Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pusing-pusing MCA

After all that, MCA is now back to square one.

We had the President sacking the Deputy. We then had the Deputy retaliating and demanding for an EGM. The President’s men also put in a few motions. And then MCA Central Committee (CC) narrowed it down to 3 motions. They then fought it out on 10th October 2009. The President declared that he will resign if the lose the motion of no confidence (VNC). The Deputy asked to be re-instated as a member and also as Deputy.

The big day came. All the fight, the brave words and the show of might took place. In the end the President lost the VNC; the Deputy got back in as a member but not re-instated as a Deputy.

We then hear about this mysterious 3rd force. The President’s men then came out full force on the internet, in essence and summary, suggesting that the vote was sabotaged by the 3rd force. A Vice President who was asked by the President to get ready and take over, suddenly became a scapegoat, and accused of power hungry. Funny, the President who was voted out, and the Deputy who was not re-instated; AND wish to remain in their position (because apparently they still have work to be done) are both NOT power hungry.

The President then declared he wont resign despite losing the vote of no-confidence. Suddenly the President used this rule of 2/3 vote against him, before he can out voted. How silly, why wasn’t this built into the Motion of Vote of No-confidence in the first place, since he say so. All the CC got to do was to say ‘For the motion of VNC, must have 2/3’. So easy, yet not done. Since it was not done, then no choice, the normal rule of majority applies.

President then declared he wanted to have an EGM to decide if he should go.

In the meantime, the Deputy asked the Registrar of Society to declare him as still the Deputy.

The CC voted in Dato Liow as new Deputy. So, 1 MCA, but 2 Deputy.

Suddenly out of the blue, Najib made President and Deputy make peace, and they are now friends. President went on to sack a few more people in the CC. He then appointed inter alia Deputy’s son into CC, and at the same time demoted Dato Liow back to Vice President, and guess what – the very man he wanted to sack, is, on 3rd November 2009, back as Deputy of MCA.

What a pusing-pusing MCA.

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