Saturday, 7 November 2009


Gosh, how time flew by. I felt I just blogged about my last birthday, yesterday; but it has been 365 days since I last wrote on this. I can still remember meeting friends at De Canters last year. It is already one year.

Thanks to all my friends who send me wishes on FB, twitter and e-mails. Thanks for the calls, the texts. And thanks for meeting up last nite, those who made it. I know I will be meeting a few more groups of friends this coming week.

Unfortunately, when I read my blog post of last year, I noted that my wish no. 2 and 3 has not come through.. sigh. But I am glad for the last year, my parents are well and fine. And my sisters career is going steady at Singapore despite the initial uncertainty about the economy there.

This time around, I wish to blog about my family for a change. This blog has been about me me and me, and for a while now, I really wanted to write about my WEE family too.

My dad - a retired police officer. He is one principled chap. Strict disciplinarian when he was younger but much mellowed down now. He is very much misunderstood, but I know he always have good intentions. We have our differences and till now, I feel he could do better than what he is doing now. But we must accept our parents the way they are, in the same way they accept us as their kids. He is a good man and more importantly, he is a good father, a father who sacrificed his entire adult life for my sister and I. I will always do what I can to ensure his sacrifices has not been in vain, and to a large extent, I do what I can to make him feel proud.

My mum - a super-duper person. It is amazing what she can do sometimes, and many times, I look to her for strength and direction. I think my sister looks to her for that too. Mum has been the balance in the family for a while, but she too had a ferocious temper when she was younger. She is much calmer now. I suppose age do that to people. My mum remains my idol whom I deeply respect.

Unfortunately for me, I inherited both my parents temper, whilst my sister has remain a calm and cool person.

My sister - I think my sister does not realise how important she is to me (until she read this posting, I suppose). She has remained calm (as mentioned above) in many occasions, and as I was (& still am) finding my way around things, she has been the one person I look to for approval and acceptance. Despite being younger, she is far wiser than her age. She is intelligent and a very pretty girl.

Without the family I wont be where I am. I have lived another year and survived; and I am glad that they are around when I am celebrating this auspicious day. My sister text me yesterday wishing me birthday and telling me she loves me. And my parents bought this corny (but cute) card, the one which will play that 'happy birthday' tune when you open the card (yes, that card). I smiled when I walked into my room late at night on 5th November 2009, and saw that my visiting parents have left that card in my room.

The last few months, have been challenging to say the least. Coming home from work at 12 midnite is now the norm and not the exception. In our chase for financial security, and my desire to do what I can to make this country a better place (in my own small way), we sometimes forget about our family. We must always try to put family ahead of everything else, and unfortunately I have failed on that account on more than a few occasions. So for the next year, my wish is to spend more quality time with the family. Hopefully when I look back at this posting 365 days from now, I hope I can say, I have achieved this.

Thanks to my family. I love you all.

(below is a self made private video, dedicated to my family. My first one, so not so good lah)


iPOT Management Services said...

Hi, Richard, very glad to come across your blog. Keep up your good work and hope your birthday wishes come true. Richard, BOLEH!
From Jean (long lost friend from ATC)

iPOT Management Services said...

Hi, Richard, glad to come across your blog. Keep up your good work and hope your birthday wishes come true. Richard, BOLEH!

From Jean (long lost friend from ATC)