Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Malaysia/Singapore Bench/Bar Games

Will be away to Singapore for the next few days. Helping out the Bar at the Bench/Bar Games. 

It's an amazing event, Since 1969, lawyers from Malaysia and Singapore have met for Games. Both Bars take turn to host the event. I've been attending the Games since 2005, and I must say, I enjoy meeting up friends from across the causeway. 

Anyway, it will give me an opportunity to meet up with my sister there. We hardly have time for each other. Hopefully we can spent some quality time. Our parents will also be tagging along to Singapore. Family trip, i guess :)

Also, can see my favourite tiny one, my god daughter. Her birthday just passed. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Switching Channels

Got a call this morning from an MP to help a group of Malaysians arrested by Police, in a fight with a group of Africans. They were Nigerians, apparently. 

The story we got from the Police was that the 4 were residents in an apartment where a large group of Africans resides too. The Police received reports that the Africans have harassed and even bullied the locals. The 4 Malaysians got into a scuffle with some Nigerians when the Malaysians switched Channel on TV, at a restaurant to watch the Malaysian FA Cup final between Kelantan and Selangor. The Nigerians wanted to watch another channel. 

What started from a small misunderstanding, escalated into a huge fight with many local residents joining in. Reports of injury and property damage were lodged with the Police. Apparently the Embassy got involved too.

The 4 chaps were arrested last night and now on 3 day remand. Together with some representative from the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, we tried to assist the 4 chaps, and get an early release. The Police was quite helpful, and for the first time in a long time, I can sense that the Police really want to solve the crime as quick as possible.   

I have received complaints from friends of harassment from Africans living in their area too. It would not be right to stereotype the Africans, but I do hope people can learn to live together. If the foreigners dont understand our lifestyle, then share and educate them. But if the foreigners continue to be recalcitrant, ie getting drunk, verbally abuse or harass the locals, then then Police ought to get involved. 

And to have thought, all this due to one change of a TV Channel, though I think the fight was probably the result of accumulated tension and frustration.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

David Moyes

Where would Everton be without David Moyes.

In an age where a team cant win any major cup unless the club has tons of money, he has done well. Ironically, he would probably be sacked back in the 70s, as a club the size of Everton not winning any cup for 14 years was considered bad, then.

Now, to just qualify in 4th place is an achievement. Clubs try to win the League Cup cause the bigger clubs with their huge squads, normally will play their reserves. In recent years, Bolton and Boro have taken the League Cup. 

But the FA Cup, bar MU's reserve team appearance in the semis, is normally played amongst the first teams. Liverpool played almost their first team when taking us on. Villa and Boro also played their best team against us. So to reach the final in the FA Cup, is itself an achievement.

But this boils down to Moyes. He may not be the best tactician, but he is hardworking and honest. His honesty rubs off the players. Except for one or two incidents, one would not normally see an Everton player rolling around the pitch after a tackle, unless of course if he is REALLY injured. A few weeks ago a Commentator mention that he rarely see Everton players role around the pitch, the players just get up and get on with the game. This clearly reflects Moyes' ethos.

His transfer policy has been pretty consistent. Except for Per Koldrup, his other transfers are either 60% to 90% hit. He has spent our money very carefully and intelligently.

I really wish we will win the FA Cup next month, not just for the club, but also for Moyes who has played such a huge role in putting us where we should be, at the top end of the League.

Standing ovation for Moyes!!

P/S : Happy Birthday Moyes

Religion, Conversion, Altruism

The week started well for me. Everton won and we are in the FA Cup. 

But Monday was the beginning an awful week at work. 2 contracts to deal with, and we are dealing with 2 other lawyers which had made things awkward. For the sake of the professional privilege, it would be best that I do not divulge the extent of the awkwardness, except to say that we had to ask for things which was basic items expected from other lawyers. 

