Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Banana, The Bandana & The Ban

I sometimes dont understand how banana can be part of a certain cuisine. The attempt to fuse food can results in odd and funny food, like Curry with Banana (not the leave, but the fruit). 

And just like that weird food, I also dont understand Nizar. 

Now, dont get me wrong. I have grown fond of him since he was selected to be Perak MB. He seems to be a nice chap, with the ability to work together with many people. My friends in the Perak Government also have nice things to say about Nizar, and these are DAP people. 

But, Nizar, please-lah. Enough with the antics. First the Hunger strike, which I thought was just a drama, and now this Bandana hulaboola at Parliament. He must have set the worlds fastest record in getting suspended and Ban; after being sworn into Parliament.

We all know Pakatan was wrongly done. We all saw the video of some Policemen dragging Sivakumar out of the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN). We all saw how swift "justice" was, when UMNO overturned the High Court decision in the Court of Appeal. 

So, enough-lah. I know you want to continue to harp on this issue, in case Malaysians forget, after all Malaysians have a tendency to forget about the cock-ups of BN and proceed to forgive them by voting BN in time & again. We know you want to prove a point by the Hunger Strike and now this Bandana thingy. 

But there are better more intellectual and effective ways to appeal to the people. Malaysians are not living in a Cave no more. With internet and text Messages services, people can communicate easier and better. 

I would suggest, to sustain your campaign to ensure the Perak incident is not forgotten, just form a new shadow State Executive (which should be the exact same people who were the Excos before Pakatan fell in Perak) & check on Zambry. 

Zambry is bound to make a mistake. He is from UMNO, UMNO always makes mistakes. From the silly racists comments, to the cover-up of corruption, other than the guarantee than the sun will rise from the East, I assure you; UMNO will make mistakes. So just make sure your shadow cabinet be there to keep an eye on them. If they make an error, harp on it and inform us, Malaysian.  That alone suffice to 'remind' people of what they miss. 

So, enough-lah Nizar. Start working. Be the real MB Perak and keep and eye on Zambry for us all. 

In the meantime, where is the MACC head in the PKFZ issue? In issues relating to Cars and Cows he acted like Flash, but now the turtle's head has not appeared from his shell, despite damning evidence against BN's government. 

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Anonymous said...

lol...i beg to differ....... can u imagine if nizar did not do what he did, the momentum would have died down. Having said that, i am not suggesting what he did with the head band thingy was 100% right...but i thought it was (to a certain extend) fact, i found that quite amusing....afterall, BN MPs had been doing whatever they feel like doing in the parliament for decades, its about time the oppositions do something they wana do for a change. Personally, i found his (Nizar's) actions pretty amusing. At the very least,the general public would always recall how 'special' Nizar's swearing-in is. Mission accomplished! :)