Sunday, 15 November 2009

Love your Police more

We should love our Police more, than maybe, just maybe, your life would be safer.

I read with disbelief the content and the message of the statement by Home Minister Hishamuddin. Is it me, or in recent times, any person who take this Ministry becomes Obtuse or a little Daft? Wasn't it this Ministry which was helmed by a person claiming that some individuals were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA), for their own safety?

Now of course we see this news where Hishammuddin suggests that the primary reason we are all feeling unsafe in this country is because we have demonize the Police Force. How can that be logical? Even if it is accurate, are we saying that despite being paid from our Tax money; the Police chose not to solve crimes, because the people around them, dont like them?

Perhaps Hishamuddin needs the Special Branch of the Police to be on his side? Perhaps he wants to curry favours from the Inspector General of Police? We will never know, but whatever his reason for saying what he just said a few days ago, only makes him look more obtuse than ever.

The main problem, Mr Minister, is that the Police is corrupt. The corruption has blinded their conscience and that has led to the breakdown of security services in Malaysia. How many times have we heard of close friends informing us of their 'horror' stories with the Police. How many times have we read about corruption in the force. This issue has been ventilated so much, but very little is done to arrest the big boys in PDRM. Whenever there is an arrest by MACC of the police, it is always some small sergeant or corporal. Even when they DID arrest some big boy in PDRM, that chap gets off at trial due to poor investigation by MACC or poor prosecution.

I can tell you what the problem is, Mr Minister - and that is having people like you in our government, people who allow the perpetuation of corruption in our system. Take people like you out of the system, perhaps 50% of the problem will go away. Once we rid this country of people like you, then the system should next purge all those corrupt people in the Civil Service.

Till then, as a law abiding citizen and a tax-payer, I would try my very best, to learn to love the Police, again.

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