I read now that Najib has opened the equities to non-malaysian. Some malay dailies were reporting as if the Bumiputra equity quota was abolished, but that is inaccurate. He seems trying hard to perk up the economy. The Cabinet also announced some positive proposals for laws related to conversion of religion. It seems sad that we need cabinet to dictate what is so bloody logically obvious. 

Religion to me is personal and important. I am a Buddhist and I like Lord Buddha's teaching.

But at the end of the day, its only religion. Religion cannot legislate love, cannot dictate our choices. It is a guide. It is a principle. No use having a religion if one is corrupt, plunder's the country and call himself a patriot, lies and cheats. Then what for have a religion when you are fraud. You are suppose to do good anyway. Do right. Religion teaches you that. But in Malaysia, how many times we see people claiming to be religious, and then getting involved in corruption etc etc. 

Another point is  I cannot fathom why a religion can insist a person who is in love with another from that religion to convert, merely because some book in that religion claims it is compulsory. So a person who is not of that religion, seems to be bound by the religion of that other person. I am a Buddhist. Buddhism does not at all impose one to convert if you want to marry me (and if you are not a Buddhist). Why such rule? 

I had dated a muslim girl before, and I knew the love was doomed when it started. She did not impose her religion on me, but I was not worried about her, I was worried about her dad. How would I tell a girl's dad 'Pakcik, Aku nak kahwin anak pompuan pakcik, tapi.. aku nak fail Originating Summon kat Mahkamah untuk perintah yang aku ni tak payah masuk Islam'.

I think any of you reading this can imagine the re-action that pakcik will give me. 

When asked, a Muslim friend tells me 'that is the way it is'. What an answer, man?! Are we really absolutely sure that this is the decree made by the Prophet that when a person marry a muslim that person MUST convert? Could it be because of the 'Zaman Jahiliah' that the people were going through at that time of Prophet Muhammad's arrival, that it made sense for non-believers to embrace Islam when marrying a muslim. 

How can that rule apply to a person who is a believer of God, albeit via another mode, another religion?

Anyway, that relationship is over. It's been over for almost a year. But I sometime ponder, and wonder; had it not been for this religious bar, how would it end? 

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated annually on the 22nd April all over the world. For one day, citizens of the world come together and participate in an initiative to promote sustainable environment. The first Earth Day in 1970 marked a beginning of a modern environmental movement. Raising concern about the environmental crisis, Earth Day is a day of observance of environmental problems. Different environmental groups such as those who has been fighting over oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, loss of wilderness and the extinction of wildlife band together to share a common goal to protest against the deterioration of the environment.


This year, organizers of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network is spearheading a campaign called the Green Generation campaign. It is a 2-year initiative which will culminate in the 40th year anniversary of Earth Hour in 2010. The focus of this campaign is towards renewable energy such as wind, solar and geothermal to preserve the resources for the future generation.


As part of its initiative to create awareness and put the pressure for a more healthy and sustainable environment, the KL Bar Environmental & Humanities Committee (“EHC”) is organizing a collection for old-newspapers and used papers on 22nd April 2009 in conjunction with Earth Day. We invite all members to donate your old newspaper and used papers. Members are encourage to drop their old newspapers and used paper at the KL Bar Secretariat building between 10am-3pm. Members of the EHC aka the eco-warriors will be there to supervise the collection of the papers and speak to you on ways to green your lifestyle. Speak for the trees for they cannot speak for themselves. Recycle those papers!

Seira Sacha Abu Bakar

Monday, 20 April 2009

Penalty Lottery

When the game went into penalty, I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water, and just sat at the dining table to drink. I was preparing for the worst. I was not trying to manage my expectation, but Everton is awful when it comes to penalties So I was just getting ready for what was going to be the usual result of us losing right at the end. We lost to Fiorentina in the UEFA Cup last season, after a superb fight back at Goodison Park, and this time, we played a lousy game and was lucky that MU themselves were not great.

To compound matters, our best penalty taker for the day was substituted (Saha), or injured (Yakubu, Arteta). So who was going to take the penalty?

