Sunday, 4 January 2009

Kuala Trengganu by-election

You know that the election is around the corner, when the local media, all controlled by Barisan Nasional; starts to lavish praises on the BN parties and amplify the 'mistakes' & 'cracks' in the opposition. Just a few days ago, in the Star under the section where sms texts from the pubic are published somewhere in the centre, Star published a text who complained about the wild x'mas party at Penang and amazingly asked 'what the DAP government is doing about it?'

This is what I called mischievous publication, for it is clear that the duty to handle the peace of place lies with the FEDERAL CONTROLLED Police. It is also odd that years of Mat Rempit Terrorising us in Klang Valley, the Star did not publish the failing of BN to rid of that menace?

Also recently a a public discussion at Bayan Lepas, Penang; some people there attacked Lim Guan Eng and asked for more housing to be built, when the Housing plans are under the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. 

MCA's attackes on DAP about Hudud law suggestion by PAS; got big coverage on the Star. In that situation, I say this:-

1. Hudud has long been part of PAS's struggle. It wants to impose Hudud Laws in malaysia, and the least I read, Hudud can only apply to Muslims. 

MCA was silent (except MCA Youth in 2007) when the comedian Hishamuddin kissed the Keris not once, but trice at UMNO Youth AGM. 
MCA was silent when Mahathir amended the Consitution in 1988 to add Article 121 (1A). 
MCA was silent when Bar Council was attacked by champions like Najib, Syed Hamid Albar & (the biggest champion of them all) Zulkifli Nordin; when all Bar Council wanted to do was discuss the plight of mothers like Subashini. 

3. The Star did not amplify the news about PKR led State Government of Selangor appointing a person of merit, a lady to lead PKNS and yes, she happens to be a Malaysia of Chinese origin. Instead news on the 'Malay-based NGO' protesting on her appointment received massive publicity.  

We must be vigilant against this one sided news by the local media. It is crucial that a balanced news be distributed to the public. And then the people can make an informed decision on who they wish to chose, especially our fellow Malaysians in KT. 

And before I forget, Happy New Year to all!

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