Monday, 22 June 2009

The Marang Incident - Part Three

The day started in darkness at 430am. Woke up early to catch the 705 am flight to KT. I got to go Marang, again.

Back in April, I blogged twice (in one day) about this trip. Then, after flying off early in the morning, I came to know that the PO was on leave that very morning, at the Marang Court.

Today, the Trial went on. Cant really talk much about the trial as it is still going on (Sub Judice), but I feel the tide has turned against the Police today, and the Magistrate looks prepared to acquit my client.

Trial finished at 430pm, and we (Yip, the Pupil & I) were back at KT airport by 530pm. Flight was slightly delayed and finally took off at 945pm. After dinner and all, arrived home at 1245am. 

The day ended, in the same way it started, in darkness. Bloody tired.  

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