Thursday, 4 June 2009

Collapse here, Collapse there

First the Jaya Supermarket disaster, now the KT Stadium disaster. 

And typical of the Malaysian Government, it is EVERYONE's fault, but never the Government. In the case of the KT stadium, the Government appoint the Contactors, the Government approve the project, hell; the Government also pays for the constructions too. So how, tell me how can the Government NOT be responsible??

I am so glad that no football was going on when the KT Stadium collapsed. We already lost 7 lives in the Jaya Supermarket Disaster, it would really be a disaster if the KT Stadium roof gave way during the M-League games. 

How can a Stadium worth RM300 million be so poorly built? Do you know what you can do with RM300 million? Let's see. If each low cost house costs RM50,000 per house, RM300 million can build 6,000 homes. If a motorcycle costs around RM5,000 per bike, RM300 million can buy 60,000 bikes, enough to be distributed to all poorer Malaysians. 

But, we used that money to build 1 stadium. 

The people on the street (like me); we are not stupid, we are not blind. We know what happened. Not all RM300 million went towards the building of the stadium itself. That money would have been used for many 'special' costs. In the end, I am pretty certain less than 50% of that money was really really used to build the Stadium. 

Perhaps the next thing which will collapse in this Country would be the Government, and knowing this Government, even if they themselves collapse, the will blame everyone but themselves. 

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