Then stepped up, Cahill. Cahill take penalty?? He has not taken any in Everton shirt, and when he blazed it over the Bar, I sat down so still that I did not even realise Berbatov missed his penalty.

But we got lucky in the lottery of penalty. We won 4-2.

For some strange reason, I have this feeling that Ferguson was not keen to win the game. He played a vertual reserve team, save for Tevez, Vidic and Ferdinand. During penalties, he put his 2 centre backs to take the penalty, which is odd, as Managers usually place their Strikers and Midfielders to take penalties. Could he, being a Scot, wanted another Scot in Moyes to finally win. After all he has been praising Moyes almost everytime the press ask him about Moyes. He even thinks Moyes should replace him at MU. 

Ah, ignore the mystery and controversy. The most important result for the day is Everton is in a Cup final. 

Finally after 14 years, we are back in a final. We will play Chelsea, but for now I'm not bothered about them. Just want to feel happy that sometimes, God does support Everton.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Addition to the Firm

1st April 2009, our firm welcomed Karen Chin as partner.

She is an old friend of mine and she specializes in Property Law and Contracts. With her in the firm, we have become more balanced. Sunil and I are providing Litigation Services and she now provide our clients with Conveyancing and Contract-drafting services. 

Personally, I wish we can expand to add at least 2 more partners and also possibly have 2-4 Legal Assistants. We would like to give the other firm a run for the money for Civil Litigation matters. And we also hope to expand our Corporate services. 

Whilst this may seem a little boisterous, but I am certain that we can take on the more establish firms and experience Barristers. We just need to place our firm in a position where clients would engage us.

Hopefully in a few years time, we would be in that position. 

Friday, 17 April 2009

Wembley can be wobbly for Devils

Friday, April 17th, 2009 07:01:00
WILL we see a wobbly performance by Manchester United again, but this time at Wembley when they play Everton in the FA Cup semifinals.

Wobbly would best describe their games the last four weeks or so.

Since they lost to that other club nearby Goodison Park, they have gone on to lose to Fulham, failed to beat Porto and only managed a very late goal against Villa to get three points.

Last weekend’s game against Sunderland showed that when up against a team who goes toe-to-toe with United, they tend to wobble.

I hate to say it, but this Sunday’s FA Cup game is going to be about that team in Manchester actually.

When you have players like Tevez and Ronaldo sitting on the bench, you know that this is a team of quality, and to beat them, any team would have to face them when they are not at their best.

On paper, it would be for them to lose.

Everton will be going into the match as a massive underdog.

Check this out:- Man U spent more than two times than Everton, in the transfer market this season; They have a far bigger squad than Everton; Their players are paid far more than Everton’s average salary. But Everton will be no pushover despite the odds.

We have team work, team spirit and Tim Cahill.

We have seen many times hows our boys have risen to the occasion and gave the teams playing in the Champions League, a run for the money.

In the last 20 games, Everton have only lost twice.

And that despite us playing without Yakubu and Arteta.

The fact that we even played without a recognised striker for a month back in January is already well documented.

Cahill have lifted the team many times, and I hope that he and the other hardworking players can do it again this Sunday.

It will be tough, but hey! someone’s got to beat them in the FA Cup, isn’t it?

(From Malay Mail, 17th April 2009)

Dreaming the Improbable

Can we beat them this Sunday?

We will play a team who is without the injured Owen Hargreaves, and can afford to sometimes keep Tevez, Anderson and Nani on the bench. 

This is a team who spent 30 million pounds on Ferdinand and Berbatov, 28 m on Fat Boy, 18m on Hargreaves, more than 15m on Nani & Anderson, 18m on Ronaldo & 6m on Evra.

They are in Semis of CL, top of the EPL table, and already won the World Club Cup and English League Cup already. 

If fact, I think the question is not just 'can' we beat them, but 'how' to beat them. 

