Friday, 7 November 2008

Thanks to all

Another Birthday, and it only means I am one year older. I am bloody 35 years old now. 

I honestly thought that by 35, I would be a little wealthier, and probably married. I know many of my friends dread that 'M' word, and I too am not that comfortable to settle down. The amount of divorce cases I have seen have put me off of marriage. But as age catches up, and as I feel a little more calm with live, settling down is a natural progression. Since being 'appointed' (actually it was self appointment as I asked the baby's father to let me be the godfather - haha!), as the godfather to Helena Teh, daughter to my close buddies Seng Leong, and Yee Suan; I felt the warmth of parenthood and feel it is something I can do. I suppose changing the diapers and waking up at 3am to feed the baby will be a difficult new chapter, but then again we face something new almost on a daily basis anyway.  

Wealth? Well, since I discovered my strong desire to fight the fight, champion the cause of justice and giving a hand to those who needs a hand, I ended up getting involved in the Bar. Needless to say, that involvement deprived me opportunities to make money. The time involved in doing Legal Aid matters, helping out projects in the Bar and really trying to effect change in the Country, Society and the Bar; means that is time taken away to complete a Contract, draft an Affidavit etc etc.. which only means, less income. 

But I feel satisfied when I see the look of the legal aid client when we give them a hand and expect nothing from them, the eyes of the child when we go hand over gifts and money to the Orphanage Homes, the smile of the kids as we teach them simple arithmetic etc etc; that is priceless. 

The organising and coordinating of the Bar projects and activities takes up so much time, but it is worth the while if it brings benefit to the Bar. For some reason, I just love to organise stuff. Seeing the project grow before my eyes, give the satisfaction which is hard to describe, except to say it feels good. It would have been better if I can make some money out of this (haha); but I suppose we cant get the best of all things.

Anyway, it was a good quiet birthday in the Day but the gathering I just had at night with the mostly-lawyers crowd is nice. It feels good to be around friends you enjoy company with and feel comfortable with.

My sister will be back from Singapore tomorrow. I miss her. Hope to spend some time with her over the weekend. On Saturday, will host another birthday bash with my best buddy, Chow Hoong (his birthday was on the 2nd Nov); with our old school mates... these are people I know almost 18 years already.. bloody long time. Looking forward seeing them.

I was asked what my birthday wish is, and as I put my hand over my heart I do sincerely wish:-
1. The best of health and happiness for my parents and sister;
2. A truly better Country to live in;
3. Maybe, just maybe, earn a million bucks by the end of next year (haha).

Thanks to all my friends who send me birthday wishes via texts, e-mails, phone calls, facebook messages etc etc. You all, take care!


Noreen said...

You had a party? Eh, how come I was not invited? You remember me for everything else but not on the most important day of your life! sigh. Happy Birthday Ric.

Richard Wee said...

Hey Noreen,

My apologies. It was not a party. Just had dinner with some friends. But, will meet up soon.

Thanks for you wishes