Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tranformers 2 : The revenge of the Fallen

Finally watched Transformers 2. KL Bar organised a 'Movie Nite' at Pavillian's GSC. Led by Janet Chai, the event was well organised and we had a full house at the Cinema. 

The movie? Great action. The Transformers were super cool. I loved the sound effect. But (you know there will be a "But" from me), I felt there was an overdose of fight scene.

The story line will always not make much sense. Like for example, after the Fallen arrived on Earth and threaten to destroy Earth, people were still seen 'lepaking' around towns etc. I would imagine people would be panicking. I know some of you would say, 'It from a cartoon-lah, of course the story line wont make sense'; but Michael Bay chose to use real life character in his movie, like identifying the President as Obama, and referring to the H1N1 flu in the movie. So when one use real life examples in a movie, then the Director would have to make the movie a little more realistic i.e. if someone threaten to destroy Earth, the people must show some sense of panic. But I accept that flaw, it is afterall; a movie based on Toys and Cartoons.

All in all, good show, good action and Megan Fox (need I say more?)..

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