Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Ship Sails

The ship sails,
It has sailed for over 3 decades,
Almost 4 in fact.

The ship is old, been broken before,
Not as strong as it use to be,
But it continues to sail.

It looks for a port to dock,
A port to call Home,
To Park itself, hopefully for life.

The captain will see the port,
Ensure that the ship should anchor there,
Absolutely sure, before it docks.

But the ship has stopped at ports,
which wont receive the ship,
Wont let it dock.

The ship once saw this port,
Perfect place to land,
And the captain was 100% sure it is the place to land.

But the port refuse the ship,
And turn it away,
And with a broken mass, the ship sailed again.

This ship wont just dock,
Until it is absolutely sure,
That the port is the right one.

Now, the ship has found another new port,
Another perfect port,
A port, to call Home.

But it does not look like its gonna happen,
This new port will not accept this ship,
This new port will shoo the ship away.

With sadness,
With disappointment,
The ship sails, again..

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