Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What a Wonderful World...

Gobind mention in Parliament that Najib is involved in Altantuya's murder, he get suspended for one year, but compare with this:-

1. Badruddin calling Malaysian Indians, derogatorily as 'Keling', is OK.

2. Same hero, Badruddin telling all Malaysians, if you dont like Malaysia, since Malaysia is an Islamic Country, then "Get Out of Malaysia". That is also OK.

3. Bung Mokhtar (who was forced to apologize and gave a feeble apology) called all ladies in Malaysia as 'Bocor setiap bulan'. Also OK!

4. Best of all, former MP for Jasin Mohd Said Yusof, went to Parliament, demand the DG for Customs to resign for not approving an import of timber involving a 'Company' in his Constituency (which later turn out to be HIS own Company), clearly abusing his position in Parliament, only apologized to PM (not even Parliament), and got off.

So in Malaysian Parliament, my conclusion is this:-
1. It is OK to be racist in Parliament
2. It is OK to be sexist in Parliament
3. It is OK to abuse your position as MP for your own personal agenda in Parliament.

But you cannot mention that Najib is involved in Altantuya's case. 

As Louis Armstrong sang "What a Wonderful World"...


Bitch-on-a-rampage said...

In a room full of idiots and dim wits, you expect some form of intelligence to emerge? We are being run by nincompoops.It is no longer, I wonder if they will change for the better, its I wonder what stupid things they are going to do next!

Richard Wee said...

Haha.. u r funny, accurate, but funny