Thursday, 25 June 2009

Scandal - uncut & uncensored

RM12 billion...  give that to any of us, we probably cant finish spending it in a lifetime, but that was just how much our Government lost in the Port Klang Free Trade Zone Project.

And Najib, with his rethoric for KPI in the Government is as usual, talking cock. For when it matters most, he is not delivering. Parliament, after arm twisting by Pakatan, formed a Committee (Public Accounts Committee) to investigate the scandal, but we have a useless MACC head, chosen by Najib's predecessor who has refused to reply to any question during the PAC hearing. 

The MACC head, some Datuk guy, Ahmad Said refused to answer the questions posed. This is the same guy who was so gung-ho against Tan Sri Khalid, Selangor MB, when MACC declared that the Cows given to Selangor government during Hari Raya Korban, and MB's private car, will be investigated by MACC.

Lembu & Kereta, he get excited, but RM12billion, he senyap. 

Despite the uncut & uncensored evidence of loss of public's money, the characters involved in the scandal is not arrested yet. 

I want you, yes you, who is reading this to Remember - that the RM12 billion lost is the Rakyat's money, Country's money, Our money.

Remember - that it was BN who lost that money.

Remember - that we as the people, dont know what happened to that money.

Remember - not to vote for BN. 

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