Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Haze

'The Haze', the title of this posting. Sounds like a horror movie title, by the producers of 'Friday the 13th, Part 67'.

But it is horror to our Country. The Haze is truly back. Like the monsoon at the end of the year at the East Coast. Like the Sun rising from the East, the haze is now our annual event.

Seriously, this is just unacceptable. What is our Government doing to stop this? Every year it happens and yet we dont do anything positive to stop this. I recall a few years ago, when the Haze was around, our Government suggested that the haze was caused by Malaysian Companies burning up some Jungles in Indonesia.

Who cares which company burn the jungle - stop it-lah. International Laws permits one country to demand another country to stop damage to the complaining country. Act on it-lah Kerajaan Malaysia.

Whilst the Indonesians are pissed off with Malaysia over some love affair between a prince and some young chick; that country continues to allow their jungles to burn and cause the haze here. 

I fear for our Malaysians who have young children who will inhale this air. I fear for our friends with asthma  who may suffer through this. But what is our Kerajaan Malaysia doing? Oh, how can I even ask - they want to create a 'Unity Government' with PAS. The 'Unity' is so important that the people's health is secondary. 

And it is remarkable that PAS is even talking to UMNO, the very party they despise and attack as infidel. But I suppose no matter how pious one claim to be, put some prospect of power and money in front of him, suddenly an ugly duckling becomes the hottest chick in town. 

In the meantime - who will clear this haze??

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