tell me she is....

"Dia cuti lah, Mr Richard. Dia ke umrah, sepatutnya balik hari Khamis tapi flight delay, dia balik hari ni".

WTF, man. Have been reading up this file since last week. Got notes ready. Read notes of evidence. Planned the Cross-examination. Burnt my Sunday (cant play Badminton later at 7pm), only to be told PO is bloody on leave !!

We called the Court on Monday, and Thursday morning. Was informed 'Case Jalan'. Text C/Insp Rusnah twice and also called. All went to voice mail (Now I know why went to voice mail-lah). Asked her if case jalan. No reply... of course lah... how to reply... she on leave - mah. So silly of me to text her or call her. I should know mah, that she will be on leave. 

930 am. Magistrate appeared. He look bloody strict. And it is a different Magistrate. During the earlier Trial, a cute lady Magistrate was on the bench. Sigh, new Magistrate means, adjournment. 

PO Mahathir stood up and asked for adjournment. The 2nd OKT's lawyer asked for DNAA. He complaint that the Police fail to respect time of lawyers and wasted everyone's time. I also spoke out and objected to the adjournment. I told Magistrate I was super bloody pissed off and wanted him to put the PO in contempt..... nah, just joking. I dont do that. Just informed Magistrate that I was ready to proceed, and was not informed that the PO is on leave. 

Magistrate looked like he was actually going to grant DNAA, but we hit one snag. The other OKT was absent (where the hell is he?). Magistrate said 'Saya terpaksa menangguh memandangkan OKT 2 tidak hadir'. The bloody lawyer should make sure his client appear in Court lah. How to ask for DNAA when client not around?? Aiyo!!

Case fixed on 21st June 2009, Sunday (there goes another Sunday). As parting shot I asked Magistrate to record that the PO must make sure they inform all parties if they cant go on for whatever reason. Magistrate said this "Jangan khuatir En Richard. Saya dah terima arahan dari atas, jikalau Polis berlengah kes, Mahkamah akan DNAA OKT". Hmmm.. hope he's not pulling my leg. But if it is true, that is good news for the client. 

Client was very nice to me. They took me out for Nasi Dagang along the Marang pantai. Terengganu Nasi Dagang is white in colour, but I prefer Kelantan's nasi dagang, which is slightly purplish in colour. They then send me to airport. 

1215pm : I am now writing this in Airport. My flight is at 9pm, and all tickets for the 2pm and 4pm flights have been taken up. I have 8 hours 45 minutes more to kill before my flight. Hmmm... maybe I'll go measure the airport. 

What a bloody waste of my time. As usual, this bloody inconsiderate Government servant. She take leave and she did not inform us, and I just spent RM250 on flight (luckily fireflyz - cheaper), RM50 for cab from KT airport to Marang and I am going to waste my whole Sunday in an airport. Luckily for me my life is already fairly pathetic. If I am not in KT airport, I'll probably in office or at home doing nothing anyway..

KT = Kuala Terengganu
PO = Prosecuting Officer
OKT = Orang Kena Tuduh
DNAA = Discharge, Not Amounting to Acquittal



Aurora said...

awww.... that's much of your time spent in the airport, Richard.

by the way, did Everton win last night's match?

Richard Wee said...

unfortunately Everton was held to a draw, after leading 2-0. Really should have beaten Villa. sigh. Bad day ended with disappointing results.