But football loyalty is like love for a girl. You cant explain it, you cant figure it out, and no matter how bad they do to their heart, you keep on going back for more.

So the loyalty for Everton will blindly lead me to a path of hope, hope that we can finally be where we should have always been, at the top of game. I will try to not focus on the strength of Man U, but to see the strength of Everton. 

We have Team Work, Team Spirit and Tim Cahill.

Moyes may not be the best tactician we have, but he has been Everton most responsible manager. He has trained Everton players not to moan, not to roll around the pitch when tackled, not to give up when odds are against the team. 

We dont have Yakubu, Arteta and Anichibe due to injury, and also Jo as he is cup-tied. News has seeped out of Finch Farm that Saha is ill (of all the time to fall ill). Yobo is not 100% fit after recovering from Hamstring, and Vaughn just returned after surgery in November. 

The stacks and the odds are extremely heavy against us. And because of that, Everton must go to Wembley to enjoy themselves. No one expect us to win, and we just need to do what we have been doing the last 4-5 months, and maybe one good set-piece goal, we may just nick it. We have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Marang Incident - Part Two

Almost 6 hours since I made Sultan Mahmud airport (that is the real name of KT airport) as my temporary home, I count the cost of the wait. 

2 Nasi Dagangs (yes I had more Nasi Dagangs), 4 kerepok lekor (if you are ever in Sultan Mahmud or KT airport, dont order the kerepok lekor, absolutely lousy), 1 Nestle Ice Cream, 2 Teh Tariks, and still counting. There is only ONE cafe in this airport. So this makcik here made easily RM20 bucks from me. And I am not even using her wifi, as I brought along my DIGI broadband. 

The Broadband is ok lah. Whenever people came in airport at 2pm and 4 pm just now, it was virtually impossible to surf. Also whenever the 2 planes landed and took off, signal just got cut off. Not sure if it is connected but that was what I went through just now. 

Without doubt, this is the loooooooogest wait for a plane ride for me. Thankfully the airport was recently re-built. So it is swanky and comfortable. I remember the old KT airport.. I would have probably pengsan-ed by now if it was still at that airport. 

But the time alone here gave me time to catch up on my CPC and DDA. Also been surfing news here and there. Funny, I just read Arizona University refuses to grant Obama a honorary degree after Obama gave an Opening Speech there. Apparently the reason for refusing was that Obama has not 'done the work'. Pretty mighty standard that Uni expect from a man who beat all odd to be the 1st Black president in US.

Talking about the Black thingy, I do sometimes wonder if US actually elected a Black president, or a President who is Black, but already assimilated to think and talk like a white? Obama is not the usual Black chap. But I suppose, the more important thing is that Americans have seen pass the colour of the person but (in the words of Martin Luther King) see the content of the person's character.

Back to this ordeal at the airport. What particularly pisses me off was that today's date was agreed by all parties. The last Hearing date happened to be just a few days before the KT by-election. So all flights were full and I was forced to take the 245pm special flight, created to cater for the influx of people flying into KT that time. 

I undertook to the Magistrate that at the next Hearing date (which is today), I will book the flight earlier and take the 9pm flight so that I can stay on till 4pm and finish the case today. 

The PO knew about this and agreed to the date. The Magistrate at that pass Hearing date, was so kind to stop the case at 1pm, so as to allow me to rush to airport for the 245pm flight.

So this time, I booked the 720am flight to KT and 9pm flight back to Subang.

Well, what to do? Just have to get on with it and stop whining. As Janice sometimes say, 'Such is Life'.

Lying, Losing, Leading

Been reading (what else can you do at an airport, alone) about Sports, and I missed a point that I wanted to Blog about. Lewis Hamilton lying to the Race Stewards in Australia. 

