Friday, 9 January 2009


There is a Forum on Friday (9th January 2009) at the Bar Council at 8pm. The Forum is a joint effort between the BC and The Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI).

I would urge you to go, since it is a Friday evening. We have to lend support to the Palestinians, who is suffering daily bombing and attackes at the Gaza Strip.

That war in that part of the world, has lost its sense and purpose. I am not suggesting that a war WITH a purpose & sense is justified, as I take a position that all Wars are not justified at all. But this Israel v Palestine War has some reason and logic, many years ago; but now it is just senseless and horrifying. Scores of Kids and unarmed citizens have died, and whatever Israel may say in their defence, nothing can defend the senseless attack of civilians. 

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The Forum is open to all, and is free. See you there!


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