Sunday, 4 January 2009

Richard Wee Lopez

New Year, New Hope, New Challenges...

Sunil Lopez & I decided to merge our respective firms and we are now called Richard Wee Lopez. Our new website is and our new Blog is

We foresee a challenging year with the credit crunch and all. But I have personally been challenged, been defied and been denied; but I have long taken the view that it is how I stand up to all these that matters. 

Sunil is a great chap and someone I look forward to work with. I really hope this will be my last stop in terms of legal firms. The changes the last 2 years have delayed the growth of the Firm and has adversely affected our income. No more! Time to push forward and put this Firm out there.

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The Rough Diamond said...

Oh, congrats although at first glance, the first thing that came to my mind was Jennifer Lopez. :-P