He has conveniently blamed the Manager of Mc Laren, Dave Ryan. Come on Lewis!! No matter what instruction Ryan may have given you, you dont knowingly and openly lie to the very people investigating your race. There are cheaters in sports. Drug users, Christiano Ronaldo's divings etc, but one dont go around lying about a race, and then blame squarely that 'I was told to lie'. What kind of conduct is this? I am not at all suggesting that a person who finished last in F1 can lie, but the onus is a little more heavy on Lewis (since he is after all the defending champion for F1), to lead by example and show the youth that we can still win (or lose) fair & square. 

He is already a talented driver and probably will win a lot more race, but this conduct is just unbecoming.

In the interim, (I know this next point has absolutely nothing to do with F1) but I sure hope Everton picks up at least a point tonite, though I am hoping we can steal all 3, against Villa. 

The Marang Incident - Part One

The day started early. After watching that good Movie last nite, was back at home at 1am getting ready for Sunday. But this Sunday was not the usual Sunday, for I have a Drug matter in Marang, Terengganu. 

By 530am I was up. Could not sleep last nite. Must be that Chinese Tea I had at Ah Tuan Ee, during dinner with Seira and Janet. Sigh, how can I be so careless, I cant sleep after having Chinese Tea!

By 630am I was at Airport. Ah.. so nice to have airport nearby home. Sorry-lah Air Asia. I like you guys, but Fireflyz fly off from Subang, just 10 minutes from Home. Parked my car at airport (hope it will still be there when I am back). 

Flight took off punctually at 720am. Flight attendant, Ms Christy is bloody sweet. Almost doll-like. Have to focus on case, stop looking at the girl.. I said stop... arghh.. failed miserably... she is too pretty to ignore. I asked for coffee instead of the juice. hmmm.. she's got nice voice. Pretty chick with nice voice. 

Anyway, love affair ended at 815 when plane landed at KT airport. Reality set in. Off to Marang to defend this client. Last year, the client was arrested for allegedly possessing drugs. Some loophole in Police case, and I honestly think, drug not client's. There is a 2nd OKT. Should we put the full blame on 2nd OKT? Plan B him and say he own the drugs. Nah... unethical. Let DPP prove the case, and if I can break chain of evidence today, we will win this case. At the last hearing, the raiding/arresting officer during Examination in Chief was extremely shaky. He cant remember this and that, and I have not even cross examined him yet. My gut feelings - this case ada chance menang!

With pretty Christy out of the way, can focus more now :)

Took a nap in taxi. Taxi driver an elderly chap. Pretty safe driver. Not keen to have small talk to him, so just nap.

905am. Finally at Marang Court. Walked into Court. It's a super old Court. Look like a back yard of a Kampung house. The Marang Magistrate look more like an accidental court. Everytime I come here I felt as if; 20-30 years ago, the JKR architect who was building the Marang District Office next door, was asked by the Chief Engineer, "Eh! Mahkamah kat mana?" The Architect probably (in paniky mode said) "Nih.. kat belakang ni.. I dah memang plan kat belakang ni!" Pop came the Court, one back yard shed behind the District Office. 

9.10am. I meet a new PO, Insp Mahathir (of all the names), and I was a little curious. Where is the usual PO, C/Insp Rosnah.. Dont tell me she is....

"Dia cuti lah, Mr Richard. Dia ke umrah, sepatutnya balik hari Khamis tapi flight delay, dia balik hari ni".

WTF, man. Have been reading up this file since last week. Got notes ready. Read notes of evidence. Planned the Cross-examination. Burnt my Sunday (cant play Badminton later at 7pm), only to be told PO is bloody on leave !!

We called the Court on Monday, and Thursday morning. Was informed 'Case Jalan'. Text C/Insp Rusnah twice and also called. All went to voice mail (Now I know why went to voice mail-lah). Asked her if case jalan. No reply... of course lah... how to reply... she on leave - mah. So silly of me to text her or call her. I should know mah, that she will be on leave. 

930 am. Magistrate appeared. He look bloody strict. And it is a different Magistrate. During the earlier Trial, a cute lady Magistrate was on the bench. Sigh, new Magistrate means, adjournment. 

