Thursday, 5 November 2009

A view from our Parliament

The hypocrisy of our Malaysian local papers continue to be amplified by the failure to mark out this incident in Parliament. While our local papers and in fact some internet news portal too; continue to harp on differences of Pakatan Rakyat, I dont see a single major report on the incident, recorded in this video below.

This MP in this video, not only demands Ong Tee Keat and Koh Tsu Khoon to resign, but ridicule and humiliated them in the highest possible forum in this Country, the Parliament.

If this is not a massive conflict in BN, then I dont know what this is.

The irony is this - If a PAS member even places a spoon on the wrong side of his table, he is deem in conflict with Pakatan. If a DAP even sneezes in front of a Keadilan member, the papers and news portal will report that the DAP chap is allergic to the Keadilan member.

The failure to report this news and highlight that BN too has conflicts; is a fallacy and misrepresentative.

I must say that our young Malaysians may get the incorrect perception when seeing this kind of incident. The message to our young Malaysians, when seeing this, - is that being unfair and to misrepresent - is OK in Malaysia.

Enjoy this video.

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