Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Ox is coming to town

Another mad mad rush to finish work at office before Chinese New Year. And the usual 'chase money from client' dash happened the last few days. Spring cleaning in office and at Home. We tried to be as ready as possible for the coming Chinese New Year.

CNY is laden with tradition and heritage dating back over 2000 years ago. As a Hokkien Chinese, we will be celebrating the 8th day of CNY as our Hokkien CNY. Legends have it that the Hokkien clan had hid in Sugar Cane plantations during one of their enemy's attacks and came out alive on the 8th day. So you will see many Hokkien people putting up Sugar Cane plants outside their house, particularly just before the 8th day. However that 8th day celebration is now hijacked by other dialect speaking Chinese as it is believed that the celebration on that day will lead to prosperous business. So we see many Chinese people celebrating on that day to pray for prosperous business too.

Superstition practise like blowing fire crackers, not sweeping the house throughout CNY are some of the funny and interesting practises. On the 15th night of CNY, called Chap Goh Mei, traditions will dictate that single ladies will throw oranges into the stream wishing for a partner. Maybe we should hang out at Klang River that night?? Nah.. dont think that is a good idea. 

Anyway, it's important that being a Malaysian and all; one should not forget the heritage and tradition of one's race. It gives colour to our life and these old age parctise and all does add to the festivity mood.

I wish all my friends a good Holiday and to my Malaysian Chinese friends, Kong Hee Fatt Chot.

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