Thursday, 29 January 2009

Death in Police Custody

The recent news of Kugan dying in Police Custody is not a new news, but nonetheless still a sad news. To be in Police custody, one would expect to be subjected to serious interrogations and/or body search, but to die while in Police Custody is not amusing at all.

A few years ago Francis Udayappan was also found dead in Police Custody but the Police issued a story that he was trying to escape from the lock-up and drowned. News from the Malaysian Bar and NGO's suggests that it was impossible he was drowned as he disappeared for 37 days, and cannot have drowned for that long. 

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There is little doubt, that we have a problem with the Police and we have a Government who lacks courage and morality to carry out the duty entrusted by the people to them. The Police can deny as much as they want. Syed Hamid Albar can defend the Police as much as he want. The fact is someone died while in Police Custody. Kugan may have been the biggest gangster in town, but that cannot legitimise any beating. The Police may claim that they had to 'rough' Kugan up to get information, but how the hell can the suspect be dead? 

The people need to trust the Police; that they will do, not just the accurate or precise thing, but the right thing! The Police is our bastion of peace and harmony. Our agent of safety and security. If the trust with the Police collapsed, how safe will Malaysia be? 

Already crime rates in major cities are up. How long more are we going to rely on this Government to do what is right, to revamp the Police and to rid it of people who are unable to handle the power which comes with the work. For we all suspect that this is probably a case where Police would have bashed up a suspect, trying to extract information, and the whole exercise went awry, leading to Kugan's death.  

Will this Government charge the Police officer who bashed up and caused the death of Kugan? Will this Government carry out the duty the majority of Malaysians have entrusted upon them?

We wont know...

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