Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Associate Law Firms

Sunil and I merged our respective law firms in January. Our practice is now called Messrs Richard Wee Lopez. 

Today, a mini history was created. 6 lawyers (including Sunil and I) met to discuss on how we can form an Associate Law Firms in Malaysia. We are either sole proprietors or Partners of our own firm, and we congregate today to see what we can do share our knowledge, resources and expertise. 

It was nice to see friends with the same ideals and endeavor meeting up to try chart our careers and destiny together. We are experimenting and there is always a chance this Association may not work out. But we have to try, for if we dont, we wont know if it will work out. 

Legal practise, for a long while now is a difficult and challenging step for any lawyer, what more if the practise is one's own Firm. The Court systems is trying to improve which would place premium on law firms with many lawyers, and place smaller firms like ours at a disadvantage. Law Journals and Reports are getting dearer by the year, and Law Books is slowly becoming a luxury instead of a necessary tool. Younger Lawyers are forced to juggle between time in Library, Traffic and Courts these days. Unless one practises in a large Law Firm, your day would likely be filled with the 3 items I just mentioned. 

If one desire to be a Corporate Lawyer, the demands (with the availability of modern technological tools like Blackberry, and Laptops) had increased 3-4 folds. Corporate clients expect work to be ready, yesterday; when they pass the matter to you today. 

So today, 6 fairly young chaps met up at our office at Hartamas to see what we can do. We hope this will work out for all of us, as we all try to earn sufficient money to retire as early as we can :)

Our friends, all who met at the National Young Lawyers Committee are now a committee with a united effort to best ourselves. They were:-
1. Benjamin (BM, Penang)
2. Kenny Lai (Ipoh Perak)
3. Lai Chee Hoe (KL)
4. Damian Yeo (Melaka)
5. Desmond Ho (Melaka)
6. Robin Lim (KL)

and of course, Sunil and I.


leesh said...

All the best to this association of law firms! Good luck with breaking new grounds with this.

Richard Wee said...

Hey Leesh, Thanks for the support.