Saturday, 25 April 2009

David Moyes

Where would Everton be without David Moyes.

In an age where a team cant win any major cup unless the club has tons of money, he has done well. Ironically, he would probably be sacked back in the 70s, as a club the size of Everton not winning any cup for 14 years was considered bad, then.

Now, to just qualify in 4th place is an achievement. Clubs try to win the League Cup cause the bigger clubs with their huge squads, normally will play their reserves. In recent years, Bolton and Boro have taken the League Cup. 

But the FA Cup, bar MU's reserve team appearance in the semis, is normally played amongst the first teams. Liverpool played almost their first team when taking us on. Villa and Boro also played their best team against us. So to reach the final in the FA Cup, is itself an achievement.

But this boils down to Moyes. He may not be the best tactician, but he is hardworking and honest. His honesty rubs off the players. Except for one or two incidents, one would not normally see an Everton player rolling around the pitch after a tackle, unless of course if he is REALLY injured. A few weeks ago a Commentator mention that he rarely see Everton players role around the pitch, the players just get up and get on with the game. This clearly reflects Moyes' ethos.

His transfer policy has been pretty consistent. Except for Per Koldrup, his other transfers are either 60% to 90% hit. He has spent our money very carefully and intelligently.

I really wish we will win the FA Cup next month, not just for the club, but also for Moyes who has played such a huge role in putting us where we should be, at the top end of the League.

Standing ovation for Moyes!!

P/S : Happy Birthday Moyes

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