PO Mahathir stood up and asked for adjournment. The 2nd OKT's lawyer asked for DNAA. He complaint that the Police fail to respect time of lawyers and wasted everyone's time. I also spoke out and objected to the adjournment. I told Magistrate I was super bloody pissed off and wanted him to put the PO in contempt..... nah, just joking. I dont do that. Just informed Magistrate that I was ready to proceed, and was not informed that the PO is on leave. 

Magistrate looked like he was actually going to grant DNAA, but we hit one snag. The other OKT was absent (where the hell is he?). Magistrate said 'Saya terpaksa menangguh memandangkan OKT 2 tidak hadir'. The bloody lawyer should make sure his client appear in Court lah. How to ask for DNAA when client not around?? Aiyo!!

Case fixed on 21st June 2009, Sunday (there goes another Sunday). As parting shot I asked Magistrate to record that the PO must make sure they inform all parties if they cant go on for whatever reason. Magistrate said this "Jangan khuatir En Richard. Saya dah terima arahan dari atas, jikalau Polis berlengah kes, Mahkamah akan DNAA OKT". Hmmm.. hope he's not pulling my leg. But if it is true, that is good news for the client. 

Client was very nice to me. They took me out for Nasi Dagang along the Marang pantai. Terengganu Nasi Dagang is white in colour, but I prefer Kelantan's nasi dagang, which is slightly purplish in colour. They then send me to airport. 

1215pm : I am now writing this in Airport. My flight is at 9pm, and all tickets for the 2pm and 4pm flights have been taken up. I have 8 hours 45 minutes more to kill before my flight. Hmmm... maybe I'll go measure the airport. 

What a bloody waste of my time. As usual, this bloody inconsiderate Government servant. She take leave and she did not inform us, and I just spent RM250 on flight (luckily fireflyz - cheaper), RM50 for cab from KT airport to Marang and I am going to waste my whole Sunday in an airport. Luckily for me my life is already fairly pathetic. If I am not in KT airport, I'll probably in office or at home doing nothing anyway..

KT = Kuala Terengganu
PO = Prosecuting Officer
OKT = Orang Kena Tuduh
DNAA = Discharge, Not Amounting to Acquittal


Shinjuku Incident

Just came home from the cineplex. Watched Jackie Chan's Shinjuku Incident. A movie about chinese migrants in Japan in the 90s. The movie is fairly realistic and we had a glimpse of the Yakuza lifestyle. I enjoyed the movie and would recommend the movie. 

The story starts with a group of chinese migrants reaching Japanese shores. Jackie Chan stars as one of the chinese migrant. His name in that movie is 'Steelhead'. What a name!!??

The movie had good pace and it tries to tell a story that crime does not pay. 

Anyway, I think its best you watch it. I will spoil the surprise is I go on with the story. There is however a loose end at the end of the movie, which we were not sure about. You watch it and maybe you can share with me here. 

And as usual, in almost all Jackie's movie, he used the Mitubishi again. He was driving the latest Lancer in the show and there were a few times we can see Mitsubishis here and there.

Thanks to Seira who organised the gathering, particularly to celebrate Janet's birthday (Happy birthday JCPY) on 10/4/09. Yanti and Dipen were also at the movie. All in all - good show!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Tale of 2 Hills and a Stick

When the by elections were called 'Tri-elections', I laughed. What are the chances of 2 elections at constituencies called 'Bukit' with the other called 'Batang'.

But I knew straight away that it was gonna be a 'Bukit' to climb for Pakatan. For UMNO will pump in Millions of Ringgit during by-elections. It will difficult for the people to reject the seduction of so much money invested during the by-election.

Eventually, the 'Stick' in Sarawak stuck to old guard, but Pakatan took both 'Hill' seats in Peninsular Malaysia. The Sarawak result was more or less expected. Anwar Ibrahim may have made comments that the Batang Ai seat was gonna be Pakatan's foray into Sarawak, but Sarawak is more or less controlled by their Chief Minister.

