Friday, 9 January 2009

Will it ever change?

Some friends I met during the recent year end break asked me, "will it ever change ah, bro? After 10 months of a stronger opposition, has it improved?"

Immediately I know this friend is asking if Pakatan's current position has made Malaysia better, has it changed for the better? Since the change, we see Malaysians having the guts to speak out. We now see that is extremely possible for an alternative government, that Barisan Nasional, or UMNO does not have the monopoly anymore, in the game of power in Malaysia.

The biggest problem we have now is that the Federal Government is still under BN. That must change, thereafter, the new Government must change the Civil Servant, or at least change the mentality of the Civil Servant. The current standard of complying with the minimum standard of quality when delivering services to the public, must go. We must move towards a culture of maximising quality and providing the public a good system of delivery.

I found this quote of mine, in the Sun at the end of 2007. Sun had interviewed a few lawyers, mostly involved in the Human Rights Committee at Bar Council, on our wishes for 2008. I said this:-

I wish that the Government would do more for the people in 2008, and that the promised crackdown on corruption by our Prime Minister will be intensified with further measures implemented to ensure that corruption is addressed comprehensively. I wish that all incidents of corruption in the past years are investigated and the wrongdoers brought to justice. I also wish that our Members of Parliament are held accountable for their actions and statements, and that they display a higher level of leadership and character. And finally, I truly wish that the Government will repeal the ISA and replace it with true respect and regard for the rule of law." 
Richard Wee Thiam Seng

Unfortunately, I would say, none of my wishes came through. It looks like the only way to have the possibility of those wishes come through is to change the powers at the top of our Government. 

But we must not give up. Even if Pakatan turns out to be a poor alternative, the People must chose a new path and not return to Barisan. If Pakatan fails, we must chose a 3rd path, to elect people with a certain intellectual level (preferably a high one, of course) and more honest people in the Government.

I still believe that there are thousands of Malaysians (if not million)  that cares for the Country more than they care for themselves. We have too many people in BN who care only of themselves, who have been treating the people as chattel of votes, to be persuaded once every 5 years to vote these self centered people in.

Will it ever change? I would believe the answer is Yes. And the change would be for the better. Have faith!

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