Monday, 12 January 2009

Top 10 reasons to support BN

Above is a link to the a report, picked up by the Malaysian Bar website. We see BN's continued strategy to 'threaten' people into voting them into Parliament. Khairy was quoted to have told the people in KT to vote BN or else they will lose out. He said something similar at the last Permatang Pauh election, but of course BN could not sustain the power of Anwar there.

At KT, BN is actually the so-called 'incumbent'. They won the sit at the last General Election in March 2008, by over 600 votes. Why should they make such statements when they are the defending party? These kind of statements should logically come out at places where they are losing out?

But never mind that for a moment. We should study what people of KT can 'lose' out if they don't vote BN in. Here's my top 10 list:-

1. We will lose out a government who lost millions in failed projects like the Klang Free Trade Port, a Government who appoints a company to build building like Matrade and MRR2 highway in KL, and then spent more money to repair the same structures, whilst the original contractors are off, scot free;

2. We will lose out the corruption culture in every single level of the Government;

3. We will lose the racism of UMNO, just see the videos of the last UMNO general assembly in 2007, and you will know what I mean;

4. We will miss seeing Najib proposing such plans to sell important Community places like Institut Jantung Negara to government owned companies like Sime Darby;

5. We will lose a Government who increased petrol to Rm2.70 causing all food product to go up, to realise later it was a mistake and (though having dropped petrol price) now see Malaysians forced to deal with higher priced consumer products;

6. We will lose Samy Vellu;

7. We will miss Syed Hamid Albar, Khir Toyo & of course Khairy too;

8. We will lose a Government who continue to play the race and religion card whenever convenient;

9. We will miss a Government using ISA to 'protect' the detained person and instead of arresting the person calling people "pendatang", detain the reporter who reported the story;

10. We will lose  a Government who allows projects on hilltop and later blame God is there is a landslide on that very hill.

So, there you have it; we just cant lose BN. We must vote BN in!


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