But the Bukit Selambau was difficult. With so many Independents, who were suspiciously connected to BN, the Independents were expected to steal some votes away from Pakatan. But Pakatan still won.

Figure this :-
1. Elections were held on a weekday, on a Tuesday some more; where it is difficult for people to take leave. If it is on Monday, people may take leave to go back and vote. But despite without the KL people (returning to the 2 Bukits) who would likely vote for Pakatan, BN still lost.

2. Elections were held AFTER UMNO election. So UMNO went into the 3 elections all fired up, and ready to fight, but they still lost.

3. We got a new PM, and normally the new PM is given a huge mandate by the people to give the new PM a chance. Mahathir got it in 1982. Pak Lah got it in 2004. But Najib started with 2 defeats. Despite all his effort to visit the people in PS boutique, Kerinchi and Brickfield; he still lost.

4. Millions were pumped in, yet BN lost.

5. 13 ISA detainees were released, and the 2 opposition papers were allowed to publish again, Najib's way of showing he 'cares', but he still lost.

6. Despite their 'trump card' Mahathir campaigning for BN, they still lost. Actually Mahathir and for that matter Samy Vellu are massive liabilities for BN, but never mind lah. So long as these people are in BN, BN will not win.

We can analyze till the cow come home on why BN or more importantly, UMNO lost; but the fact is very simple - people just dont trust BN (Particularly UMNO) anymore.

Najib, hope you read my letter in my earlier posting.

To Pakatan - Congrats. Dont worry too much about Batang Ai. But let me remind you, Pakatan, dont let the people down, for if you do, the people wont vote for you too. Maybe a 3rd force will emerge from all these, one day. A 3rd force led by new people untarnished by their UMNO past, but that issue is for another posting, at another time :)

Monday, 6 April 2009

DIGI Broadband

I recently subscribe to DIGI broadband. Can now surf from home. So I need not work so late at office anymore. Can come home to finish the work. 

I used to have streamyx at home, but it was awful. For a few weeks I could not log on. It was just f-up. In the end, I terminated it last November 2008 and since then, I had no net access at Home. 

This DIGI broadband is wireless, so I can use it anywhere in town which have the service. DIGI bought the broadband from, so i suppose this was around for a while already (if I am wrong on this, please correct me). 

So far, so good. Unlike Maxis broadband which is now infamous for being very congested, the DIGi's one is still relatively free, as very few people are using it. I am certain in a few years time, when DIGI broadband becomes popular, it will be congested too. 

But my best buddy, Chow Hoong has assured me that DIGI's broadband is better than Maxis and Celcom. He may be a little prejudice, since he is working at DIGI (haha), but I know CH. If he say good, then it must be good.

So far, I have been happy with it. Have used it for 2 weeks already, and have no problem. Quick surf and easy to log in. Hope it stays this way for a long time to come. In the meantime, for RM58 per month, I am not complaining.

P/S : Click on the title, and it will take you to DIGI Broadband's website

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dear Prime Minister,

Dear Dato Seri Najib,

Congratulations on your appointment as our 6th Prime Minister. 

What a master stroke at your end. Within 24 hours of your appointment as PM, you release 13 ISA detainees and re-instate Harakah and Suara Keadilan's licence. 

But I must comment this, Mr Prime Minister. The Harakah and Suara Keadilan move is clearly a con job. Cancel the permit 2 weeks before you are appointed and then conveniently re-instating their licence on the day of your appointment is a little too convenient.

The ISA release? That one, to me, Mr Prime Minister, is definitely a political ploy. I still recall that people like Albar and you yourself, tried to convince Malaysians that Malaysia need ISA. And within 24 hours, 13 person is suddenly not a threat to National Security anymore? And why release only 2 hindraf boys, Mr Prime Minister? Mano, for example is an elected MP. He is still in Kamunting, despite the people voted for him. Uthaya is still in there. Why? Just because he still want to fight for the rights of the Indian Community? 

I have said before, and I will say this to you Mr Prime Minister; I dont really agree with Uthaya's style, but i totally understand his passion and feeling of being bullied. What has he done? For having a public demonstration, he is in ISA? What about the public demonstration by UMNO at Penang? If you are gonna release one, then release all. 

If you are sincere in abolishing ISA, very simple, pass a Bill asap. Just call it 'Abolishment of Internal Security Act 1960 Bill.' The Opposition will support that Bill. That BN can count on. 

Dont use the people in Kamunting as a political ploy, Mr Prime Minister. As a Government, you are suppose to govern the Country, within Laws and Rules. Khir Toyo and VK Lingam are still free. For starters, you should instruct the AG to charge them for Corruption. 

What about the corrupted police? Due the obvious corruption in PDRM, the criminals are having a field day in KL. In the last 3 months, I personally saw 2 snatch thefts, and have heard of stories from my mum, aunty, neighbors and some friends of snatch theft victims amongst them. Whilst the slow economy may be blamed for this, but KL is akin to a Cheese Town, without any Cat Guard, giving the Rats a free reign to prowl the city to steal the cheese. Why, you may ask Mr Prime Minister? My answer, Mr Prime Minister, is that the police are either busy making money from karaoke centres, simply arresting people and then demanding money from these people's family or just plain lazy to do what the tax payers pay them to do. 

So Mr Prime Minister, if you want to win our hearts, there is one very simple thing to do, work! Do what you are suppose to do, work as a Prime Minister. Instead of trying to force Southern Bank to be sold to your brother; instead of forcing the merger of the 3 Plantations and placed them under your cronies at Sime Darby; do work instead. 

Learn from Obama. Learn how he do all that he can for the people. Whilst Singapore may not have the best freedom of speech records, but learn how they manage their country. 

I wish you all the best. 

Thank you.

Richard Wee Thiam Seng

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


The propaganda has started. BN's "machinery" of misleading and misrepresentation has started. Dont these guys have conscious?

BN owns the TV - RTM 1, RTM 2, TV 3, NTV 7, Bernama TV, Awani. 
BN owns the radio - too many to list down.
BN owns the papers - NST, Utusan, Berita Harian, Star, etc etc.

They clearly have the money. 

It will be an uphill task for Pakatan to win all 3 by-elections, but Pakatan should at least win one of the seats. 

I just hope the people there will remember the the irregularities that BN, particularly UMNO has done. Just look at the Balkis Hearing in Selangor. UMNO, particularly Khir Toyo spent RM1 million of the Rakyat's money to go to France for one week.  

See how UMNO confirmed that there are money politics in there, and yet MACC has not taken action.

Remember the VK Lingam fiasco, that till now, he is still free, after clear evidence in the Royal Commission against him and Eusoffee Chin. 

The RM1 billion loss at Free Trade Zone at Klang. 

The 2007 UMNO general assembly when UMNO bashed the Chinese race. 

Badruddin, calling our Indian friends, "Keling" in Parliament.

Ahmad's "Cina Pendatang" and no action taken against him, but MACC investigates Perak Speaker for suspending Zambry.

Syed Hamid Albar arresting the journalist and Teresa Kok under ISA when Ahmad is still free. The Hindraf boys are still in Kamunting after almost 18 months. What was their crime? 

The Police is STILL Corrupted. No IPCMC till now. 

At the Altantuya's trial, testimony was given by Azilah that Najib's PA instructed him to sort out Altantuya, and yet Najib claims he is not involved.

The moment the dark lord, Najib takes over, he suspends Harakah and the Rocket, showing what kind of autocratic man he is. 

So many to list here-lah.

Just vote for ABU!

(asalkan bukan UMNO, or Anyone but UMNO)